Types Of Food Catering For Yacht Dinner

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Do you want to enjoy a food barbecue onboard a yacht while it sails around the seas of Singapore? Do you wish to have an indoor dining activity so you can network around and chit chat to get to know each other? Do you want to have some party such as a birthday, company or family gathering or celebration, along with good eats to make it less dull? 

Or you might just wish to avoid having empty stomachs during the charter trips? In this post, we will show you various types of food which you can consider before you physically get onboard. Do you fear that there are certain food types which are restricted? Don’t worry, as we ensure that all the below food options cater to halal requirements (except alcoholic drinks).

Barbecue Seafood 

A seafood BBQ is a popular choice for yacht charters in Singapore. You can have a variety of seafood like prawns, squid, fish, and crab grilled on board the yacht. 

This is indeed the top choice for food caterers who charter our yachts. Some of the seafood come from catches during their fishing charter trips too.

Most seafood are ordered raw and cooked while onboard using the BBQ pits which are gas-grilled. At our yachts, the BBQ pits are available in the more outdoor exposed flybridge. This is where our guests usually gather around to have their seafood grilled to much delightful taste. 

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Satay Skewers

satay barbecue for yacht charters jpgSatay skewers are a great option for a yacht charter in Singapore! As a popular local dish, satay consists of marinated meat (usually chicken, beef, or mutton) skewered and grilled, and served with a peanut dipping sauce. 

Satay skewers are easy to eat on a yacht and can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a larger meal, including other BBQ favourites like seafood and chicken wings. And they are also easy to order from various food catering businesses in Singapore. Many sell in sticks of 30 and above. This is mainly because one can easily chew off at least 3 easily.

Spaghetti And Gratin

Besides getting raw uncooked food, it is also possible to get food that is readily made and even cooked beforehand as well. We have our crew, some of whom possess great culinary skills. They are also well trained in yacht hospitality, with service standards comparable to those of hotel ones.

Though this applies more to superyacht, we have experienced this before with our spaghetti and gratin, served to the dining table. Our guests happily enjoyed the gratin and even remarked that the spaghetti, which was aglio olio, is a healthy meal with the use of the olive oil. Star Of The Sea superyacht has an indoor dining table which corporations can use for some chill out or serious business networking gathering. At this table, consumption of the spaghetti and gratin is also more possible with the convenient ambience and ease of dining.

High Tea

If you want to have a luxurious yacht charter experience, you can opt for a high tea. You can have a selection of tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes served in a stylish and elegant manner. 

This English food tradition has been popular in Singapore since English colonial times but it doesn’t fade away even in the waters. And it’s actually simple to munch while sitting at the dining table to network. Even in the smaller yachts, you can take a piece at a time and chew while chit chatting with others in a social setting. 

Not only are they easy to munch with some hot tea, they taste sweet with delight and I am sure kids surely love them. Valencia Yachts have assisted our guests during their charters for high tea food catering before. You can check with us.

Gourmet Sandwiches And Wraps

Do you want another European style, besides Italian and British? Some French gourmet is simple for your eating pleasures onboard. You can have gourmet sandwiches and wraps with halal meats like chicken or beef, along with vegetarian options.

Read this interesting article on sandwich ideas for a boat trip

Chicken Wings

barbecue chicken wings jpgHow about some delicious chicken wings, which have long been the hallmark of BBQ food on land? Chicken wings are a popular and easy-to-eat option for a yacht charter in Singapore. They can be served as a BBQ dish, grilled on board the yacht, or ordered from a food catering service as a ready-made option. Chicken wings can be marinated with various flavors like soy sauce, honey, BBQ, and chili to create a range of delicious tastes. They are also easy to eat with your hands, making them a perfect finger food for guests to enjoy while relaxing on board the yacht.

You can simply order raw chicken wings, then bring them onboard the yacht to marinate them. Afterwards, you can help to barbecue them on the grilles and attach them to skewers for easier eating.

If you choose to have chicken wings as part of your food catering service, you can opt for a variety of sides to complement them, like fries, coleslaw, or salad. If you are planning to grill them on board the yacht, be sure to check that you have a suitable grill or BBQ equipment, and that the yacht has sufficient space and safety measures in place. Overall, chicken wings are a great option for a yacht charter as they are easy to prepare, flavorful, and perfect for casual dining on the water.


Food catering onboard the yacht for your yacht dinner is certainly valuable. They can be good for celebrations for all sorts – birthday, wedding, corporate dinner and dance, and even a romantic dinner date. With so many readily made food options and even raw food barbecue ideas, it is certainly not difficult to get such food catering services to your destination. In Singapore itself, there are many food catering services that offer directly to the customers to bring food onboard the yachts. 

One15 Marina and Keppel Marina are some of the yacht docking places nearby the central urban areas. GrabFood, Food Panda or Deliveroo sometimes are able to assist on your food delivery options, if you need to order from them by all means, depending on what food restaurants you wish to order from. If you wish to get some more food ordering assistance, contact us today!