7 Small Company Boat Outing Ideas

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small company boat outing

When was the last time you, as a CEO, had a fruitful outing on a boat with your staff? When was the last time, besides an overseas retreat sailing on the boat, you ever had a lively 4 to 5 hours charters with your workforce to bond the company together? Or perhaps with the impending June school holidays, you want to have a family outing for the company? This means your staff also bring their family members along onboard at the company level. (If your company is of a bigger level, check this out instead) Normal Chill Out Sessions One way of organising a corporate outing on a marine vessel is just by doing simple get-together sessions. This means that there is no theme like any team building activity sessions or dinner and dance event. However, this doesn’t mean totally no objectives during the yacht charter outing trips. You can be sipping drinks with catered food while on the flybridge, viewing the sea or sunset. The objective is a very simple one – knowing each other more closely. Valencia Yachts have yachts that fit to maximum of 40 persons. Our Valencia yacht for charter can fit up to 40 persons, while our Victoria yacht can fit up to 28 persons. They are perfect water ride venues for the outdoors. Though Victoria is more for outdoor lovers who love to seek more Vitamin D sunshine. Just by talking to each other with a drink on hand also helps in nice conversations also helps in ways you may not know yet. Sometimes, not having any hidden commercial agenda is more productive because they know the intention is not there. Internal Networking If there is some functional agenda within the company, or you are doing it for your members (who are your company clients) to network with each other, our boats in the water can also foster such networking sessions. Some companies can do some internal networking, though informal, to get the employees together. It may or may not be through team building games. It’s plausible that the staff may not know each other, especially if the size is more than 25 people. Hence, an internal networking program session can be done in our yachts too. Barbecue Food Barbecue food, ah! Our 4 main catamarans – Valencia, Victoria, Maximum 1 and Maximum 2, have barbecue functions in our flybridges. The barbecue are operated using gas grilles, instead of using the more manual fire starters and charcoal. BBQ food while yacht chartering is another way to bond the staff and management together, even in a small company. In fact, a the company is smaller in size with no more than 30 onboard, there is a greater advantage of closeness and the barbecue food session is one good way to enhance the cohesiveness. Karaoke Sessions Tired of any outdoor rain or sunshine? Try our indoor karaoke functions with Maximum 1 and Maximum 2 yachts. You can also organise a boat karaoke party, along with food catering or BBQ at the flybridge to sing along your lungs out! Read about holding a boat karaoke party Simple Cooking Or Baking Have you ever thought that holding some baking or cooking sessions for the food enthusiasts would be a good way for team bonding? Our yachts have a simple oven and a cooking stove available. They even come with kitchen sinks and refrigerators. Apart from the BBQ gas grilles, some kitchen equipment makes it convenient and desirable for simple cooking too. As long as you know some ingredients and recipe for your favourite cooked food, it is good … Read More

2023 Yacht Team Building Activities Corporations Can Consider

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Read about the various yacht team building activities corporations can consider on a corporate yacht chartering trip

Conducting Team Building Activities Onboard The Yacht In Singapore In order for a team building activity to be effective in Singapore, it should be tailored to suit the specific goals and objectives of each individual business. For example, businesses may choose activities that focus on developing communication skills or problem solving abilities, while others might opt for activities that foster a sense of team spirit. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the activity is fun and engaging so that participants remain motivated throughout. By taking the time to carefully select the right activity for each business, team building activities can be used to maximize their effectiveness and bring lasting benefits. Even onboard the yacht, while sailing out to the seas, there are team building activities which company staff can organise and participate in. You don’t necessarily have to jump into the sea, unless you want to (with some safety protocols to observe of course)! Types Of Team Building Activities Here are the suitable team building activities for corporations on board the yacht in Singapore: Get Knotted This game of fun involves strategy, communication, leadership and teamwork. They have to compete to untie a dead knot in the shortest period of time. Coordination and team communication is expected throughout this game. String Me Along Ropes are common use in boats. But how about using a piece of rope to scribble like a pen? This game is played by using strings to control the pen to write on a piece of paper. Teamwork and coordination is heavily expected of this game. The team that finishes first in the writing challenge is victorious. There are many fun team building ideas which you can find here – https://valenciayachts.com/5-fun-ideas-for-team-building-activities-on-a-yacht/ How Much Is The Team Building Price Package Onboard Our Chartered Yacht The yachts are not out of reach to ordinary folks in Singapore. As long as you have groups of 10 and above, you will certainly find the yacht chartering affordable. (Check out the rates here) A Word Of Caution All these free team building activities sound fun and fruitful for a relaxing work or business experience right? There are some things to note while team building as some laws have to be abided: Safety Of Marine Vessel Safety onboard the yacht must be observed at all times. Do not play till you accidentally fall into the sea and get drowned. Even if you wish to jump into the sea for leisure, ensure the yacht is still as a moving yacht may cause injury if the rudders accidentally slice you We cannot guarantee there are trained lifeguards around although the skippers can assist should you accidentally fall into the sea and are unable to swim Proper Disposal Of Waste Materials All marine vessels, regardless of the size, be it a catamaran, cruise or a canoe, have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Marine Port of Authority Singapore (MPA), National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE).  According to non-profit organisation Ocean Conservancy (2018), which coordinates the International Coastal Cleanup, the top 3 litter found in the Singapore coastal beaches are foam pieces, cigarette butts and plastic pieces (source). The 4th most found litter was the plastic beverage bottles which numbered around nearly 12,600.  We are committed to prevention of pollution to the sea so as to prevent harm to marine life and the environment. Fines would start from $300 if you were to get caught by any law enforcers littering into the sea. Please ensure that you don’t deliberately throw litters into the sea while onboard … Read More

