How You Can Rent Our Stand Up Paddle Board In Singapore


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The stand up paddle board (SUP) is one of the most fanciful water toys in Singapore. As Singapore is sunny all year round, even off the seas of Sentosa Island, it’s common for avid water sports lovers to indulge in sea sports. Unless it’s rainy thunderstorm weather, the sea sports are still good to go in Singapore. We might have heard of swimming, kayaking, canoeing, wakeboarding or snorkeling in the Singapore’s sea. But have you heard of SUP playing? The stand up paddle board is one of the most prominent water toys here and is trending among sea sports lovers in Singapore. Around the world, the CAGR of the SUP board market is expected to accelerate at nearly 10% between 2022 and 2030. Read more about this forecast report – What Is A Stand Up Paddle Board A SUP is a type of watercraft driven by a paddle. The rider stands on the board and moves through the water using the paddle. SUPs are suitable for a number of activities such as surfing, touring, and yoga. It looks similar to a surfboard while you’re standing but the slight difference between the two is that in a SUP, you have a paddle to propel yourself in the water. The following are some of the advantages of stand up paddle boarding: It is an excellent form of workout. SUP is a total-body workout that strengthens your core, arms, and legs. It’s a terrific way to spend time outside. SUP is suitable for use on lakes, rivers, oceans, and even in the surf. It is a low-impact activity. SUP is gentle on the joints, making it an excellent choice for people of all ages and fitness levels. It is an enjoyable and social pastime. SUP is accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. It’s also an excellent method to meet new individuals. Why Are Stand Up Paddles So Expensive Paddleboards are significantly larger than surfboards. Surfboards are substantially shorter, leaner, and made more narrowly, with lengths ranging from 1.5m to 2m. This means that far more labour and material are required to create a paddleboard, making the process time-consuming and costly. That’s why we recommend you to try rental of the SUPs instead. You can also read about why buying water mats are costly What Is Expected During Usage Of Stand Up Paddle In Singapore SUPs are quite simple to operate and can be a fantastic way to get some exercise while also enjoying the outdoors. They’re also suitable for folks of all ages and fitness levels. SUP is a terrific way to workout, experience nature, and have fun. If you want to try a new watersport, SUP is a terrific choice. Factors To Note While Renting SUP Type: Because there are many various types of SUPs available, it is critical to select one that is appropriate for your needs. Consider the type of activity you intend to do with the board, your weight, and your skill level. Price: SUP rental fees vary depending on location, board type, and period of rental. Insurance: While some SUP rental companies provide insurance, others do not. It is critical to confirm with the rental company whether insurance is included in the rental fee. SUP can be a safe pastime, but you should be aware of the risks. Wear a life jacket and follow all safety recommendations provided by the rental provider. Where Can I Play Stand Up Paddle In Singapore In Singapore, many places offer SUP boards for rent. They are 2 places in Sentosa, 1 place in East Coast Park and 1 … Read More

