Essential Items To Pack In Your Suitcase For A Yacht Trip


Essential Items To Pack In Your Suitcase For A Yacht Trip

You have been planning this yacht trip for months now, and as the day grows nearer, the anticipation fills you up to the brim. Since it may be a while before you can go on the next getaway, you have to prepare for this one sufficiently to make the most out of it.

While yacht trips do not usually last for more than a day, there are still some items you ought to have with you aboard a private yacht, some of which are important while others are simply to help you have a grand time.

1. Extra set of clothes

When travelling out at sea, do not just plan your outfits for the day of departure and arrival; always have an extra set of emergency clothes on standby. You never know if an accident may happen onboard or if your friends egg you on for an impromptu dive into the sea.

Pro tip: Even though these clothes are technically spares, make sure that they are still Instagrammable because who knows, you might chance upon a magnificent sunset and would want to take a picture with it.

2. Ziploc bags

If you indeed go for a swim, pack along a Ziploc bag with you to separate and keep your wet bathing suit or shorts from the clean and dry items and clothes. A regular plastic bag works fine, but aside from being tidy, a Ziploc bag works best to seal your wet wear from other things inside your bag. As always, having extra Ziploc bags will render you a saviour for your forgetful family and friends!

3. Sunscreen

Since you are aboard a yacht, spending most of your time outdoors where the sun and the cooling sea is a given. Regardless of whether you plan to sunbathe or swim, bring along a bottle of sunscreen with you and lather it on every few hours. The last thing that anyone wants after an amazing getaway is painful sunburns and peeling skin!

Pro tip: If possible, purchase a sunscreen that has an anti-jellyfish formulation that would protect you from painful jellyfish stings if it happens, which can easily ruin your trip.

4. Cash

Regardless of whether you are planning your romantic weekend yacht getaway or a yachts party in Singapore, having extra cash on hand is vital because you never really know when a situation might call for it. While relying on your credit or debit cards is tempting and convenient, payment terminals are not always accessible; what more while you are out at sea. It is always a good idea to bring cash around for emergency purposes.


As cliche as it sounds, over-preparation helps, especially should you be going on a yacht with kids and other family members in tow. While planning for a fun itinerary is essential, factoring in the needs of other family members also helps to ensure that you pack not just for yourself but other miscellaneous items for your family members should the need arise.

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