7 Corporate Events Tips For 2023 During Yacht Chartering

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yacht corporate event tips

Are you looking to make your next corporate event truly unforgettable in the year 2023? Hosting a corporate event on a yacht charter in Singapore can be an amazing way to impress your clients and colleagues. Now that China (as of January 2023), has reopened its borders and its people are flocking overseas, we see many opportunities in business or corporate events that can utilise the Chinese market. Not only does a yacht provide a unique and luxurious setting, but it also allows for a range of activities and customizable options to suit your specific needs. Read why you should host corporate events on yacht In this blog post, we will provide tips and ideas for planning a 2023 successful corporate event on a yacht charter in Singapore. From choosing the right yacht and catering to entertainment and team-building activities, we’ve got you covered. So hop aboard and let’s get started! Choosing The Right Yacht First and foremost, it’s important to choose the right yacht for your event. Consider the size of your group and the duration of your trip, as well as any additional amenities you may want on board, such as a karaoke lounge, BBQ pit or sun deck. It’s also a good idea to research and compare different yacht charter companies to find the best fit for your budget and needs. Food Catering Options Once you’ve chosen your yacht, it’s time to start thinking about catering. While many yacht charter companies offer in-house catering options, you may also choose to bring in your own catering team or even have the event catered by a local restaurant. Be sure to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests and communicate these to your catering team. Type Of Corporate Activities Entertainment is another important aspect of your corporate event on a yacht charter. Will you have a DJ or live music? Will there be any team-building activities or games? Consider the theme and atmosphere of your event and choose entertainment options that align with this. It’s also a good idea to have some backup options in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. In addition to entertainment, consider incorporating some team-building activities into your event. A yacht charter provides a unique setting for activities such as scavenger hunts or sailing lessons. These can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your team members. Besides the above, you can also do simple team bonding activities or other water sport activities like kayaking, stand up paddle board, or even fishing together. The activities can come from some informal interest groups within the company. Yacht Decor Decor and theme are also important considerations for your corporate event on a yacht charter. Will you go for a more formal, elegant vibe or a relaxed, beachy theme? Choose decor and theme elements that match the overall atmosphere of your event and make sure to communicate these to your yacht charter company and any vendors you may be working with. Which Time Of The Day Another factor to consider is the timing of your event. A morning or afternoon charter may be more suitable for a business meeting, while an evening charter allows for a more social atmosphere. Keep in mind that Singapore can be quite hot and humid, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of shade and hydration options available for your guests. Yacht Capacity Limit Corporations are mega in size in Singapore. Many are multinationals hailing from USA, UK, Japan and even local corporations like DBS. A department can be huge. However, do ensure that you … Read More