7 Small Company Boat Outing Ideas

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When was the last time you, as a CEO, had a fruitful outing on a boat with your staff? When was the last time, besides an overseas retreat sailing on the boat, you ever had a lively 4 to 5 hours charters with your workforce to bond the company together? Or perhaps with the impending June school holidays, you want to have a family outing for the company? This means your staff also bring their family members along onboard at the company level. (If your company is of a bigger level, check this out instead) Normal Chill Out Sessions One way of organising a corporate outing on a marine vessel is just by doing simple get-together sessions. This means that there is no theme like any team building activity sessions or dinner and dance event. However, this doesn’t mean totally no objectives during the yacht charter outing trips. You can be sipping drinks with catered food while on the flybridge, viewing the sea or sunset. The objective is a very simple one – knowing each other more closely. Valencia Yachts have yachts that fit to maximum of 40 persons. Our Valencia yacht for charter can fit up to 40 persons, while our Victoria yacht can fit up to 28 persons. They are perfect water ride venues for the outdoors. Though Victoria is more for outdoor lovers who love to seek more Vitamin D sunshine. Just by talking to each other with a drink on hand also helps in nice conversations also helps in ways you may not know yet. Sometimes, not having any hidden commercial agenda is more productive because they know the intention is not there. Internal Networking If there is some functional agenda within the company, or you are doing it for your members (who are your company clients) to network with each other, our boats in the water can also foster such networking sessions. Some companies can do some internal networking, though informal, to get the employees together. It may or may not be through team building games. It’s plausible that the staff may not know each other, especially if the size is more than 25 people. Hence, an internal networking program session can be done in our yachts too. Barbecue Food Barbecue food, ah! Our 4 main catamarans – Valencia, Victoria, Maximum 1 and Maximum 2, have barbecue functions in our flybridges. The barbecue are operated using gas grilles, instead of using the more manual fire starters and charcoal. BBQ food while yacht chartering is another way to bond the staff and management together, even in a small company. In fact, a the company is smaller in size with no more than 30 onboard, there is a greater advantage of closeness and the barbecue food session is one good way to enhance the cohesiveness. Karaoke Sessions Tired of any outdoor rain or sunshine? Try our indoor karaoke functions with Maximum 1 and Maximum 2 yachts. You can also organise a boat karaoke party, along with food catering or BBQ at the flybridge to sing along your lungs out! Read about holding a boat karaoke party Simple Cooking Or Baking Have you ever thought that holding some baking or cooking sessions for the food enthusiasts would be a good way for team bonding? Our yachts have a simple oven and a cooking stove available. They even come with kitchen sinks and refrigerators. Apart from the BBQ gas grilles, some kitchen equipment makes it convenient and desirable for simple cooking too. As long as you know some ingredients and recipe for your favourite cooked food, it is good … Read More

How To Enjoy A Boat Karaoke Party While On Yacht Charter


Have you ever wondered what a boat karaoke party is about? Are you an avid fan of karaoke, or KTV, where you often organise and patronise popular karaoke studios like Teo Heng, Cash Studio and KKBox etc. What Is A Boat Karaoke Party A boat karaoke is a unique and entertaining way to enjoy a karaoke party while cruising on a yacht. This innovative concept combines the thrill of sailing with the excitement of belting out your favorite tunes, dancing, and enjoying a fantastic time with friends, family, or colleagues What Programmes Can We Do The boat karaoke features a state-of-the-art karaoke system that allows guests to choose from a wide variety of songs, catering to diverse musical tastes. This onboard entertainment option encourages guests to let loose, showcase their vocal talents, and create unforgettable memories. In addition to the karaoke experience, boat karaoke parties offer delicious food and refreshing drinks, ensuring that guests are well-fed and hydrated throughout the event. The yacht’s comfortable and stylish setting provides ample space for socializing, networking, and enjoying the stunning views of the surrounding waters. As the karaoke system is held indoors under shelter, you’re naturally shielded from rainy or sunny weather. The sun won’t gaze on you directly. The rain won’t make you wet. You just enjoy the cooling aircon wind as you sing and party. How To Make The Best Out Of Your Boat Karaoke Party While At Sea A typical karaoke party involves singing with the latest sensational hits and a competition of whose voice is better. Actually, the proper way of enjoying a karaoke party is simply by singing your hearts out to de-stress yourself from the heavy pressures of life. How Do You Book For Boat Karaoke Party In order to book for the ktv onboard our yachts, you must select the right yachts. Maximum 2 and Star Of The Sea are our 2 only yachts which offer a boat karaoke system. Booking Karaoke Through Maximum 2 For Maximum 2, it is a smaller yacht which can hold up to 40 persons onboard when it is out for sail. Check out Maximum 2 schedule here As per the screenshot below, scroll down till you see the calendar. The charter vacancies are subjected to availability. If there are free slots for charter available, you’ll still be able to book for your charters. Booking Karaoke Through Star Of The Sea This Star Of The Sea is a luxury superyacht in Singapore that’s available for charter. As it’s bigger, it can hold up to 100 for a dockside party and up to 50 for a sailing charter. There are many things to do besides the karaoke sessions. Besides the food catering or food barbecue, you can also try out the outdoor jacuzzi spa, the drinks bar, meeting table suitable for dining and even the flybridge for good socialisation. With great luxury amenities, Star Of The Sea is definitely a great one-stop venue for holding all kinds of events. This is where you can hold your birthday parties, wedding celebrations, corporate events or even VVIP guests parties. And the leisure session of karaoke singing will easily complement whichever other activities so you can enjoy your most deserved break after some hectic programmes. Check out the schedule of charters for Star Of The Sea Superyacht Conclusion In conclusion, a boat karaoke party is a unique and entertaining way to enjoy a karaoke party while cruising on a yacht. The state-of-the-art karaoke system and onboard entertainment options cater to diverse musical tastes and create unforgettable memories. With the comfortable and stylish setting of the … Read More

