Star Of The Sea Superyacht is a superyacht because it has a length of 128 feet, a depth of four levels, and the capacity to accommodate up to 150 people on a single charter. The Star Of The Sea superyacht, the most recent player in the luxury market, lets you experience numerous sea wonders that many people can only imagine.

One of our valued conveniences is the jacuzzi spa. The front deck of this superyacht in Singapore features a pool with a hot tub. After a long party, social gathering, business networking, or intense corporate event, it helps guests unwind. Drinks are available at the nearby bar counter, and our staff is frequently readily available at all times to provide you with both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. You can choose from a variety of cocktails, beers, fruit punches, and soft drinks that go well with your well-deserved spa treatment.