4 Great But Easy Yacht Team Bonding Activities All Managers Can Do Without Getting Stressed Up For Planning


Best team bonding practices and activities in the yacht

Differences Between Team Bonding Activities And Team Building Activities Team building activities and team bonding activities are similar in that they both involve bringing members of a team together to improve their ability to work well together. However, there are some key differences between the two. Team building activities are structured activities that are designed to help improve specific aspects of a team’s performance, such as communication, problem-solving, or decision-making. These activities often have a clear goal or objective, and they may involve challenges or simulations that require team members to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. They may be more physically or mentally challenging, such as team sports or puzzle-solving games [Find out more about the fun team building activities onboard the yacht] Team bonding activities, on the other hand, are more informal and focused on building relationships and camaraderie among team members. These activities may be social in nature, such as team lunches or outings. The goal of team bonding activities is to bring team members closer together and foster a sense of trust and support within the team. Overall, team building activities are more focused on improving the team’s ability to work together effectively, while team bonding activities are focused on fostering a positive team culture and strong relationships among team members. Both types of activities can be valuable for teams, and many organizations choose to incorporate both into their team-building efforts. What Are The Team Bonding Activities Team bonding activities can encourage social gathering in any organisations, including companies. Now that social distancing rules and restrictions have been lifted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are huge opportunities for organisations to bond together in a team setting again. But what activities can organisations suggest onboard the yacht when they do the yacht chartering?  Here is a suggested list of team bonding activities you can do in our yacht: Personality Differences Before the trip, plan for the personality test or quiz to find out what your employees are. It will be good for all staff to understand each other better through the detailed personality tests. Some of the accredited ones are MBTI and DISC. Read about the personality tests types – https://www.workstyle.io/best-personality-test Music Video Challenge What better kind of team bonding activity can we do inside the yacht, than a simple music video challenge, which is also called a charade? You can make a video by filming with a storyline and a dialogue script and then input the music inside manually. This team bonding activity fosters some verbal and non-verbal form of communication with some interpersonal skills. Mental Treasure Hunt The yacht is suitable for scavenger hunt, given that the space has a few hidden spots. You can also go simple with some brain teasers and mental puzzles for about 3 to 4 persons in a team to get some fresh burst of team bonding. It’s simple yet effective to make good use of the time onboard. The team that scores the most puzzles in a specific time wins. Normal Chill – Rest And Relax Social Gathering How about just a little chill by the sea in the outdoors while you can feel wind blowing onto your face (as long as the wind is not too gusty)? Talk about social life, hobby, or talk about a common interesting topic, but refrain from talking about too much work-related or business-related stuffs so as to avoid any conflicts. Also, try not to touch on sensitive topics like politics or religion. You can just chill out with drinks and some light snacks on the tables we provide for … Read More

4 Reasons to Hold Your Next Business Conference on a Yacht


4 Reasons to Hold Your Next Business Conference on a Yacht

Meetings and conferences are among the best ways to foster progress and nurture solidarity for business partners. To this end, choosing an appropriate venue for an important conference goes a long way towards achieving a hoped-for outcome for your business. Despite that, event organisers tend to settle for the same old conference halls, executive boardrooms, or five-star hotels. Although these are perfectly decorous options, they are conventional and hold little allure, especially if you are trying to make a business case or come forward with a chancy business proposal. When organising your next business conference, a change of scenery can be vital and productive. Make your next corporate event something for your business associates and clients to look forward to with a fresh approach and point-of-view. Luxury yacht charters are increasingly popular options for corporate events. Here are four reasons why you should hold your next business conference on a yacht. 1. A strategic mix of business and pleasure The usual office setting can get dull and energy-sapping. But a taste of the sea breeze will trigger everyone’s inspirations and creative ideas— perfect for brainstorming and conceptualising business solutions. Being out in the middle of the sea will also instill the sense of leaving their worries behind so that they can be more open and relaxed. Your business associates can mingle more freely and enjoy while on the yacht. 2. Excellent service and amenities A yacht charter comes packaged with professional service ready to be put to use. You can also look forward to onboard amenities and audiovisual facilities ideal for presentations. The excellent service also means you won’t have to worry about food and beverages and the various comforts of the venue. A yacht is a genuinely confidential setting where you won’t have to share the space with anyone besides your party. Plus, the crew and stewards handle every aspect of the event, leaving everyone to bond and interact freely. 3. It fits within your event budget Contrary to popular impressions of the yachting lifestyle, yacht charters are surprisingly affordable. They offer great value and benefit, considering that various amenities are included as part of the package. Yachts come in many sizes, allowing renters to choose the right one based on the size and scope of the event, so there is no question of going above and beyond a set budget. Although yacht charters indeed do not cost as much as widely believed, there is no question that it still holds a sense of luxury and class. Taking your clients on a cruise impresses them with an air of sophistication and style, leaving them the feeling of being pampered and appreciated. 4. Set the right tone for the affair It’s a fact that nature exposure results in a more positive disposition for everyone. Having your meeting take place on a yacht while sailing on high waters is a mood-booster, a must for high-tension meetings and pivotal business discussions. A corporate charter is an ideal opportunity to relax on the decks and get along well with other business associates. Having an environment like this puts the guests at ease right away and make them feel more relaxed than they would otherwise be in stuffy boardrooms or crowded hotels. Conclusion There is no more productive and memorable business conference than one held on a chartered yacht. With it, your clients will feel more valued. With an attentive crew, excellent amenities, and outstanding facilities, you will surely be getting a bang for your buck. Hold your next business conference in a secluded space away from the crowds with a stunning view of the Singapore skyline. … Read More

