Yacht Adventures: The Lowdown On Tipping After Voyages


Yacht Adventures: The Lowdown On Tipping After Voyages

If you’re on the hunt for new and exciting ways to spend your holiday or vacation leave – we’ve got you covered.

Going on a maritime getaway aboard a private yacht charter is arguably one of the most accessible options available today.

There are plenty of aquatic activities to choose from and unique experiences that are only possible by boats – such as island hopping and diving. You’ll hardly have a moment of boredom while you cruise over a serene and peaceful sea!

However, like everything else, specific rules and etiquette must be observed whilst aboard these vessels.

Read on as we walk you through on how one should tip after each voyage and the intricacies of this custom.

Why is tipping customary?

The business of boat hires is considered to belong in the hospitality industry.

And just like others that are under this category – leaving a tip is common practice to show your sincerest appreciation and gratitude towards the people that have provided you with such service.

While Caption Obvious would say that it’s only the crew’s job to ensure that each voyage goes smoothly and safely – they’re still providing you with an experience like no other!

Not to mention, offering their dedicated time and services that allow you to solely focus on having fun and enjoying the trip.

How can I decide if I should tip or not?

So, before you give a tip to express your heartfelt gratitude – what exactly should you consider beforehand?

The first thing that guests should know is that when it comes to tipping, similar to other experiences like dining in a restaurant, is completely optional.

If the service was not to your satisfaction – it’s completely fine not to leave a tip! Besides, if tipping is not a big thing in your culture – not giving one is something that your charter crew will also understand.

Still, if your yachting trip turns out well or even better than expected – it’s recommended to consider leaving a tip to your crew as thanks – no matter how small it may be!

How much should I tip?

Now, are you ready to give that tip?

Before you dive straight into it – remember that the amount you choose to give should generally depend on the quality of the service you’ve received.

For guests that hail from countries wherein tipping is the norm, a 20-25% tip is generally standard. In contrast, for those that live in places where tipping is rare or nonexistent, a 10-20% tip of the overall fees is expected.

Ultimately, you’ll have the final say in the amount you’re planning to tip the captain and the crew for your private yacht experience!


With private yacht prices now more affordable than ever before, there’s barely any reason not to try out and experience the thrill of freedom of being out on open waters at least once in your lifetime. Just keep in mind that tipping is customary at the end of the voyage, so consider leaving one if your trip has been to your satisfaction.

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