Family Bonding Tips For 2023 During Yacht Chartering – Chinese New Year And Beyond

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Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important traditional holiday in Singapore. It is celebrated by Singapore’s Chinese community, which makes up around 74% of the population. During this time, families come together to celebrate and bond with one another. One of the key traditions of Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner, which typically takes place on New Year’s Eve. Family members who live away from home, such as those working or studying in another city or country, will make the journey back to be with their loved ones. The reunion dinner is a time for families to catch up and reminisce about the past year, and to make plans for the year ahead. Traditionally, the reunion dinner is a grand and elaborate affair, with many different dishes being served to symbolize prosperity and good luck for the coming year. Some popular dishes include fish, dumplings, and noodles. Food plays an important role during Chinese New Year and it’s significant during the reunion dinner to not only symbolize the gathering of family but also the prosperity of the upcoming year. After the reunion dinner, the first two days of Chinese New Year are spent visiting relatives and friends. This is known as “bai nian” in Mandarin, which means “to pay a New Year visit.” People will typically visit the most senior members of their family first, such as grandparents and parents, before visiting other relatives and friends. During these visits, it’s common to exchange gifts, such as red packets filled with money, and to catch up on the past year. Family bonding during Chinese New Year is not limited to the Chinese community in Singapore. There is a Chinese saying 家和万事兴 meaning If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand – “family harmonious everything prospers”. It further means that everything will go well in the face of harmonious families (learn more). Therefore, Chinese New Year family gathering is of importance to people in Singapore. Many families in Singapore come together during this time of the year to celebrate, to bond and to share in the joy of reunion. What To Expect In 2023 Chinese New Year And Beyond It is 2023 now and though we are still in the midst of the pandemic, the restrictions of social distancing have been relaxed. And this is the first Chinese New Year since 2021 where we can all enjoy in group sizes limitlessly. Do you still remember the Chinese New Year in 2021 and 2022, where we often have to gather in restricted sizes of 8 or 5 only? And we often worry about the coronavirus infections, especially the dreaded Omicron variant last year in 2022. People also often got infected with the coronavirus during the Chinese New Year 2022 – all the more we must treasure our family bonding moments this Chinese New Year in 2023 when we can mingle about in sizes larger than 10. Yacht chartering to foster family relationships onboard is a viable option in Singapore. At times when the outdoor weather is very cold in places like China and Taiwan, the Singapore weather outside is still sunny and perfect for outdoor gathering. Onboard the yacht, you can enjoy the sunset during evening reunion dinner sessions, feel the windy sea breeze on your face and even watch beautiful wave patterns of the waters, while socializing in the vessel. There are also other unique ways of family bonding too. Good Tips For Family Bonding Onboard The Yacht Yacht chartering can be a great way for families to bond and create memories together in Singapore. Here … Read More