Tips for Organising the Ultimate Yacht Party in Singapore

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Hosting a party in Singapore is always an exciting affair, but have you ever considered taking your celebrations to the next level by hosting it on a yacht? Yacht parties offer an unparalleled experience that combines luxury, entertainment, and stunning views of Singapore’s skyline and coastline.  In this article, we’ll provide you with some useful tips on how to organize the ultimate yacht party in Singapore. From choosing the right yacht and planning the guest list to creating the perfect party atmosphere and organizing activities and entertainment, we’ve got you covered. The scope of this article will assume that hiring a party music DJ is definitely considered. So, get ready to impress your guests and make your next celebration one that they will never forget! Choosing The Right Yacht For Your Party Needs At Valencia Yachts, we have 5 yachts for your chartering needs – Valencia, Victoria, Maximum 1, Maximum 2 and Star Of The Sea. They are all able to serve with your party needs. Depending on the size of the party audience, the different vessels cater to different group sizes. Choosing which yacht to use for party hosting is one of the most important factors when planning a yacht party in Singapore. Here are some tips on how to choose the right yacht for your party, taking into consideration the number of guests, amenities, and budget: Consider the number of guests The first step in choosing the right yacht is to determine the number of guests that will be attending your party. Make sure to choose a yacht that can comfortably accommodate all your guests. You don’t want your guests feeling cramped or uncomfortable during the party. Try to get at least 30 to have the minimum atmosphere of party mood onboard. Star Of The Sea Superyacht can hold up to 150 guests for a dockside party as the capacity is larger. Look for amenities Make a list of amenities that you want on the yacht, such as air conditioning, sound system, karaoke system, barbecue, gathering spaces, bathrooms and cabins for resting purposes. Check with the yacht charter company to ensure that the yacht you’re considering has these amenities. Consider the budget Yacht charter prices vary based on the size, type, and amenities of the yacht. Determine your budget and choose a yacht that fits within your budget. Keep in mind that there may be additional costs, such as fuel, food, and beverages. Normally the charter costs for about 30 persons start from $3,000 onwards. Type of party and entertainers Is it a more friendly personal with social gatherings of family and friends, or is it a corporate type? Besides the party music DJ, will there be a show host (in the likes of a stand-up comedian), or even a specially invited famous entertainer onboard? There are yacht charters which have done magic shows before.  For best practices of party organising and hosting, try to hold the party from 6pm to 10pm. The night time atmosphere is most favourable. And it’s the time of the day when it’s least hot. Planning The Guest List And Invitations This guest list and invitation process can be quite a lengthy process. This process of pre-event onboard the yacht involves a timeline of planning, calling, emailing, and even live publishing online (unless the party event is totally private and out of bounds to public). Here are some tips on how to plan the guest list and create invitations that match the theme of the party: Plan the guest list: Determine the number of guests you want to invite to your party and … Read More

Water Sport Or Outdoor Activities You Can Do While Island Hopping In Singapore

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Island hopping in Singapore would not be complete without these activities

