How To Create Unforgettable Wedding Photos On A Yacht


how to create unforgettable wedding photos on a yacht

Weddings on a yacht can be quite exciting. Not only is it a venue that defines originality, but it also creates ample opportunity for gorgeous photos. The ripples from the water, the coast on the horizon, and the vibrant colours from the sunset create gorgeous backdrops for amazing photos.

Still, it is important to plan ahead when it comes to wedding photography on a boat. Why? Well, because there will be many guests roaming around on deck, not allowing much space for couple photos.

Moreover, the space is quite limited when you go for boat charter, so you will have to really think about how you are going to take group photos as well as positioning everyone to avoid intense sun glare in the camera lens.

However, it’s not at all impossible! It just calls for a little more thinking and planning to secure the best photos. Hence, let’s look at a few great ideas on how you can make your wedding sparkle with timeless memories.

Group photos

Arrange with all your guests to be at the docking station about an hour before the yacht will set sail. The photographer can take a big group photo on the platform before everyone embarks.

This will not only ensure that there’s enough space for everyone in the photo, but also make sure that your guests are on time!

Speed motion

Even if the yacht is moving slowly, you will have to make sure that your photographer is using the correct shutter speed. This will ensure that the moving background is well captured.

Usually, he or she will already know what’s needed to get the best shots – but just for caution sake; give them a heads up!

The reason why this matters is that fast shutter speed is able to capture ripples and waves in the water in the background, which will create a gorgeous and action-like backdrop to your photos.

Scenic city

Make some time to take romantic photos at night. Couple photos look gorgeous when the glimmering city lights are in the background. You can even incorporate a series of fairy lights onto the yacht’s rails and tops for extra glimmering flare.

Having a cityscape in the background will create an amazing architectural aesthetic. At night, the lights from the buildings will bounce off of the water, creating a beautiful mirror. This is the perfect background setting for romantic photos.

Sunset at its best

Sunset creates mesmerising warm tones in the sky. Make sure that everyone is photo-ready once the sun starts setting. Use the rails of the yacht or any other decorations as props and let the sunset create the backdrop to your photos.

Photos, where the sun shines through the lens, will create a natural glimmer that results in a beautiful image.

Golden hour

Nothing can compare to the golden hour on a boat.

Typically, you’ll be able to spot the golden hour when the sun is between six degrees below the horizon and six degrees above. This usually occurs in the first hour of light after sunrise, and the final hour of light before sunset – meaning, you get two golden hours each day!

However, it’s just a rough estimate as it depends on your location – as the golden hour will either be shorter or longer.

But once you’ve located the golden hour – use it to your advantage for some beautiful images! Use the natural lighting from the sun to capture guests gazing out onto the scenery. It will create a natural warm effect on the wooden surface from the yacht and bring out the best in everyone’s faces.

Get creative, if you want to jump into the water and have the photographer capture the fun and adventurous moment. Do it! Remember, it’s your special day – so it’s completely your call. On the flip side, our private yacht charters are here to provide you with a suitable space for your photo-taking sessions, so feel free to call us and enquire about our Phase 2 promotions!