4 Great But Easy Yacht Team Bonding Activities All Managers Can Do Without Getting Stressed Up For Planning


Best team bonding practices and activities in the yacht

Differences Between Team Bonding Activities And Team Building Activities

Team building activities and team bonding activities are similar in that they both involve bringing members of a team together to improve their ability to work well together. However, there are some key differences between the two.

Team building activities are structured activities that are designed to help improve specific aspects of a team’s performance, such as communication, problem-solving, or decision-making. These activities often have a clear goal or objective, and they may involve challenges or simulations that require team members to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. They may be more physically or mentally challenging, such as team sports or puzzle-solving games

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Team bonding activities, on the other hand, are more informal and focused on building relationships and camaraderie among team members. These activities may be social in nature, such as team lunches or outings. The goal of team bonding activities is to bring team members closer together and foster a sense of trust and support within the team.

Overall, team building activities are more focused on improving the team’s ability to work together effectively, while team bonding activities are focused on fostering a positive team culture and strong relationships among team members. Both types of activities can be valuable for teams, and many organizations choose to incorporate both into their team-building efforts.

What Are The Team Bonding Activities

Team bonding activities can encourage social gathering in any organisations, including companies. Now that social distancing rules and restrictions have been lifted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are huge opportunities for organisations to bond together in a team setting again. But what activities can organisations suggest onboard the yacht when they do the yacht chartering? 

Here is a suggested list of team bonding activities you can do in our yacht:

Personality Differences

Before the trip, plan for the personality test or quiz to find out what your employees are. It will be good for all staff to understand each other better through the detailed personality tests. Some of the accredited ones are MBTI and DISC.

Read about the personality tests types – https://www.workstyle.io/best-personality-test

Music Video Challenge

What better kind of team bonding activity can we do inside the yacht, than a simple music video challenge, which is also called a charade? You can make a video by filming with a storyline and a dialogue script and then input the music inside manually. This team bonding activity fosters some verbal and non-verbal form of communication with some interpersonal skills.

Mental Treasure Hunt

The yacht is suitable for scavenger hunt, given that the space has a few hidden spots. You can also go simple with some brain teasers and mental puzzles for about 3 to 4 persons in a team to get some fresh burst of team bonding. It’s simple yet effective to make good use of the time onboard. The team that scores the most puzzles in a specific time wins.

Normal Chill – Rest And Relax Social Gathering

How about just a little chill by the sea in the outdoors while you can feel wind blowing onto your face (as long as the wind is not too gusty)? Talk about social life, hobby, or talk about a common interesting topic, but refrain from talking about too much work-related or business-related stuffs so as to avoid any conflicts. Also, try not to touch on sensitive topics like politics or religion.

You can just chill out with drinks and some light snacks on the tables we provide for you.

Important Things To Consider During Team Bonding

If you’re looking for a relaxing work or business experience, all of these free team building activities sound like fun and productive options. During team building, there are some things to keep in mind because certain laws must be followed:

Safety of a Marine Vessel 

It is imperative that the yacht’s safety be upheld at all times. Try not to play till you incidentally fall into the ocean and get suffocated. Proper Waste Disposal All marine vessels, regardless of size, whether they are a catamaran, cruise, or a canoe, must abide by the rules and regulations set by the Marine Port of Authority Singapore (MPA), the National Environmental Agency (NEA), and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE). Even if you wish to jump into the sea for leisure, make sure the yacht is still because a moving yacht may injure you if the rudders accidentally slice you. We cannot guarantee there are trained lifeguards around although the skippers can assist should you accidentally fall into the sea and are unable to swim.

Proper Waste Disposal 

All marine vessels, regardless of size—catamaran, cruise, or canoe—must abide by the rules and regulations set by the Marine Port of Authority Singapore (MPA), the National Environmental Agency (NEA), and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE). We cannot guarantee that there will be trained lifeguards present, but the skippers can assist you if you accidentally fall into the sea and are unable to swim.

The non-profit organization Ocean Conservancy (2018), which oversees the International Coastal Cleanup, identifies foam fragments, cigarette butts, and plastic fragments as the top three types of litter on Singapore’s beaches (source). The fourth most found litter was the plastic drink bottles which numbered around almost 12,600.

We are committed to reducing marine pollution to save the environment and marine life from harm. If you were found littering the sea by law enforcement, your fine would start at $300. While you are onboard the yacht, please make sure that you do not purposefully dump trash into the water.

Read why water environmental pollution consideration is so important today

What’s Next

Despite the current world situation, it is still possible to enjoy a good team bonding session together. May it be with music and dance or just some simple R&R onboard our luxury yacht, we ensure that your safety is always our top priority. Our staff are well-trained in handling social gatherings and will properly guide you throughout the duration of your event. With proper disposal of waste and sanitation procedures in place, you can rest assured that you and your guests are in safe hands. So sit back, relax and let us take care of everything else!