Whether Family Or Friend, A Yacht Charter Trip Helps With Good Social Gathering Onboard

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Beyond birthday celebrations, our yachts offer a myriad of opportunities for memorable experiences. Whether it’s commemorating Chinese New Year, honoring mothers and fathers on their special days, or simply enjoying quality time with family after celebrating your child’s exam success, our charters provide the perfect setting.

Additionally, our yachts are ideal for community outings and social gatherings. Whether you’re part of a grassroots organization like the People’s Association or organizing a unique dating event, our charters cater to diverse group needs.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Kusu Island and the city skyline by night, creating unforgettable moments with loved ones. And for those seeking adventure, our water toys provide endless entertainment, from stand-up paddle boarding to kayaking and thrilling water slides. Our dedicated crew ensures seamless enjoyment, assisting with equipment setup and delivering unparalleled hospitality throughout your journey.

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Try A Unique Type Of Sightseeing Tour

A getaway that is simple and yet different would give you and your social circles a good chance to explore different parts of Singapore first hand. You would find it a different kind of experience, rather than just looking at them from your Facebook, Instagram or TikTok posts.

A yacht charter trip with Valencia Yachts would give you great difference in exploration experience that is unseen in your normal trips around Zoological Gardens, Mandai Bird Park (formerly Jurong), Universal Studios, museums and many other land activities.

By boating around the seas of Singapore, you get to explore the Southern Islands of Singapore, and see the picturesque skyline from a different distant angle. These are experiences which you normally can’t do on land, or even from a 360 phone app!