5 Yacht Dangers To Consider While Chartering A Yacht


Have you ever considered the possibilities of yacht dangers while renting a yacht for a short cruising trip? All of us guests may truly enjoy ourselves under the breezy wind and in front of picturesque night city skylines for great sightseeing.

However, in the breathtaking world of yachting in Singapore, where the charm of cruising on the azure waters is truly unrivaled, it is crucial to be aware of potential dangers that can arise while on a yacht. Unexpected dangers in the yacht are still bound to happen. They can be very daunting to your personal experience while on a outdoor sea trip in the Singapore waters.

We will explore some key aspects of yacht safety in Singapore, including fire safety management, navigating choppy waters, avoiding boat jerks, preventing boat collisions, mitigating accidental drownings, addressing the risk of falling overboard, managing jellyfish stings, sea urchin attacks and considering the unlikely possibility of a shark attack.

Fire Safety Managementfire safety management on yacht jpg

The first safety aspect of yacht dangers management is the fire safety management onboard. We foresee that fire hazards can arise from all forms – birthday candles due to birthday party, food barbecue, faulty electrical cables, or even someone might be smoking inside the yacht (though this is not allowed generally).

Valencia Yachts surely is popular with charters for birthday events. Hence, birthday candles may be lit up during the birthday celebrations and accidental misuse of the lighters or matchsticks onboard may cause a fire if the guests or crew are not careful.

Another aspect is the use of our gas operated BBQ grilles. Guests often like to utilise our yachts for food barbecue activities that may result in high flames if for whatsoever reasons, the gas may cause it so. If people are not careful, the yacht may burst in flames.

We are not to worry on this – we have fire safety equipment available onboard in the event of a fire hazard mishap. Our yacht crew and captain are also well trained in handling fire hazard problems onboard.

One15 Marina has some fire safety measures and prevention tips for the yacht. They have mentioned that the 3 common causes of fire hazards are – human use of flammable items, gas system malfunction and electrical failure. Read more about their 3 common causes of boat fire hazards

Navigating Choppy Waters

Have you ever considered the fact that choppy waters during certain water tide times can be a terrible experience? Boats shake more along the more aggressive water waves when the sea tides are higher. With an experienced captain, a 45 feet catamaran, like our Maximum Yacht, is still stable enough to navigate along the waving sea, but at times, there may still be unexpected boat jerks (probably due to trying to avoid a collision) which may lead to unexpected injuries.

Boat Jerking And Boat Collision

A yacht charter trip can be dangerous if in case, it goes into a collision with another vessel, pontoon or jetty. But sometimes even a jerk, possibly due to wavy waters, can pose injuries to the yacht guests.

This is especially so if you have toddlers onboard the yacht. It also applies to younger children, pregnant women and elderly guests. They are generally more fragile and more prone to injuries in the event of a sudden yacht jerk.

Falling Overboard And Drowning

It’s possible for guests to be falling overboard the yacht and even drown inside the sea. Our yachts have life buoys onboard and the captain are trained for such rescues. The PPCDL that our yacht staff acquired is mandatory. Part of this PPCDL certification trains on saving a passenger who falls overboard from the boat.

Drowning can also come in the form of the water play activities that our charters usually come along. Our guests often indulge in our water toys such as the floating mat. It is possible that guests who love this wet and wild game may accidentally drown. That’s why it’s imperative for all our guests to be wearing the life jackets while in the water as much as possible. This also include our stand up paddle boards, kayaks and the water slides. We hope that you abide by safety rules and instructions meted out by the yacht captain during the charter trips.

Sea Animal Attacks

You might have watched movies like Jaws, Deep Blue Sea and Crawl. So you might have been familiar with attacks from sharks and crocodiles. Although shark sightings are minimal in Singapore waters so far (especially nothing on Great White Shark sighting in Singapore before), there is still a certain precaution to adhere to. This is usually also applicable to charter guests who get wet and wild with our water toys during mid-charter.

As for crocodiles, they are also minimal. However, in recent years, crocodiles are known to be spotted at East Coast Park and Changi Beach. Our boats mainly venture into the western and central seas of the mainland Singapore. They are usually around the Southern Islands, such as Kusu, Lazarus and St John’s Islands. Still, it is not impossible for crocs to be found swimming in these seas. We have spotted monitor lizards before but so far no crocs.

Jellyfish And Sea Urchin Stings

jellyfish sting jpg

Crocs and sharks would be of least concern of course. What is more pressing are stings from jellyfish and sea urchins. Although we have reports of guests being sting by these sea animals throughout our 7 years of operation so far, they are still manageable. You don’t have to worry about injury from sea urchins and jellyfish as you can be sure that you are in good hands!


There you have it – the 5 main dangers you expect while on a yacht charter. An insurance coverage is necessary if you are concerned about the dangers you may expect while doing the yacht charter trips.