How To Charter A Yacht In Singapore – A Beginner’s Guide To Yacht Chartering In Singapore


By user Bob Tan - aerial view of Southern Islands of Singapore

Are you looking for a unique and memorable way to celebrate your next birthday party or wedding? Yacht chartering in Singapore may be just what you’re looking for. Singapore’s beautiful coastline and surrounding islands offer plenty of opportunities for a luxurious and adventurous experience on the open water. But if you’re new to yacht chartering, where do you begin? Here is a beginner’s guide to yacht chartering in Singapore.

Types Of Yachts

There are many different types of yachts available for charter in Singapore, each with its own features and amenities. Some popular options include catamarans, motor yachts, and sailing yachts. Catamarans are ideal for a relaxed and comfortable experience, while motor yachts offer speed and power. Sailing yachts provide a more traditional sailing experience and require more active participation from their passengers. Decide which type of yacht best fits your needs and preferences.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Yacht

Renting a yacht is not hard. As it’s not so expensive, it’s practically affordable to rent it for about 4 hours. They will take you out to the waters in Singapore with our planned itinerary that covers Lazarus Island, Kusu Island and the city skyline.

Our various yachts have different price packages because they cater to different market segments of guests with our different amenities. Also, different times of the week (weekend vs weekday) have different price packages.

Victoria yacht starts from $800 for up to 5 pax on a weekday (Monday to Thursday for 4 hours). During the weekend, it costs about $300 to $400 more. Besides Victoria, we also have other yachts for rental.

Check out the list of our yachts and their charter rates packages


For those new to yacht chartering or who just want a relaxing experience, hiring a crew is recommended. Our yachts mandatorily have crew and captain onboard to assist you everything from putting up decoration to hospitality during the sailing. If you wish to jump into the waters or playing on the water mat along the way, our crew will prepare safety and equipment on standby for you too. Crew members can take care of all the navigation, cooking, and cleaning during your trip, leaving you free to enjoy your time on board. (Read here why having crew onboard in our yachts are essential)

The captain is the hallmark of every yacht charter as he or she is responsible for the safety matters during the yacht chartering.


Singapore and its surrounding islands offer a wealth of destinations for yacht charters. Popular destinations include Lazarus Island, Pulau Hantu, and Sentosa Island. Each destination offers unique features and stunning natural scenery. Be sure to discuss your preferred destinations with your yacht chartering company to ensure a customized and personalized experience.

Birthday Party

Yacht chartering in Singapore makes for an unforgettable birthday party experience. With a variety of activities available, such as swimming, snorkeling, and fishing, every moment spent on board is sure to be cherished. The yacht crew can also arrange for decorations, catering, and entertainment to ensure that your birthday party is truly special. In fact, at Valencia Yachts, we are very popular with birthday party celebrations onboard and prospects and repeat clients have been finding us for such events daily!

Wedding Celebration

For those looking for a unique and luxurious venue for their wedding celebration, consider yacht chartering in Singapore. Whether you want an intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, a yacht charter can accommodate your needs. The stunning natural setting of the open ocean and islands will provide a picturesque backdrop for your special day.

When we mention wedding, we also refer to the pre-wedding celebrations that take place onboard our yachts. Normally, what the couples do is that they will hire photographers and videographers to snap shots of the wedding poses. Valencia Yachts score well in this category of celebrations and tons of our clients book our yachts for such purposes daily.

In conclusion, yacht chartering in Singapore offers a luxurious and adventurous experience for various occasions. With a variety of yachts, destinations, and options available, there is something for everyone. Now that you have a beginner’s guide to yacht chartering in Singapore, it’s time to start planning your next celebration on board.