The Emerging Trend Of Taking Pre-Wedding Photos On A Yacht


The Emerging Trend Of Taking Pre-Wedding Photos On A Yacht

It is now almost a ritual to have your pre-wedding photos taken before the solemnisation ceremony and actual wedding. In the past, photographers were only engaged to shoot proposals, engagement or solemnisation ceremonies, and of course the actual wedding. Wedding photography has become a ludicrous industry as more couples engage photographers to immortalise their memories. Pre-wedding shoots are a great deal nowadays, and people just become more and more creative with ideas!

With many fantastic insta-worthy places out there, you have many options to choose from. You can have your photoshoot on the beach or at a famous landmark, but you should not miss the beauty and advantages of a yacht pre-wedding photoshoot by renting a yacht for a party in Singapore! Read on to know the emerging trend of taking pre-wedding photos on a yacht.

1. Awesome wedding photos

You will keep your pre-wedding photos for the rest of your life, so you want to remember this glorious day filled with fun and excitement every time you want to look back. When you have your pre-wedding shoot on a yacht, you get to enjoy the dramatic lights in the background and the clearer views of the night sky. So, your photos will have a dynamic background that will surely put a smile on your face.

2. Keep it private

On this pre-special day, the last thing that you probably want is random people showing up – not to mention the amount of time wasted waiting for strangers to finally reach an end of admiring the view so you can finally start your photoshoot. By taking your photoshoot on a yacht, you can keep it intimate by making sure no crashers make an appearance and if you want, you can have some close friends and family to celebrate.

3. Enjoy rich symbolism

There are many people who adore the natural romance of the open sea, which can be a symbol of a wedding – it continuously flows. These elements can be incorporated into your wedding photoshoot to have a deeper meaning. Plus, sailing out into open waters is an experience that you and your guests will never forget.

4. Be as formal or casual as you like

The best thing about having an important event on a yacht is that it can be as casual or as formal as you like. You can ask your guests to show up in their best attire or if you prefer comfort over style, you can ask them to dress down. You get to decide whatever theme you want on the boat for your photoshoot since these boats are incredibly versatile, so you can go with whatever theme you like.


Getting aboard a yacht to celebrate a special occasion is definitely a thrilling and memorable experience. If you are looking for a yacht for special occasions like your pre-wedding shoot or even your bachelor parties, Valencia Yachts is here to assist with your needs, requests and questions about a private yacht price. Our rates start from $999 onwards for a four-hour charter, and the prices are based on the number of people on board. So, if you would like to have a memorable pre-wedding photoshoot and enjoy the calm sea breeze, feel free to contact us to get your sail trip started!