3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht


3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht

Most businesses will prioritise growth above all else, and there are multiple ways to do this. Take for example, an effective marketing strategy, one of the most excellent ways that a company can make headway in the industry – especially if that strategy thinks outside the box! In fact, an out of the ordinary campaign will turn many heads from your target audience, a jackpot for most marketers. Sometimes, growth doesn’t necessarily have to come from outside the business. Internal factors can also help foster it, such as the employees and other personnel. If you are aiming for a successful business, a private yacht charter is one sure-fire way that will help your business grow, in more ways than one. 1. Yachts can help you gain more clients When you’re trying to expand your consumer or clientele base, one of the established ways to do that is to try reeling them in with a tempting offer on top of what your business provides. And by that, we’re referring to a yacht trip to impress clients with! You could consider introducing a prize; like winning an international trip for two, will most definitely get people to purchase your product. But if that’s too much for your small business, why not run a promotion and choose one lucky participant to win a paid boat charter? Everyone loves the idea of going on a vacation – why not give one away for free? The promo will definitely encourage the participants to try out your products or services. Who knows? Some of them might even like them enough to become regular clients. If you’re confident in what your business provides, you’ll undoubtedly find this strategy effective. 2. Yachts can help keep existing clients If you want to keep the clients your business already has, you should make them feel appreciated by giving them a gift. But don’t just send over the usual corporate gift – if they’re a long-standing client who’s been with you for many years – take it up a notch with an all-expenses-paid boating voyage! Some might think this is a bit much just to encourage a few clients to stay. But if you’ve established a deep relationship with them, go the extra mile to show that you really care. Make them feel like kings/queens for a few days and they’re bound to stick around, give a fantastic review, and even refer you to others! We’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal, indeed. 3. Yachts make for a great employee incentive It is often said that employees are a business’s greatest asset, because they are major contributors to making a respectable profit. If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, you should try establishing an incentive program where the employee who has the most number of achievements within a given time period gets to go cruising on a yacht. They’ll know that the hustle is well-worth the exciting trip by the sea! Conclusion The many ways you can do when you hire a boat for business use – from reeling in numbers, clients, and even boosting your branding. So, don’t limit yourself to just these three ways – be creative, experiment, and see where your ideas will take your business! Meanwhile, we can ease your search at finding a suitable place for yacht rentals at Valencia Yachts. Our private yacht costs showcases our latest promotion with prices starting from $599 for a 4-hour charter, well worth the gains that employee has earned for your business or a client who has been with you for several years. Knowing that an exciting experience is … Read More

Seal The Deal: Why Charter A Yacht To Impress Clients


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Be it signing a contract for one’s services or forming a new partnership – the location’s environment for such a private meeting always has a key role in setting the mood. For the most part, these private client meetings are held in the same old venues. But if you’re a business owner that’s interested in shaking things up and making a splash with your target audiences, why not host your next private meeting out on a yacht? To discover why a little tour at sea on a private luxury yacht in Singapore is the ideal setting for your upcoming business affair, read on down below. Loosen up your clients instantly Mix business with pleasure – it’s the perfect recipe to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. The place where you hold such important business events is a factor that affects the result of your negotiations. Apart from arming you with the necessary confidence to lay out your proposals, having your business prospects be in a good mood increases the chances of things going your way. And these days, one of the ideal venues to host private meetings such as these is aboard a yacht. If you would like to impress a client, hosting your business affair in a private and secure environment like this will do just the trick! Holding your business negotiations in a conducive setting is sure to positively influence the outcome that you desire. Leave a good impression of your company No matter the size, a company’s image must be upheld in the eyes of all of its constituents, namely its clients, employees, investors and business partners. For instance, taking your business prospects out on an unconventional yet impressive setting for a simple meeting shows how much you respect and value their importance. And by treating these clients to an aquatic getaway on a yacht, you not only get to know them better – but you make them feel valued, aiding in the success of a contract or proposal. Revel in the wonders of the sea Thanks to the chosen venue’s mobile nature, the setting for various activities can be adjusted depending on the needs. From being out at sea to watch the sun set or near the coast bathed by the city’s nightlife – you can guarantee that your guests will never experience a dull moment during your event. To make things go smoothly, it’s best to inform your chosen yacht charter company in Singapore about your plans so they can prepare for it accordingly. Conclusion Taking your clients out to sea is sure to leave a good impression on their hearts and minds, allowing you to gain many benefits for just a small investment. After going through all these reasons, the first thing that you might be thinking about is the price of renting these watercraft. The good news is that hosting an event on such a vessel won’t cost an arm and a leg. For instance, since Phase 3, Valencia Yachts is now offering yacht rentals starting from $1,110 onwards. Get in touch with our staff and enjoy an affordable yacht experience with us!