Are you interested in getting on some water boat tours around the Southern Islands of Singapore for a short escapade or a weekend retreat? Valencia Yachts provides island hopping charter services for all interested guests. We will bring you around the islands in the Southern Island archipelago after set sailing from Sentosa island area. However, you might have some queries on what to expect during the island hopping Singapore tours. This blog post covers some topics of interests, such as the activities you can do, the crew hospitality service, price of yacht charter and booking procedures. What To Expect During Island Hopping Tours In the island hopping tours, you can expect a watery and windy adventure to sail to and fro the Southern Islands of Singapore. En route from Sentosa, you’ll mainly expect to visit these islands – Lazarus Island, St John’s Island, Pulau Hantu and Kusu Island. Sisters Island is currently unavailable as it’s closed for development. But we do expect to visit the island from 2024 onwards when it’s ready again. Usually, our first stop is at Lazarus Island. This is where we can do some adventurous water activities, which we will mention below. The yacht stops very nearby Kusu and St John’s in the vicinity too. However, if you wish to get to Pulau Hantu or to another spot in the sea, you’ll have to inform the captain and crew in advance. This is so long as the yacht charter meets the duration requirements and is not in the zones that are out of bounds to normal visitors. What Can You Do With Our Yacht Charter Services Many variety of tasks – ranging from the easiest to the most difficult activities can be done in our yacht charter services. Being in the business for more than 7 years now, Valencia Yachts has done many boat charters for our guests. You can appreciate the windy sea breeze blowing on your face, wear your sunglasses to view the sunset, take photographic selfies or views of the sceneries, or even simply sleep under the shelter of the catamaran. Our yacht charter services can bring you the warmth with our yacht crew services, led by the yacht captain. As long as you observe yacht safety rules and Singapore maritime and environmental laws, you are certainly good to go to enjoy your much needed water trip. Activities Onboard Here are the various activities you can do onboard: Normal Sightseeing While chartering a yacht in Singapore, there are several sightseeing activities you can enjoy. You can start by exploring the city skyline from the water, taking in iconic landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands and the Merlion. You can also cruise along the Singapore River and observe the historic buildings and bustling city life. If you want to escape the city, head to the nearby islands of Sentosa and Lazarus Island for a day of relaxation and beach activities. Finally, you can end your day by watching the spectacular sunset over the horizon. Jumping Into Water The short clip below is quite self explanatory. In our charter in late February 2023, we brought our guests and they were happily playing with the waters by jumping into it. @valenciayachts Jumping into the water happily and bravely #valenciayachts #lazarusislandsingapore #singaporesea ♬ Let’s Do This – Outskrts Stand Up Paddle Our yachts have stand up paddleboards for you to play with too. But you need the lifejackets while doing it, in accordance with maritime laws. Kayaking This is one of the most favourite water sports from the yacht. We did a stop by near Lazarus Island. … Read More

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当我们选择包船出行时,会有很多问题浮现。我们是否容易晕船?过夜包船是否能带来预期的冒险体验?游艇机组人员的身体艺术文化怎么样? 我们的Valencia游艇船长Shahrul对他的游艇工作充满热情。他分享了自己在新加坡周围的包船期间操作游艇的个人经验,以及游艇机组人员提供的款待服务和维护。让我们看看他分享了什么。他还分享了作为一个风度翩翩的绅士,他是如何被其他人所吸引的。

How To Enjoy Inside The Yacht In Singapore During Yacht Rental In 2023

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Yacht rental at Valencia Yachts is certainly fun and enjoyable with ways to do it. Read about how to gain enjoyable experience onboard.

