Why Yachts Are Perfect for Birthday Celebrations With Anyone


Why Yachts Are Perfect for Birthday Celebrations With Anyone

When your birthday is coming up, you have to plan it properly because it’s a celebration of your life and everything you’ve accomplished thus far.

Sure, 2020 and 2021 might not be the best years because of COVID-19 and the globally impairing pandemic that it came with. But surviving it and seeing another year are enough reasons to celebrate., whether you decide to celebrate it with your significant other, your family, or with your colleagues from work.

Read on to find out why we think that you’ll have the most fun and marvellous celebration aboard a luxury yacht charter.

Yachts are safer

Compared to dining in your favourite restaurant where you’re exposed to the general public, yachts are a safer option because you’re away from it all – even from the stresses of the city.

Out on the water, you no longer have to constantly keep a distance between random strangers and passersby because you’re nautical miles away from Singapore’s mainland (that’s more than enough social distancing).

You get to keep everyone safe from the virus, provided that everyone tests negative from it and have received their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Your experience is more memorable

The thing about special moments is that you want to make them last as long as you can, and yachts are definitely the perfect place to fosters memories of moments that are guaranteed to last.

Because they are generally large in size, you can do a lot of fun activities aboard a yacht such as singing karaoke, enjoying a barbeque, swimming through clear blue waters, playing games, catching some fish, sunbathing, and a whole lot more.

If you want to spend your birthday with friends and family, you’ll be spoiled for choice at what activities you can do because there certainly are endless possibilities, from card games over some cans of beers to throwing an entire yacht party.

But if you want a more secluded type of celebration with your romantic other half, you can definitely enjoy a special dinner date with some lush music, overlooking a breathtaking view of the Singaporean skyline.


Private yachts are great places to celebrate your birthday, whether it’s with your long-term partner, with your parents and the rest of your family members, or with the people you work with.

Apart from the activities that come with the price of a private yacht, you also have the added benefit of celebrating your birthday safely and with the ability to make more memories when you are aboard one.

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