7 Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Yacht Charter


7 entertainment ideas for your next corporate yacht charter

Hosting a corporate event aboard a yacht is a great alternative to banquet halls or restaurants. Creating an immersive experience while attendees are onboard is the key to success. Whether you want to celebrate a huge accomplishment or encourage employees to foster better teamwork – entertainment at a corporate event contributes a large portion to its victory. Hence, before you decide to hire a boat and start planning for the event – to make sure all attendees are engaged and entertained, here are a couple of ideas you can try out! Play catchbox Catchbox is a square object in which a microphone is attached to. During a Q&A session, attendees can sit in a group or circle. A facilitator can ask a question, and then once someone is ready to answer the microphone is thrown to them. This creates a livelier session. Feel free to ask any questions that are work-related, or break the ice by popping over slightly personal questions to really get to know your colleagues or partners! Virtual reality scavenger hunt Games like Pokemon Go has become a popular past time. Players have to find hidden creatures or clues logged in on a digital mapping system. You can apply this concept with landmarks that you will sail past while on the yacht. If you have sufficient budget, spice up the corporate yacht charter by using a special ARVR tech system to customise your own scavenger hunt that is relevant to the area you’ll be sailing through. Live entertainment Invest in a local band to play dance or background music. Live bands create a special atmosphere and have been tried and tested to be very successful. So, why not showcase some of your attendees’ singing skills by giving them a platform where they can perform with their own garage band? They may even end up unleashing some sort of hidden potential, and it means a win-win situation for guests who’ll be watching the performance, because an exciting show awaits! Visual artists Especially for companies in the arts and culture industry, a live visual artist is a great idea. All you need to do is first find a little corner on the boat where the artist can set up and paint or draw while cruising. Some artists can even create portrait sketches or funny caricatures of your guests; this will perk up the crowd and even let them bring home an adorable souvenir! Moreover, depending on the event, you can use a visual artist to raise funds for charities or special future projects. Impersonators It can be a lot of fun having a performer impersonate some of the most famous celebrities in history. Hire an Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, or Michael Jackson impersonator to entertain the crowd and sing a few classics. Photo booths It’s an oldie but a goodie. A fun photo booth with your company logo on the backdrop and some readily available props is a great entertainment activity. You can even hire a photographer to take the photos and print them out on the spot. This will give your guests a little memento to remember the event by. Mixology class If you are in the food and beverage industry, or if your attendees like the acquired taste of mixed drinks, then a mixology class is a unique entertainment activity. In groups, attendees can create their own cocktail, and mocktail mixes that they can enjoy a little bit later. When you stick to the event goals and budget while incorporating specific entertainment and activities that cater to your audience, the event will be a smashing success. All … Read More

