5 Factors Of Getting Yacht For Rental In Singapore


The 5 factors affecting your decision on getting yacht for rental in Singapore help you make decisons better.

Are you wondering what things it takes to get a yacht for rental so that you can sail out to the seas off the Singapore island? It is so cool to enjoy the sunshine and the sea breeze with entertainment on board the yacht certainly. Even if it is a short weekend getaway in a different way, it is so good to be on the yacht.

Curious about what to do on a yacht so that you can breathe the fresh wind of the sea waves? Here are some factors you can consider when getting a yacht for rental over your rest days:

Cost Of Yacht Rental Per Day

First and foremost, we all know people would be asking the cost of renting a yacht. Though it’s not about the price of the yacht to buy, the yacht charter price is of utmost concern. Actually, yacht chartering is not so out of reach to common people. Nowadays, given the lifting of social distancing laws, there is no limit to gathering in public anymore. Of course, the yacht can only accommodate only that many people, subject to the maximum size of the yacht.

Yacht chartering already has a price itself. This only includes sailing within fixed places, like Southern Islands. You must check if the yacht chartering includes food and drinks that might be served onboard and even the home entertainment system. How about overnight staying? How many hours does this yacht charter cover only as basic?

Rental Vs Purchase Of Yacht

This is needless to say if you are only chartering a yacht for traveling out in the seas. Purchasing a yacht is out of question if you are not holding a PPCDL license to drive the boat or if you aren’t regularly using it to sail around the shores. 

It is said that many of those who own private boats in Singapore are mostly retirees, though there seems to be a rise in ownership among millennials (Read here). If you are thinking of owning the private yacht, you must consider your free time and even miscellaneous savings you can spend when sailing. How about the maintenance which can be a killer? 

Yacht chartering once a while when you are in the mood for the waters and the wind would be more than sufficient than purchasing the private yacht itself. Or you can book yachts for yacht parties to reel in the moods with drinks and music.

Footwear On Board The Yacht

When boarding the yacht, whether it’s for only a few hours or more than 24 hours out at sea, there is some etiquette to observe with regards to footwear. You should wear only flip flops because most of the time, you’ll be barefooted. Don’t wear nice working shoes or boots. For more information, check out this article for reference on footwear:


Food Consumption On Board

Of course, food and beverages are welcome on board the yacht. You need to have dinner or snacks, or else your yacht charter trips are going to be very dull. Food catering, light snacks or even barbecue with drinks in ice tubs can be possible on board the chartered yacht.

However, you are reminded to respect the sea environment so that you don’t pollute the sea by littering. If you are caught littering by the marine authorities, whether Singapore or Indonesia or Malaysia, you can be slapped with a fine penalty. The fine is about S$300.

Overnight Yacht Trips

As mentioned just now, overnight yacht trips, usually for families on board, or some corporate company retreat trips, may happen. Some would even celebrate birthdays on board the yachts.

If overnight yacht trips are important to you, you must ensure that there are sleeping rooms for being out in the sea more than a day. Although this is not a cruise, there are also cabins in the smaller yachts as well. You must ensure spacious cabins for you to have enough rest during your lethargic periods.


In conclusion, there are several factors to consider when getting a yacht for rental in Singapore. The cost of the rental is an important factor, as is whether you want to rent or purchase a yacht. It’s also important to consider what kind of footwear to wear on board and what food and beverages you’ll bring with you. If you’re planning on taking an overnight trip, make sure the yacht has appropriate sleeping accommodations. By taking these factors into consideration, you can ensure that your yacht rental experience is enjoyable and memorable.