Do you picture yourself living in a yacht for a while? Besides basking in the sunshine, feeling soothed by the breezing winds and enjoying the view of the seaside waves, yacht charters have more to offer inside their sheltered facilities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms, karaoke system, dining table and even a jacuzzi spa pool. How about doing some fishing, partying with music, holding corporate events, birthday parties or even wedding events? Sounds fun right? Yes. But it is not far-fetched. Renting a private yacht in Singapore is dead possible! It is a common misconception that yacht chartering is out of reach to many common folks. You do not need to travel all the way to St Tropez in France and enjoy the yachting lifestyle like the Kardashians. Singapore has such boating lifestyle options for you. Even in Singapore, there are options for you to charter out the yacht to sail or stay docked for a while.  Here is some of the information of the yacht chartering expectations: Duration Of Yacht Chartering The normal duration of the yacht charters usually lasts 4 hours long. Both weekdays and weekends are applicable for yacht charter sail. You can charter and sail out to the sea for 4 hours, at any time of the day between 9am and 8pm. Normally, the yacht does island hopping programs around the Southern Islands, such as Lazarus and Kusu Island. Overnight stay as extension is also possible. With 6 bedrooms inside the yacht in all, it’s perfect for a stay in the yacht like a mini cruise trip. The private cabins provide all you need for basic lodging necessities, including bathing, sleeping and other privacy matters, all adrift even in the middle of the sea. Where The Yacht Sails To During Yacht Charters Yacht charters do sail around the Singapore waters if you take the usual 4-hour boat charter. Typically, our yachts sail to the Southern Islands. You can enjoy photo and video taking of the view, including the Singapore city skyline, and even starry skies at night. If under thunderstorm weather, when the yachts are not safe to sail out, the yachts would be docked at the jetty areas. Island hopping charter program is also available as it sails within the seas of our country, Singapore. You do not need any additional item such as the passport to go through immigration checking processes. We are only getting to the other islands, such as Lazarus, Kusu, St John’s and other islands in the Southern Islands territory. If you wish to get overnight extensions more than 4 hours, then consider sailing out to the foreign islands outside Singapore territory. They are Anambas in Indonesia and Tioman in Malaysia. Yacht Capacity Limit The maximum person limit inside the private yacht is only 12 persons. This is in accordance with the marine laws of Singapore by Marine Port Authority of Singapore (MPA). How To Enjoy Inside The Yacht Besides enjoying the cooling and soothing sea breeze and the warm sunshine, you can enjoy life inside the private yacht in many other ways.  Wedding / solemnization Birthday party celebrations Family bonding Dinner cruises Corporate events Wedding / Solemnization This once-in-a-lifetime moment where couples get married aboard the luxurious yacht is a memorable occasion to mark on the calendar. Families and the married couples can take photographs and videographs to celebrate this joyous occasion with the romantic sunset in the backdrop. Well, even if it’s not the actual marriage, imagine this alternative – couples can do some proposals together with the sunset as well! Birthday Party Celebrations Do you want to celebrate … Read More

Making Your Yacht Birthday Party Celebration on a Yacht Charter Memorable

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There are yacht birthday party tips to make your celebration a memorable one onboard

Making your yacht birthday party a memorable event is a Godsend gift for you to celebrate your existence milestone on earth. It would be good for you to have a sailing happy birthday on your special day. After all, there must be a reason your existence matters to your loved ones and the people around you. The Importance Of Creating Lasting Memories Not only you alone will live with this experience forever, the group of friends or family members who are with you on that yacht will also gain from this celebration in years to come. At least, these personal experiences stay with you so you can have happy memories in your older years. Memories are priceless and serve as a means of preserving the most precious moments. They assist us in appreciating the present, reflecting on the past, and anticipating the future. They serve as a reminder of the people and experiences that have shaped us and bring us joy and comfort when we look back on them. We are able to preserve the memorable events in our lives and transmit them to subsequent generations by making memories that will last a lifetime. These memories can become a part of our family’s history if shared with friends and family. It is essential to concentrate on making memories that will last when planning a birthday celebration on a yacht charter. This could mean documenting the experience in some way, taking pictures, or keeping mementos. A special dinner or a one-of-a-kind excursion are two examples of memorable activities and experiences to consider. Tips for Capturing Memories For this special occasion, we craft out some good tips to make your birthday celebration on a yacht in Singapore an unforgettable experience for you. Capturing memories is a crucial part of making a birthday celebration on a yacht charter memorable. Here are some tips for capturing memories from this special occasion: Hiring A Professional Photographer Hiring a professional photographer can help ensure that the memories of the birthday celebration are captured in the best possible way. A professional photographer can take stunning photos of the yacht, the views, the event props such as the balloons, and the guests. They can also help to create a photo album or scrapbook of the celebration. In Singapore, typically a professional photographer costs from $200 to $1000 for photography services on average. Considering it for birthday celebrations, this is dependent on the type of photoshoot, number of hours requested and the location. Valencia Yachts has some contacts for you if you wish to hire a professional photographer. For this hiring, you have to check if the photographer can also do videography. Otherwise, if you are satisfied with only photography shots, then don’t engage videographers. Taking Photos With Friends And Family Encourage guests to take photos with each other throughout the celebration. This can help to create a visual record of the event and ensure that everyone has photos to remember the occasion. One idea is to set up a designated photo area on the yacht, complete with props, backgrounds, and lighting to create fun and memorable photos. This can be a great way to encourage guests to take photos together and create a fun and lively atmosphere. Another idea is to provide disposable cameras for guests to use throughout the celebration. This can be a fun and nostalgic way to capture the memories of the event, and it also encourages guests to be creative and spontaneous with their photography. It’s also important to consider having a designated photographer to take photos of the guests throughout the celebration. This … Read More