Why Should You Host A Corporate Event Aboard A Yacht


why should you host a corporate event aboard a yacht

When hosting a corporate event, there are many locations you can consider; restaurants, office spaces, gardens and banquet halls. In many cases, these locations can become monotone, resulting in the same-old, dull experience for attendees. In other words, it may be high time for you to switch it up by going for private yacht rental when hosting your next corporate event. After all, most private yacht charters come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, allowing space for either small or large groups. There are many benefits to choosing a yacht as an alternative, and here’s a couple of them. Sets a relaxing tone Having a meeting or corporate event in the same location can be boring, especially when it’s a meeting where everyone comes together to discuss and come up with new ideas; a change of scenery and location can help get creative juices flowing. Moreover, being in a formal setting will make them feel as if they are at work and that they can’t relax. However, when you decide to hire a boat, you’ll offer a much fulfilling experience. Guests will feel relaxed right away; being on the water and watching the surrounding landscapes will make them feel at ease and calm. This will guarantee a smooth event with guests that feel relaxed and treated to a mini-vacation away from the corporate world. Leave a lasting impression Putting some thought into a corporate event will pay off eventually. Especially if you are inviting investors or high-profile clients. Hosting an event like this by getting a private yacht charter will show guests that your company is doing great and that you want to extend luxury to the people who have a part in achieving success. If you want to make a great impression, then a luxury private yacht charter is a great alternative to a fancy hotel. It will create a lasting impression. Conduct the perfect presentation Whether you want to go through sales figures, future plans, or other business statistics; hosting a presentation while surrounded by water will make it pop even more. As an added bonus, being out on the water, will provide you with the utmost privacy. It offers a serene environment with minimal distractions from any other form of sources like roadway noise or interference from other staff. Fit into your budget nicely With enough research and planning, you can easily secure a yacht that will meet your budget requirements best. Moreover, usually, yacht rental companies offer a variety of packages available that include catering, accommodation, and a cruise on the water. First things first, check if they charge according to the chosen yacht itself or by pax; this can help you determine the overall private yacht cost easily. In ValenciaYachts’ case, we charge by pax, so that you’re only paying for the number of people you’re bringing. Our Phase 2 charter rates begin from $999 onwards, and varies based on the number of guests brought onboard. Not only do you have all of the above-mentioned benefits, but you’ll also be able to provide all your guests with amazing views and an exclusive water experience. This will not only break the ice and create great relationships amongst employees, but it will also set the tone for years to come. That said, you can check out our Phase 2 promotions for our affordable yacht rental prices so you can put aside extra money for setting up the event. At Valencia Yachts, we’re always ready to help you with any occasion – be it a corporate event or even a birthday party!

5 Fun Ideas For Team Building Activities On A Yacht


5 fun ideas for team building activities on a yacht

Are you having your company’s team building on a yacht? Then here are a few fun team building activities you can incorporate to spice up the trip! Team building can be great fun or incredibly dull. No matter where you take the team for some bonding time, nothing quite matches up with the experience of going for private yacht rental. However, if your team is not used to spending time together outside the office, the yacht trip can get slightly boring. To help prevent colleagues from feeling irritated and uninterested, here are some of the best team building activities you can consider if you’re planning to host on a yacht! Mental treasure hunt There are not a lot of spots on a yacht that can be used as great hiding places for a scavenger hunt. Therefore, you can implement a series of brain teasers or mental puzzles for teams of 3-4 which they would have to solve collectively at different stations. The team that solves the most puzzles after a specific time limit wins! Personality differences The entire team should be given a personality test or quiz before the trip. We recommend doing some research on accredited and experienced companies who do personality tests. The whole idea is for the team to get to know each other’s personalities after all! On the yacht, the facilitator can explain the various personality types, and the teams could guess who falls into which categories. Discussing what motivates or demotivates certain personality types enhances teamwork and understanding amongst the colleagues, which makes it an apt team-building activity. Solve a problem In this activity, the team is encouraged to prepare a problematic scenario at the start of the yacht cruise. The problems should be relevant to the company and its daily procedures. The employees should then be divided into teams of 3-4 and throw all the problems in a hat. Each team draws a problem randomly and gets half an hour to come up with a solution. Once the time is up, each team should present its solution. You can even add new rules to encourage communication among colleagues. For instance, getting the team to roleplay and act out the problem and then the solution they have come up with. Build it For this activity, the facilitators can hand out the same kind of supplies that might include toothpicks, rubber bands, sellotape, ice cream sticks, etc. They have to build a device that can hold an egg at least 30 cm in the air without it falling and breaking. The twist: no one can test their device with an egg beforehand. When the teams are ready, one egg will be brought around the room and placed on the devices. Prepare to watch the tension, expectation, and adrenaline rise in the room! Show and tell Each team member has to prepare for a short 1-2 minute show and tell before the trip. They can bring a small item, video of something at home or even share a hobby or interest from their personal life. This is an excellent icebreaker, especially at the start of the team building event, as it relaxes the atmosphere and allows everyone to share something personal about themselves. Team building can be extremely successful on a private yacht cruising on beautiful waters. It can be made even more enjoyable by incorporating some of these light-hearted activities.