Purchasing VS Renting A Yacht: Why The Latter Is Better


Purchasing VS Renting A Yacht: Why The Latter Is Better

Given that Singapore is an island nation surrounded by open water on all sides, it is no surprise for some to want to take up sailing either as a hobby or a holiday preference. Thankfully, the means to do so is now commercially available for everyone through yachts!

Compact enough for private ownership and available in various sizes, yachts serve as the perfect solution for those looking to satisfy their need for a private sea getaway whenever they want. But before we dream of all the endless possibilities, we must first tackle the first issue: should you buy or rent a yacht?

What to expect when purchasing and owning a yacht

Needless to say, private yacht prices are extremely costly, especially if you are buying one. Since brand new models will always fetch a high price, interested buyers tend to get second-hand units on the market. For comparison’s sake, the average cost of a new yacht totals to an average of S$1,219,884, while used ones can range from as low as S$67,500 to S$683,783. In short, be prepared to fork over a hefty sum even for a second-hand yacht.

On top of that, owners will have to deal with the additional costs of owning a yacht, such as insurance, fuel, maintenance, berthing, registration, and licensing. If you are considering a new yacht, the rule of thumb suggests a budget of around 2% of its sale price per year for its upkeep. Otherwise, if you get a used model, a budget between 7 to 10% of the purchase price. Lastly, keep in mind that this is only a recommendation, and your mileage may vary depending on your individual use case and other factors, such as your yacht’s age, condition, and crew requirements.

How do yacht charter rentals compare?

Yacht rentals are much more flexible, thanks to the possibility of splitting the fare with those coming along with you. For example, regular charters typically last for four hours and accommodate five guests. If we take a hypothetical charter that costs about S$799, each person would only have to pay roughly S$160 for the trip. Some charters also allow bigger headcounts of up to 30 pax, so if you are keen on adding a twist to your celebrations, ranging from birthday parties, wedding receptions, or company events out at sea, then boat charters are undoubtedly the best option for you!

Which is the better choice?

Regarding freedom of ownership, purchasing a private yacht is the winner in that regard. If one has the resources to buy and keep their vessel in good shape, they can enjoy the benefits of having a seaworthy vessel at their command and take it anytime and anywhere they wish to.

However, that does not mean you should not consider yacht charters either. Although sacrificing complete ownership and some degree of freedom, yacht rentals still provide the same vacationing experience in the open sea. Moreover, by consulting your trip advisor, it is always possible to create an itinerary suiting your preferences, so you can change it up every time you embark on a getaway!


Taking to the seas for recreational purposes and experiencing something new and exciting is now possible thanks to the commercial availability of yachts in Singapore. Choosing between purchasing or renting one for yourself ultimately comes down to its pros and cons and what suits your lifestyle and needs. Given that the former option involves a big commitment, it may be wiser to test out the waters (no pun intended) and try a yacht rental first.

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