Seal The Deal: Why Charter A Yacht To Impress Clients


Singapore Yacht Charter Company

Be it signing a contract for one’s services or forming a new partnership – the location’s environment for such a private meeting always has a key role in setting the mood.

For the most part, these private client meetings are held in the same old venues. But if you’re a business owner that’s interested in shaking things up and making a splash with your target audiences, why not host your next private meeting out on a yacht?

To discover why a little tour at sea on a private luxury yacht in Singapore is the ideal setting for your upcoming business affair, read on down below.

Loosen up your clients instantly

Mix business with pleasure – it’s the perfect recipe to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

The place where you hold such important business events is a factor that affects the result of your negotiations. Apart from arming you with the necessary confidence to lay out your proposals, having your business prospects be in a good mood increases the chances of things going your way.

And these days, one of the ideal venues to host private meetings such as these is aboard a yacht. If you would like to impress a client, hosting your business affair in a private and secure environment like this will do just the trick!

Holding your business negotiations in a conducive setting is sure to positively influence the outcome that you desire.

Leave a good impression of your company

No matter the size, a company’s image must be upheld in the eyes of all of its constituents, namely its clients, employees, investors and business partners.

For instance, taking your business prospects out on an unconventional yet impressive setting for a simple meeting shows how much you respect and value their importance. And by treating these clients to an aquatic getaway on a yacht, you not only get to know them better – but you make them feel valued, aiding in the success of a contract or proposal.

Revel in the wonders of the sea

Thanks to the chosen venue’s mobile nature, the setting for various activities can be adjusted depending on the needs. From being out at sea to watch the sun set or near the coast bathed by the city’s nightlife – you can guarantee that your guests will never experience a dull moment during your event.

To make things go smoothly, it’s best to inform your chosen yacht charter company in Singapore about your plans so they can prepare for it accordingly.


Taking your clients out to sea is sure to leave a good impression on their hearts and minds, allowing you to gain many benefits for just a small investment.

After going through all these reasons, the first thing that you might be thinking about is the price of renting these watercraft. The good news is that hosting an event on such a vessel won’t cost an arm and a leg. For instance, since Phase 3, Valencia Yachts is now offering yacht rentals starting from $1,110 onwards. Get in touch with our staff and enjoy an affordable yacht experience with us!