Yacht Charters: Why They’re The Ideal Holiday In A Pandemic


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After months of tirelessly toiling away in front of your workstation at home, it’s high time you go out and spoil yourself silly on a long and well-deserved vacation. With things now looking better in the outside world, it should be perfectly fine to do so, right?

Unfortunately, despite the good progress made towards economic recovery, a few hiccups here and there tend to be unavoidable; clusters emerge from time to time and one COVID wave after another keeps on occurring.

Still, fear not, since there’s still a few avenues of leisure that you can take, with boat charters being the most exciting of them all.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a maritime escapade is the greatest and safest way to kick back and de-stress.

Distance yourself from everything

Whether it be from harm’s way or any form of responsibility, taking a yacht charter is undoubtedly the best way to distance yourself from all of your worries.

Due to their relatively small size compared to other vessels, such as cruise ships – yacht charters provide unparalleled privacy for you and any guests you wish to bring along.

Want to plan a yachts party exclusively for your beloved partner or cherished family? Go ahead!

In short, a vacation aboard a yacht guarantees utmost security and safety, letting you enjoy and revel in your happy hours with peace of mind.

Strictest safety regulations will always be in place

For luxury yacht charter companies, their client’s and personnel’s health will always take top priority.

As such, you can rest assured that before you embark on your voyage, your chartered yacht will be sanitised and utterly spotless from stem to stern.

Additionally, they’ve also taken stricter safety regimes for their crew as an extra measure, such as requiring them to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and take regular tests.

So, all in all, you can whisk your worries away and fully revel in your getaway knowing your fears is allayed.

The fun part about yachts remain untouched

Despite all these precautions and safety regulations in place – the fun times don’t stop rolling when you’re on a yacht charter, and that’s precisely what you need after working yourself to the bone in the last several months.

Once aboard, the possibilities are endless and your imagination’s the only limit. Want to feel like going on an adventure?

Island hopping activities allow you to set sail to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand and go exploring from island to island and take in sights you’ve never seen before.

Prefer to make the most of the waters around you?

Yacht-based activities abound and you have plenty of options, whether it be diving, snorkelling, sea kayaking, and more. And if you opt for a nighttime escapade, dinner by the sea followed by a bit of stargazing just sounds absolutely blissful.

Whether you customise your route and experience or heed your travel adviser’s recommendations, you’re sure to disembark feeling fresh and invigorated to take on what lays ahead with a smile on your face.


With all that said, there’s no doubt that taking a private yacht charter is one of the best and safest way to unwind in today’s new normal. If you’re excited to get going as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Valencia Yachts!

We at Valencia Yachts believe that there is always an occasion to celebrate despite the lingering presence of the recent pandemic. In line with existing COVID-19 regulations, groups of five are now welcome onboard at Valencia Yachts. Private yacht charter prices start from $999 onwards, and varies based on the number of pax onboard and the duration of charter.