SailGP And Yachting Culture


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The SailGP ( will be held on January 14th to 15th, 2023. Sailors will compete in strict safety conditions at Parkland Green Race Village on Singapore’s East Coast Park. This upcoming event will be a blast for fans of yachting and spectators. It’s a great anticipation ever since the social distancing restrictions have been lifted in April 2022 with activities resume to normal.

Besides the SailGP event, another prominent yachting event is taking place in Singapore. The 10th Singapore Yacht Show will take place from April 27 to April 30, 2023. Their last performance was in 2019, when South East Asia was finally able to attend the festivities. The Singapore Yacht Show is an event that avid sailors and lovers of luxury lifestyles should attend because Singapore is a popular Asian destination.

But how does Singapore get into this water bearing niche activity of yachting culture in the first place? Let’s look at the series of occurrences that led to this culture of seafaring adventurous activity of yachting.

The Rise Of Asian Yachting Culture

In Asia, the yachting culture is a very expansive one. This is due to the rise of the wealthy in the region, pivoting in Singapore with the SailGP event in January 2023. This event is the first professional sailing event and it’s hailed as the sea version of the Grand Prix.

Singapore is not the only destination in Asia-Pacific for such yacht shows. Plans are also underway to hold the international Yacht Shows in Thailand and HongKong. The Yacht Shows will be showcasing some of the finest and most extravagant yacht vessels in Asia.

A growth of wealth in Asia is not the only factor in the rise of yachting culture in Asia. The natural marine landscape with its complete archipelago in South East Asia also offers more boating services to be more prominent in the region.

Sailors can expect incredible sights and experiences as they navigate their way through the various islands in South East Asia, which is frequently regarded as the most pristine yachting destination. There are 27,000 islands in the marine landscape of South East Asia alone for superyachts to cruise, charter, and participate in activities that one could only dream of. With an increasing number of Asian buyers interested in both buying and chartering large yachts, yacht manufacturers, retailers, and brokers have noticed the ongoing influx here.

Asia’s yachting destinations extend beyond the Indian Ocean and South China Sea; The development and popularity of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast are on the rise. Adventurers looking for a new and unforgettable exploration journey will be satisfied at this one-of-a-kind location with its distinctive coral reefs and turquoise waters.

What To Expect During SailGP Event

The SailGP Event is a grandiose scale of yacht racing event to be held in Singapore. Actually called the Sail Grand Prix, this event is held at East Coast beach, with the spectator view at Parkland Green.

Valencia Yachts will be present at the SailGP Event. There will be a marvellous display of our finest yachts in the Asian sailing or boating industry. On top of that, there will be some surprises along the way, mainly to herald the new year of 2023 as the event is held in the very early part of 2023. In fact, you’ll learn why having yacht experiences can be of good use to you if you want to have a unique vacation getaway trip.

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So see you at the SailGP event at East Coast beach. We will be near Parkland Green on 14th and 15th January!