7 Small Company Boat Outing Ideas

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small company boat outing

When was the last time you, as a CEO, had a fruitful outing on a boat with your staff? When was the last time, besides an overseas retreat sailing on the boat, you ever had a lively 4 to 5 hours charters with your workforce to bond the company together?

Or perhaps with the impending June school holidays, you want to have a family outing for the company? This means your staff also bring their family members along onboard at the company level.

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Normal Chill Out Sessions

One way of organising a corporate outing on a marine vessel is just by doing simple get-together sessions. This means that there is no theme like any team building activity sessions or dinner and dance event.

However, this doesn’t mean totally no objectives during the yacht charter outing trips. You can be sipping drinks with catered food while on the flybridge, viewing the sea or sunset. The objective is a very simple one – knowing each other more closely.

Valencia Yachts have yachts that fit to maximum of 40 persons. Our Valencia yacht for charter can fit up to 40 persons, while our Victoria yacht can fit up to 28 persons. They are perfect water ride venues for the outdoors. Though Victoria is more for outdoor lovers who love to seek more Vitamin D sunshine.

Just by talking to each other with a drink on hand also helps in nice conversations also helps in ways you may not know yet. Sometimes, not having any hidden commercial agenda is more productive because they know the intention is not there.

Internal Networking

If there is some functional agenda within the company, or you are doing it for your members (who are your company clients) to network with each other, our boats in the water can also foster such networking sessions.

Some companies can do some internal networking, though informal, to get the employees together. It may or may not be through team building games. It’s plausible that the staff may not know each other, especially if the size is more than 25 people. Hence, an internal networking program session can be done in our yachts too.

Barbecue Foodyacht barbecue food jpg

Barbecue food, ah! Our 4 main catamarans – Valencia, Victoria, Maximum 1 and Maximum 2, have barbecue functions in our flybridges. The barbecue are operated using gas grilles, instead of using the more manual fire starters and charcoal.

BBQ food while yacht chartering is another way to bond the staff and management together, even in a small company. In fact, a the company is smaller in size with no more than 30 onboard, there is a greater advantage of closeness and the barbecue food session is one good way to enhance the cohesiveness.

Karaoke Sessions

Tired of any outdoor rain or sunshine? Try our indoor karaoke functions with Maximum 1 and Maximum 2 yachts. You can also organise a boat karaoke party, along with food catering or BBQ at the flybridge to sing along your lungs out!

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Simple Cooking Or Baking

star of the sea fine dining resized jpg

Have you ever thought that holding some baking or cooking sessions for the food enthusiasts would be a good way for team bonding? Our yachts have a simple oven and a cooking stove available. They even come with kitchen sinks and refrigerators. Apart from the BBQ gas grilles, some kitchen equipment makes it convenient and desirable for simple cooking too.

As long as you know some ingredients and recipe for your favourite cooked food, it is good to go to do some simple food preparation and cooking inside the yacht. However, do so only according to capacity and try to refrain from bringing too many onboard otherwise they will be left unfinished.

Or if you want a more exquisite and exclusive dining type, you can try fine dining. Our luxury superyacht, Star Of The Sea, has experiences in fine dining luxury with our well-trained crew who is able to assist in the setup. But you have to inform our admin staff way in advance for such event type.

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Outdoor Water Sports

@valenciayachts Water mat play at #lazarusislandsingapore #valenciayachts ♬ Swimming Song – D Billions

From a normal chill out session, you can also request for outdoor water toys to be set up for your water play. Our crew onboard is actually dedicated to provide the water sports equipment setup service for you.

At Valencia Yachts, we provide water toys for you – kayaking, water mat play, stand-up paddle board and even the water slide. Or you can also do swimming during the water splashing fun time too!

Simple Scavenger Hunt

For a small company outing on the boat, if you wish to do some yacht team building activities, why not consider scavenger hunt? Hide the items before the game starts. But be careful, don’t lose items into the sea or even dispose items, otherwise a representative from NEA who happens to see this may fine for littering.


Instead of karaoke as an indoor activity, you can also consider boardgames. This is one of the wet weather yacht programs you can consider. Boardgames kill the boredom while out at the sea. You can be surprised about how the boardgames can not only pass time easily, but also entertain all of us. They can be social media posts to keep your corporate memories.

Safety Considerations Aspects

Safety management is of utmost importance during a yacht trip in Singapore for corporate events. Fire safety should be prioritized, particularly when barbecuing or if passengers are smoking. Fire extinguishers should be readily available and smoke detectors installed. Brief passengers on safe smoking zones and safe handling of barbecue equipment.

Water safety measures are critical to prevent drowning. Life jackets must be provided for all passengers and worn during water-based activities. Lifeguards or trained staff should be present, especially when passengers are swimming. Safety nets or railings should be installed to prevent accidental loss of items into the water.

The yacht’s crew should be trained in collision avoidance techniques to prevent sudden jerks or crashes. Passengers should be informed to hold onto railings when the yacht is in motion. In case of rough seas, passengers should be seated.

In the event of sea-based activities, providing information about local marine life is essential. If there’s a risk of jellyfish stings, vinegar or sting-first aid kits should be onboard.

Overall, strict adherence to safety protocols, proper training for crew, and clear communication to passengers about potential risks and safety measures ensure a safe and enjoyable yacht trip.

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