Indulge In Great Watery Bonding Entertainment Fun With Colleagues And Managers

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Your company deserves a break to enjoy the charms of the sea

Considering an office getaway or a team-building excursion beyond the urban hustle? Searching for an enjoyable and distinctive way to boost team spirit without the burden of extensive organization?

Look no further! Valencia Yachts have the perfect answer with our exclusive corporate yacht charters. Ranging from partner cocktail parties and networking gatherings to confidential business discussions, our yacht rentals have accommodated them all with finesse and style.

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Get away from the busy environment

Have fun escaping from the environment of hustle and bustle with 5 fun ideas of team building (check out here)

Team building and team bonding activities and sessions are plentiful and in store for you, even on a boat

Many team interaction sessions, in this post social distancing era, foster relationships and the camaraderie spirit among staff and management.

Learn about the different team building activities companies can do

Yacht charter trips – an incentive for your staff to have a getaway

Our yacht charter trips are not only well-deserved escapade moments for the employees. They are also the perfect incentive schemes for rewarding their hard work. In fact, we have several long term clients based on this staff incentive purpose currently. So hop on now!