Why Renting A Yacht Should Be Your Next Staycation


Why Renting A Yacht Should Be Your Next Staycation

When the conversation turns to the topic of staycations (specifically, how you’ll spend yours) – people will inevitably compare the various hotels available.

In fact, hotels are the first thing that comes to mind when one talks about vacations (or staycations). Not to mention, with the many online platforms and apps out there – making a hotel reservation has been made a whole lot simpler and easier.

Still, frequent travellers may not be too big on the idea of hotels anymore; they’ve just become too boring and repetitive. Instead, it calls for something new!

So, why not kick things up a bit by booking a private yacht instead of the same old hotel room for your staycation?

Not only is it an entirely new experience for you, but you also get to experience a couple of things that you otherwise couldn’t even with the most luxurious of hotel accommodations.

Behold, three reasons that makes a yacht experience undeniably necessary!

You get to be more adventurous

Given that these yachts will be cruising through our beautiful city’s waters, you are bound to experience more things and see more sights when you consider a luxury yacht charter instead of a hotel room.

Whether you want to lie down at the yacht’s bow and bask in the sunlight or put on your swimming gears and witness life below the surface – you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

While some hotel establishments can be wide enough to appease the explorer in you, it’s nothing compared to the vast distances a yacht cruise can cover.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming fascinated with island-hopping staycations, which can only be done aboard a yacht.

The environment is more relaxing

If adventure isn’t really up to your alley – you can still count on yachts to provide you with the relaxation you need to recover from life’s hustle and bustle.

Regardless of whether you are an indoor or an outdoor person, the ocean has an undeniable ability to help people relax. The wind, the waves, the sunshine, the views – these are things that you get to experience aboard a yacht.

You can do away with your ‘Chill’ playlist on Spotify, too, because the sound of crashing waves can better foster the right ambience for you to read that book you’ve been putting off for months.

A complete night of relaxation to yourself? Check!

There’s also a liberating feeling, when you see the city and all of its stresses get increasingly smaller as your yacht sails further away from it.

You can’t do all of these instead a hotel room now, can you?

Yachts elevate your quality time

Whether a romantic date with your partner or a yachts party with your colleagues is on its way – these moments are made more special simply because they are held aboard a yacht cruising through mesmerising local waters.

So whether your idea of quality time is intimate or fun, one sure way to make it more special is by booking a yacht charter!


With yachts, staycations are not limited to just hotels – it’s time to give yachts a warm welcome instead! The private yacht price at Valencia Yachts starts at just $599 for a 4-hour charter packed with fun-filled water activities and amazing sights. So, ready for some brand new adventure?