Water Sport Or Outdoor Activities You Can Do While Island Hopping In Singapore

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Island hopping in Singapore would not be complete without these activities

Are you interested in getting on some water boat tours around the Southern Islands of Singapore for a short escapade or a weekend retreat? Valencia Yachts provides island hopping charter services for all interested guests. We will bring you around the islands in the Southern Island archipelago after set sailing from Sentosa island area.

However, you might have some queries on what to expect during the island hopping Singapore tours. This blog post covers some topics of interests, such as the activities you can do, the crew hospitality service, price of yacht charter and booking procedures.

What To Expect During Island Hopping Tours

In the island hopping tours, you can expect a watery and windy adventure to sail to and fro the Southern Islands of Singapore. En route from Sentosa, you’ll mainly expect to visit these islands – Lazarus Island, St John’s Island, Pulau Hantu and Kusu Island. Sisters Island is currently unavailable as it’s closed for development. But we do expect to visit the island from 2024 onwards when it’s ready again.

Image of Lazarus Island from Valencia Yacht charter

Lazarus Island has many sea sports adventurers. Kayaking is often a favourite sport.

Usually, our first stop is at Lazarus Island. This is where we can do some adventurous water activities, which we will mention below. The yacht stops very nearby Kusu and St John’s in the vicinity too. However, if you wish to get to Pulau Hantu or to another spot in the sea, you’ll have to inform the captain and crew in advance. This is so long as the yacht charter meets the duration requirements and is not in the zones that are out of bounds to normal visitors.

What Can You Do With Our Yacht Charter Services

Many variety of tasks – ranging from the easiest to the most difficult activities can be done in our yacht charter services. Being in the business for more than 7 years now, Valencia Yachts has done many boat charters for our guests.

You can appreciate the windy sea breeze blowing on your face, wear your sunglasses to view the sunset, take photographic selfies or views of the sceneries, or even simply sleep under the shelter of the catamaran. Our yacht charter services can bring you the warmth with our yacht crew services, led by the yacht captain. As long as you observe yacht safety rules and Singapore maritime and environmental laws, you are certainly good to go to enjoy your much needed water trip.

Activities Onboard

Here are the various activities you can do onboard:

Normal Sightseeing

While chartering a yacht in Singapore, there are several sightseeing activities you can enjoy. You can start by exploring the city skyline from the water, taking in iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion. You can also cruise along the Singapore River and observe the historic buildings and bustling city life. If you want to escape the city, head to the nearby islands of Sentosa and Lazarus Island for a day of relaxation and beach activities. Finally, you can end your day by watching the spectacular sunset over the horizon.

Jumping Into Water

The short clip below is quite self explanatory. In our charter in late February 2023, we brought our guests and they were happily playing with the waters by jumping into it.

@valenciayachts Jumping into the water happily and bravely #valenciayachts #lazarusislandsingapore #singaporesea ♬ Let’s Do This – Outskrts

Stand Up Paddle

Our yachts have stand up paddleboards for you to play with too. But you need the lifejackets while doing it, in accordance with maritime laws.


This is one of the most favourite water sports from the yacht. We did a stop by near Lazarus Island. Our guests played the kayak with the lifejacket on.

Water Mat Playing

A simple floating on the sea would be to use the water mat to play. You can just “sleep” on it while letting the sun shine onto your face. Or you can simply play along with the water while on the water mat.

@valenciayachts Water mat play at #lazarusislandsingapore #valenciayachts ♬ Swimming Song – D Billions


Chartering a yacht in Singapore also provides ample opportunities for fishing enthusiasts. You can charter a yacht and set off to the waters surrounding the island, which are home to a variety of fish species such as barracuda, snapper, and groupers.

Alternatively, you can go deep sea fishing for bigger catches such as tuna and marlin. Fishing equipment such as rods and bait can be rented on board or brought along. You can also enjoy a barbecue on the yacht using your fresh catch, making for a memorable fishing experience.

Read more about the fishing charter trips which you can do


If you don’t have the mandatory PADI license to go diving, then try out snorkeling. But you have to bring along your snorkeling gear which is the goggles. See if you can spot any cute or colourful marine life in the sea.

Personalised Or Customised Activities

Of course, besides any outdoor or sea sports activities, normally guests book our yacht charters for personalised or corporate custom activities. Personal activities include birthday, wedding celebrations like pre-wedding phototaking and wedding parties, friends and family bonding social outings. Companies also do corporate events, such as company retreats. Some of our charters do overnight charters to Anambas and Tioman Islands.

Price Of Our Charters

Our yacht charters are quite cheap and affordable for the luxury you can get onboard. With this luxury yacht rental in Singapore, you will definitely get a great bargain for the fees you pay for your charters. The cheapest is about $800++ for Victoria charters for 1 to 5 persons. There are other activities like BBQ services powered by gas grilles so you can grill seafood to your own content. (Read about the various food catering opportunities onboard a yacht)

How To Book For Yacht Charters

Booking is simple now with our online chartering services. Simply head on to this link to choose the type of yacht charter, the date and time and for how many persons to charter for.

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