How To Enjoy Inside The Yacht In Singapore During Yacht Rental In 2023

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Yacht rental at Valencia Yachts is certainly fun and enjoyable with ways to do it. Read about how to gain enjoyable experience onboard.

Do you picture yourself living in a yacht for a while? Besides basking in the sunshine, feeling soothed by the breezing winds and enjoying the view of the seaside waves, yacht charters have more to offer inside their sheltered facilities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, karaoke system, dining table and even a jacuzzi spa pool. How about doing some fishing, partying with music, holding corporate events, birthday parties or even wedding events?

Sounds fun right? Yes. But it is not far-fetched. Renting a private yacht in Singapore is dead possible!

It is a common misconception that yacht chartering is out of reach to many common folks. You do not need to travel all the way to St Tropez in France and enjoy the yachting lifestyle like the Kardashians. Singapore has such boating lifestyle options for you. Even in Singapore, there are options for you to charter out the yacht to sail or stay docked for a while. 

Here is some of the information of the yacht chartering expectations:

Duration Of Yacht Chartering

The normal duration of the yacht charters usually lasts 4 hours long. Both weekdays and weekends are applicable for yacht charter sail. You can charter and sail out to the sea for 4 hours, at any time of the day between 9am and 8pm. Normally, the yacht does island hopping programs around the Southern Islands, such as Lazarus and Kusu Island.

Overnight stay as extension is also possible. With 6 bedrooms inside the yacht in all, it’s perfect for a stay in the yacht like a mini cruise trip. The private cabins provide all you need for basic lodging necessities, including bathing, sleeping and other privacy matters, all adrift even in the middle of the sea.

Where The Yacht Sails To During Yacht Charters

Yacht charters do sail around the Singapore waters if you take the usual 4-hour boat charter. Typically, our yachts sail to the Southern Islands. You can enjoy photo and video taking of the view, including the Singapore city skyline, and even starry skies at night.

If under thunderstorm weather, when the yachts are not safe to sail out, the yachts would be docked at the jetty areas.

Island hopping charter program is also available as it sails within the seas of our country, Singapore. You do not need any additional item such as the passport to go through immigration checking processes. We are only getting to the other islands, such as Lazarus, Kusu, St John’s and other islands in the Southern Islands territory.

If you wish to get overnight extensions more than 4 hours, then consider sailing out to the foreign islands outside Singapore territory. They are Anambas in Indonesia and Tioman in Malaysia.

Yacht Capacity Limit

The maximum person limit inside the private yacht is only 12 persons. This is in accordance with the marine laws of Singapore by Marine Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).

How To Enjoy Inside The Yacht

Besides enjoying the cooling and soothing sea breeze and the warm sunshine, you can enjoy life inside the private yacht in many other ways. 

  • Wedding / solemnization
  • Birthday party celebrations
  • Family bonding
  • Dinner cruises
  • Corporate events

Wedding / Solemnization

This once-in-a-lifetime moment where couples get married aboard the luxurious yacht is a memorable occasion to mark on the calendar. Families and the married couples can take photographs and videographs to celebrate this joyous occasion with the romantic sunset in the backdrop. Well, even if it’s not the actual marriage, imagine this alternative – couples can do some proposals together with the sunset as well!

Birthday Party Celebrations

Do you want to celebrate you or your friend’s birthday in a very unique way? Yacht can help you to organise birthday parties onboard as we allow food and drinks with some DJ party music.

Important Note: Please dismantle the balloons from the yacht when docking at One15 Marina, otherwise a fine will be imposed for non-compliance.

Family Bonding

How about having a relative gathering to bond by the sea with some dinner or light snacks? Doing gatherings like these by the sea will make your family gathering a very memorable experience!

Cabins are present in the yacht. They are good for private family matters with bathrooms attached. They meet the expectations of the likeness of the hotel rooms on land or the cruise cabins in the bigger ocean. 

Dinner Cruises

A memorable and romantic dinner with your loved one can enable you to view the romantic sunset. Plus, you can chill with some drinks too.

Corporate Events

Team Building

Team building activities by corporations to hold some weekend retreats with games and sharing sessions are made possible in our yacht charters. It provides opportunities for management and senior leadership to get to know their employees and staff better too.

VVIP Client Hosting

Do you hail from luxury industries, such as wealth management or luxury retail memberships, where client relationship management matters a lot more? VVIP Client Hosting is what we do as part of our yacht charter recommendations. This is wonderful as you make them feel special, honoured and wanted as your clients as you continue to provide quality service to them.

Corporate Party Celebrations

Corporations can afford some weekend or off day getaways as a group. It is like team building but without any games, just chilling by the ocean. Sometimes this can be a thematic type of corporate event like Christmas, Dinner and Dance, or even a new CEO inauguration celebration.

Learn more about our yacht events

Food Onboard The Yacht

Since our yacht is spacious for 40 persons on board, we provide easy convenience for our guests to have meals. Whether it is for normal mealtimes or for parties, we have many food facilities and equipment just suitable for your needs. We have ergonomically designed lounge and spacious dining areas complete with tables and chairs for you to enjoy your meals.

We have a fully equipped kitchen complete with a BBQ gas grille. This means you don’t need to bring lighters, fire starters or charcoal from outside to board the yacht. You don’t need to figure out how to ignite the fire to start your barbecue process. All you just need to do is a simple push of buttons to kickstart the barbecue right away. 

Bathrooms are also easily accessible inside the yacht.

If you want to order food catering, you can check with our admin staff. 

If you wish to order beverages, including mineral water, soft drink bottles, alcohol, such as whisky, wine or beer, you can check out …

Self Drive Or Hiring Skipper

valencia yacht 190223 5 jpegAre you thinking of renting a yacht for self drive instead of hiring a skipper to be the driver? Do you really enjoy the thrill of fun seeking pleasures in the boat by maneuvering the yacht wheels and cruise control on your own? Well, let’s make some comparisons between hiring a skipper and self driving the private yacht.

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