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Have you ever thought of celebrating your valentine with the zing that’ll be your splendid hallmark? It is essential to ensure your V-Day is free of clichés and does not encompass boring ideas. And instead of going with the same old-school valentine ideas, let’s think beyond and enliven your day as you’ve never done before.

Taking a luxury yacht charter in Singapore is always riddled with a grand romantic gesture. You enjoy your partner company in the midst of landscaping beauty, luxury amenities and calmness. Regardless of your relationship status, your valentine day should be thrilling and memorable. Our yacht charter services are remarked as best for couples seeking a perfect spot to cherish anniversaries or a loving day.

Here’s Why a Splendid Voyage Never Fails for Amazing Valentine’s Day.

The sole purpose of celebrating Valentine is to send a love message, and your girl would certainly seek out a romantic date. This is where the luxury yacht truly becomes astounded and gives you a perfect moment to express love & strengthen your bond with your partner. A bay cruise also does impress your sweetheart. The reason voyage will never fail because:

  • It Is Perfect in Every Sense- You enjoy an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere along with delicious meal accompanied by good wine. If you have a special request, then our team will do their best in crafting it for real.
  • See The Town from Different Point of View – A world-class yacht cruise gives you the perfect glimpse towards the bay area, and you witness the aura of the city from a different perspective. At ValenciaYachts, it shall be our immense pleasure to tailor the yacht experience as per your preferences.
  • Enjoy A Private Deck Moment, Just for You Two – No place feels so romantic than a private luxury yacht. The ambiance will be perfect, and your expression of love will be perfect. In the end, your luxury cruise journey shall be a beautiful reminder.

Yacht Rental Singapore – The Must Do Event This February, especially for those who want to make their valentine’s day a celebration of a lifetime. We personally think the time has come for you to ditch the old school way of love celebration. Instead, voyage into the romantic seashore and high seas where you can enjoy wine & dine, luxurious stay and sea breeze. Explore your yacht selections today and experience with the best rates in Singapore…!!