2023 Yacht Team Building Activities Corporations Can Consider

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Read about the various yacht team building activities corporations can consider on a corporate yacht chartering trip

Conducting Team Building Activities Onboard The Yacht In Singapore

In order for a team building activity to be effective in Singapore, it should be tailored to suit the specific goals and objectives of each individual business. For example, businesses may choose activities that focus on developing communication skills or problem solving abilities, while others might opt for activities that foster a sense of team spirit. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the activity is fun and engaging so that participants remain motivated throughout. By taking the time to carefully select the right activity for each business, team building activities can be used to maximize their effectiveness and bring lasting benefits.

Even onboard the yacht, while sailing out to the seas, there are team building activities which company staff can organise and participate in. You don’t necessarily have to jump into the sea, unless you want to (with some safety protocols to observe of course)!

Types Of Team Building Activities

Here are the suitable team building activities for corporations on board the yacht in Singapore:

Get Knotted

This game of fun involves strategy, communication, leadership and teamwork. They have to compete to untie a dead knot in the shortest period of time. Coordination and team communication is expected throughout this game.

String Me Along

Ropes are common use in boats. But how about using a piece of rope to scribble like a pen? This game is played by using strings to control the pen to write on a piece of paper. Teamwork and coordination is heavily expected of this game. The team that finishes first in the writing challenge is victorious.

There are many fun team building ideas which you can find here – https://valenciayachts.com/5-fun-ideas-for-team-building-activities-on-a-yacht/

How Much Is The Team Building Price Package Onboard Our Chartered Yacht

The yachts are not out of reach to ordinary folks in Singapore.

As long as you have groups of 10 and above, you will certainly find the yacht chartering affordable. (Check out the rates here)

A Word Of Caution

All these free team building activities sound fun and fruitful for a relaxing work or business experience right? There are some things to note while team building as some laws have to be abided:

Safety Of Marine Vessel

  • Safety onboard the yacht must be observed at all times. Do not play till you accidentally fall into the sea and get drowned. Even if you wish to jump into the sea for leisure, ensure the yacht is still as a moving yacht may cause injury if the rudders accidentally slice you
  • We cannot guarantee there are trained lifeguards around although the skippers can assist should you accidentally fall into the sea and are unable to swim

Proper Disposal Of Waste Materials

All marine vessels, regardless of the size, be it a catamaran, cruise or a canoe, have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Marine Port of Authority Singapore (MPA), National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE). 

According to non-profit organisation Ocean Conservancy (2018), which coordinates the International Coastal Cleanup, the top 3 litter found in the Singapore coastal beaches are foam pieces, cigarette butts and plastic pieces (source). The 4th most found litter was the plastic beverage bottles which numbered around nearly 12,600. 

We are committed to prevention of pollution to the sea so as to prevent harm to marine life and the environment. Fines would start from $300 if you were to get caught by any law enforcers littering into the sea. Please ensure that you don’t deliberately throw litters into the sea while onboard the yacht.

What’s Next

In conclusion, team building activities are an essential part of any successful business in Singapore. By providing employees with the opportunity to work together towards common goals and build relationships, these activities can help businesses to improve communication and collaboration, boost morale, and increase productivity. Moreover, when carefully chosen to suit the specific goals of each business, team building activities can have a lasting impact on the overall performance of the company.

Valencia Yachts has a reputation for team building activities too. Our past history of yacht corporation activities makes us a one-stop marine vessel for team activities if you wish to consider them outside the shores of Singapore. Contact us now in the form below to find out how we can assist you in the team building onboard our yacht for charters.