Dos And Don’ts: Yacht Etiquette Every Newbie Must Know


Dos And Don'ts: Yacht Etiquette Every Newbie Must Know

Yacht charters are becoming a pinnacle of luxury travel, and onboard yacht etiquette is essential for making the whole experience memorable and unique. The standards onboard a yacht charter are incredibly high, so knowing the ground rules can go a long way to ensuring the perfect charter experience – from what to wear to treating the crew with respect during your trip.

It’s not a challenge for seasoned sailing lovers to pick their next destination, but if you are a newbie in the basics and planning for a yacht rental, keep reading on to know the yacht etiquette that every newbie must know.

Do respect the crew

The crew members of your yacht charter are one of the essential groups to make your trip fun, smooth and, more importantly, safe, so respecting them is paramount. They offer excellent service throughout the cruise and would go the extra mile to ensure a memorable and fun time for their guests. Whatever yacht charter type you are in, treat your crew at the actual value of their service – with respect and consideration.

Another way to respect your crew is to keep them informed of any changes in your itinerary for your trip to be optimal. If you plan to invite additional guests on your trip, notify the crew early for them to prepare enough meals or cocktails for everyone. While the crew is there to cover your needs to relax and have fun, proper planning and preparation are equally vital for that to happen, so it’s essential to keep your crew informed of your plans.

Do follow the barefoot rule onboard

Most yacht charters have a barefoot rule, which means they do not allow wearing footwear on board. Footwear like boots, heels, or street shoes is prohibited since they can damage the floors and decks and taint the carpets. Therefore, the “barefoot” rule is enforced. Some yachts offer boat shoes with soft, clear and clean soles.

Do anticipate cleaning time slots

Make sure to give the crew enough time to clean your cabins, do the laundry, and prepare your food. To avoid misunderstandings, always ensure clear lines of good communication between your group and the crew. While you are at sea playing games, the cabins can be used for coffee or breakfast, so it makes sense to allow the crew the time and space for cleaning.

Don’t leave babysitting to your crew

If you are travelling with children, you are responsible for them. Yachts are great places for children since some offer access to water games, cinema, video games, generally fun activities for children, making sailing with your kids a great way to bond. While it is expected to have fun and get wild on the yacht, leaving the children in the crew’s hands is irresponsible. The yacht crew are there to serve you and your family’s needs; however, should you plan on bringing children and you would like to have your fun, bring a babysitter along. The crew would greatly appreciate this as well.

Don’t pollute the sea

While you are out at sea, being careful not to harm marine life during your trip is a given. Throw cigarette butts or garbage in the garbage cans provided. Whenever possible, use natural or eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and sunscreens that are not harmful to coral reefs.

Don’t do illegal activities

Zero tolerances are given for engaging in illegal activities onboard a yacht. Such negligent behaviour may cause the trip to be cut short, and an immediate withdrawal of the license and termination of your charter. As mentioned earlier, respect for not just the crew but the sea and yacht goes a long way for a memorable and smooth-sailing trip!


Sailing through the beautiful and open seas with friends or family on a private yacht is one of the best ways to spend holidays or celebrations! Take a break from the bustling noise of the city and have a superb time sailing and admiring the waves as you play games or just relax. The tips listed above are just some of the yacht etiquettes to keep in mind when onboard a yacht to ensure an excellent time for all.

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