Date Ideas: Planning Your Romantic Weekend Yacht Getaway


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Whether it’s a celebratory event or just another date night, a yacht getaway is always a welcomed choice. With a luxury yacht charter, it could bring fulfilling results if the event is planned right.

Not to mention, getting on a yacht is almost like a mini-vacation! With this comes many considerations, like what to bring, what to pack to go onboard and many other worries. As such, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway.

Hence, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway.

Check the weather

Without a doubt, it goes without saying that you should check the weather conditions for your planned date before actually confirming and booking the date!

After all, the weather conditions on that day might either make or break your vacation.

Rains and storms can also affect the water conditions and the safety of the yacht. So do remember to check with the yacht providers to see if the weather is suitable for sailing and arrange for shelter if needed.

As the weather can be unpredictable, it might be good to plan activities that you both can do outdoors and indoors. For example, suppose the weather on the date that you have scheduled to sail out is rainy.

In that case, before deciding on when you would like to have your boat charter – you might want to discuss with your yacht provider to plan indoor activities that you both might still enjoy, such as games or movies rather than swimming, to create a memorable experience at sea despite the weather.

Picking the right food

Food is an essential part of every date. Sharing a meal and a conversation while watching the sunset at sea could be something to look forward to after a long day.

However, you might need to note not to make the food choices too heavy as there is a possibility that you or your partner may experience seasickness.

Instead, choose lighter finger foods such as tacos, sandwiches and fruits! These foods are easier on the stomach and can still be eaten without making a mess; being easy to pack could also be a bonus.

However, it is understandable if you would still like to go for a particular food choice for both you and your partner – which is why you might stand a better chance if you know your partner’s eating habits and food allergies.

Just take note to avoid overly spicy or greasy foods (for health reasons), and you should be good to go!

Make room for spontaneity

We can try to plan for every situation, but sometimes we should recognise that we cannot control everything that comes our way.

For example, there might be delays in boarding due to the weather or you forgetting to bring items onboard.

Being flexible could make the experience pleasant, even with curveballs thrown your way. At the same time, challenges can also get you and your partner closer as you overcome them and brainstorm solutions while experiencing the whole trip together.

Keeping it simple

Lastly, the best advice to go for would be less is more.

You do not need much other than your partner and some necessities for you to enjoy a romantic getaway.

In the yacht, the sea provides the best backdrop for photos, while the tranquil scenery can also offer an excellent atmosphere for conversations to flow.

Another good piece of advice would be to keep your devices away for that day to enjoy each other’s company fully. Disconnecting online allows you both to connect with one another and make up for any lost time experienced in your daily lives.


Making time for your partner on the weekdays could prove to be a challenge. Hence many couples would try to spend as much quality time with each other to make up for the time lost. Going on a mini yacht vacation could keep the stressors that you both face in the city away. The ocean and sea views are also known to be a romantic setting that couple can do various activities together.

Before embarking on your romantic sea adventure, you could first start looking for a suitable yacht provider and check the private yacht cost as part of your budget plans. Here at Valencia Yachts, we’re offering affordable yacht rates from $999 onwards – embark on a 4-hour charter with your loved one and have a romantic lunch or dinner by the mesmerising waters. For enquiries, simply send a form to us!