7 Tips For A Memorable Yacht Chartering For Special Events And Celebrations


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Are you planning to engage in yacht charters Singapore for special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings? Do you intend to charter the boat to sail out for only a few hours within the day? For these special events and celebrations, Valencia Yachts can certainly help you host these events to provide you memorable experiences in the sea.

Whether it is for more social, or corporate gatherings, here are 6 tips for you to consider when holding events onboard our yachts:

Tip #1: Cost Of Chartering A Yacht

First and foremost, you need to do a deep research on the yacht charter prices and compare them across the board. Many charters come in group size packages for minimum 10 persons onboard. If the more the merrier, meaning that additional headcount decreases the cost per person progressively, then the deals are good!

Valencia Yachts also have good deals for our charter rates. For minimum 10 pax, a 4-hour charter costs from $1,600 onwards on a weekday daytime. Then with higher group sizes, the cost per person reduces.

Tip #2: Birthday Celebrations – Fun Games For Group

A birthday celebration for a group size of 10 is not complete without fun with games. The change in scenery from the yacht, with the vast sea stretching out before you, is certain to excite and uplift both you and your guests. Additionally, since there is an abundance of water everywhere, everyone can participate in a new variety of aquatic activities.

Some of the fun activities to consider are truth or dare or beer roulette. Depending on how adventurous your group is, these activities will bring with you cherishable moments onboard for years to come. Read this for more info on fun games for birthday celebrations – https://valenciayachts.com/4-fun-group-games-to-play-for-your-birthday-party-by-the-sea/

Tip #3: Facilities And Amenities To Note

If you do your special events and celebrations onboard the yacht, you must take note that your joy is already on sea, not on land anymore. You cannot just walk or take a public transport or Grab to nearby discotheque or karaoke lounge after a heavy dinner at a restaurant.

So if it’s imperative to research on the amenities the yacht match your occasions purposes, unless you are just alright with simple fun games and chit chats. But, if you want singing, Valencia Yachts have karaoke sets for you in Maximum charters. If you want food options, we also have a BBQ pit onboard. Such amenities are plentiful and the list goes on.

Tip #4: Weather And Safety Precautions

Always check the weather ahead for the exact date and time when you wish to do the sailing out. You must check if the weather is rainy or sunny. But more importantly, if it’s a thunderstorm, the captain may not allow the yacht to sail out due to dangerous choppy waters that may endanger lives onboard.

There are other things to consider about safety standards onboard the yacht. Some examples are regarding life jackets, smoking cigarette protocols and even man overboard procedures. 

Tip #5: Select Good Crew Staff

Selecting a good yacht crew is an essential aspect of ensuring a successful and enjoyable yacht celebration in Singapore. A well-trained and experienced crew can make all the difference in creating a memorable and seamless experience.

Factors of a good crew staff for the yacht celebrations include their attention to detail, great attentive service with smiles on their faces of course, experience and expertise and of course, safety and security.

Tip #6: Ensure Good Food Option

Food plays a crucial role in any celebration, and it’s no different when it comes to yacht celebrations in Singapore. Good food options can make or break the experience and leave a lasting impression on guests. In addition to the visual appeal of the dishes, the quality and taste of the food is equally important.

For events like weddings and birthday parties, the food should reflect the occasion and be carefully curated to suit the tastes and preferences of guests. This can range from a formal sit-down meal to a more relaxed buffet style. A professional chef onboard the yacht can work with you to create a customized menu that fits the theme and style of your celebration. From signature dishes to a carefully curated selection of drinks, good food options onboard a yacht can enhance the overall experience and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, or any other special occasion, the food should be a highlight of the celebration. It’s important to choose a yacht with a professional crew that includes a talented chef, who can create delicious and visually stunning dishes that will be remembered long after the celebration is over. With the right food options, a yacht celebration in Singapore can be transformed into an unforgettable experience. BBQ option onboard is alao available for use.

Tip #7: Awesome Photo And Video Taking

It is of utmost importance to make a good collection of memories through awesome photo and video taking onboard. You definitely would want your pre wedding photos taken onboard to be of good quality so as to cherish your memories years later, isn’t it?

Even if it is a birthday celebration onboard the yacht, as yacht activities tend to be rarer than those on land, it is essential that you take the best photos and videos of the celebration activity. For example, the birthday cake can be taken in the backdrop of the sea or even sunset. That will be of memorable quality.

How To Book The Yacht

Simply go to this booking page to place your bookings, subject to the availability on that date.

Meeting Place

You can contact our staff to find out more details. Normally, the departure point is at One15 Sentosa Cove.

Is There An Overnight Yacht Charter

An overnight charter is possible.


With such tips for special events and celebrations, Valencia Yachts will truly create an unforgettable moment in your life – moments which you will remember even years and decades later as you hold the events by the sea. The setting sun, the breezy wind and the picturesque view of the night city skyline would ensure that your moment at sea will be cherished. Also, our professional crew onboard the yacht provides you top-notch hospitality service, so that yacht charters Singapore can do much wonders for you.