Chartering A Yacht During Mother’s Day – Creating Unforgettable Memories: Top 7 Activities for a Mother’s Day Family Yacht Charter in Singapore


It would be unforgettable to charter a yacht during Mother's Day at Valencia Yachts. There are 7 top activities which you can do during the yacht charters with us.

Introduction Mother’s Day is around the corner. Yacht chartering is considered a good choice for you to bring your mum out for a personal celebration, even at family size level. You might have heard of going on yacht trips as good alternatives to leisure group tours. Learn about yacht chartering for family bonding But do you know what sorts of activities Valencia Yachts can provide during your yacht chartering trips, besides enjoying the sea breeze and going for sightseeing of beautiful sceneries? Here are some of our ideas you can do – some on rainy days and some on non-rainy days: Afternoon Tea One of the favourite itinerary program you can suggest for a yacht charter trip is afternoon tea. It is said to be an exciting highlight of the trip, except that you have to bring your own food into the yacht, for the catamarans. Afternoon tea can be done in very simple forms, from buying a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme, to getting a few curry puffs from Old Chang Kee before you board the yacht. And then get on a yacht trip with us and celebrate your mum’s Mother’s Day there. At Valencia Yachts, we can also do some light snacks ordering for you for the afternoon. We have a dedicated team even at the backend who will do the planning beforehand for you. Simply fill in your request when you book your charters with us on the food and we will customise the food order for you. Island Hopping Charters Do you enjoy sightseeing while on a small catamaran vacation very much? Our yachts do the island hopping activities very often. They hop around Kusu Island, St John’s Island and Lazarus Island. Usually, the yachts will stop by while the guests do some simple water sports, or walk around the island for a while. If your mum is quite sporty and adventurous and wouldn’t mind the island walk, or even if she’s into travel, such island hopping charters are good for you and her. Once a while, it’ll be good to bring her around for such scenic views of Singapore’s well-loved nature. Karaoke Session How about some fun singing sessions using our KTV set? Our Maximum 2 yacht has an indoor KTV system where you and your mum and family can sing to your hearts’ content under shield from rain or shine. This is our top indoor activity recommendation. Read more about indoor activities you can do onboard a yacht Our KTV system has its most prized possession in its sound system. Our crew, with their dedicated hospitality services, are able to set up the KTV system for you. Then you all can sing. This KTV system comes along with some food gathering convenience with a kitchen nearby. It comes along with an oven, a refrigerator and a sink for washing. If you need some simple food preparation, the crew can also assist with kitchen utensils and crockeries available too. Boardgaming Session Is your mum into Magic Cards play, or even as simple as snakes and ladders or Jenga tower block challenge? Simple board game plays will be sufficient for you and your mum to have some family time bonding as we have indoor amenities inside the yacht for you to have a good gathering. Barbecue Party Session Besides the afternoon tea, lunch or dinner food catering, there is another alternative – the barbecue food. With our gas-operated barbecue grilles onboard, you can simply bring your own raw pre-cooked food and use these grilles to barbecue your food. Water Sports If your mum loves water … Read More