Guide To Fishing Charters In Singapore During Your Boat Trips


Fishing charter trips can be made possible in our Singapore trips

Are you looking for fishing charter Singapore trips? Are you game for some adventurous fishing trips in the waters of Singapore?  Fishing trips can be done easily on a boat trip. All you need is your own fishing rods. Rather than fishing only at Bedok or Sembawang jetties, why not charter a yacht out to try out some hobby fishing in the deep waters around the Singapore mainland? Valencia Yachts can do yacht charters for you to do some leisure fishing too. Best Time For Fishing In Singapore Fishing in Singapore can be one of the most rewarding activities for both experienced and novice anglers. Depending on the type of fish you are looking to catch, the best time for fishing in Singapore can vary. Typically, the best time of fishing is in July. The Southern Islands, which is the place where our yachts typically sail to, are reamed with many fish types – Parrotfish, Groupers, Sweetlips, Coral Trout, Perch, Bream, Snappers and Trevallies. Many of them are often very voracious at this time and are waiting to get hooked to your fish lines. Finally, anglers may also want to consider fishing in the early mornings or late evenings. During these times, the water is typically the most still, making it easier to spot fish. Additionally, the early morning and late evening light helps to attract more fish to the surface. No matter what time of year it is, fishing in Singapore is a rewarding and enjoyable experience. By understanding the best time to fish and being prepared with the right gear, anglers can have a successful and fulfilling time on the water. Best Offshore Fishing Places In Singapore Set sailing from Sentosa Cove, Valencia Yachts can bring you to various offshore islands for fishing. You might have heard of fishing only at some reservoirs or jetty areas, since the rivers are legally out of bounds to anglers. The majority of us are familiar with the well-known islands that were taught in school, such as St. John’s Island, which was once a cholera quarantine area; During the ninth month of the lunar calendar, thousands of worshippers flock to Kusu Island, as well as Pulau Ubin, where you can cycle, trek, and eat fresh seafood. Lazarus Island Between St. John’s and Kusu Island, this was once a small island. Lazarus Island is now much larger and has a bridge that connects it to St. John’s Island after land reclamation. The island also has two lagoons, which draw a lot of boaters every weekend to party there. It has electric power, a water supply, and walking paths, making it one of the most developed islands.  A protected bay was formed by St. John’s and Lazarus Island, making it ideal for a fish nursery. a wide range of juvenile fish, including groupers, tusk fish, cardinal fish, rabbit fish, lizard fish, fusiliers, eels, stargazers, snappers, scads, herrings, wrasses, breams, and others. was caught during the island’s Beginner Angler’s Course. Pulau Semakau Credit: NEA Semakau Island, Singapore’s first and only off-shore landfill, was once home to a small fishing village. Ash from waste incineration plants makes up the majority of the landfill. You might believe that the surrounding waters are filthy and hostile to marine life. In contrast, the ecosystem is flourishing in this location. The Singapore government puts in a lot of effort to make sure that the activities at the landfill do not harm the environment. In the south of the island, deep-sea cliffs and rocky terrain house large groupers, tusk fish, and snappers that can fight fiercely. Fishing Trips Onboard Our Yachts … Read More

7 Tips For A Memorable Yacht Chartering For Special Events And Celebrations


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Are you planning to engage in yacht charters Singapore for special occasions, such as birthdays and weddings? Do you intend to charter the boat to sail out for only a few hours within the day? For these special events and celebrations, Valencia Yachts can certainly help you host these events to provide you memorable experiences in the sea. Whether it is for more social, or corporate gatherings, here are 6 tips for you to consider when holding events onboard our yachts: Tip #1: Cost Of Chartering A Yacht First and foremost, you need to do a deep research on the yacht charter prices and compare them across the board. Many charters come in group size packages for minimum 10 persons onboard. If the more the merrier, meaning that additional headcount decreases the cost per person progressively, then the deals are good! Valencia Yachts also have good deals for our charter rates. For minimum 10 pax, a 4-hour charter costs from $1,600 onwards on a weekday daytime. Then with higher group sizes, the cost per person reduces. Tip #2: Birthday Celebrations – Fun Games For Group A birthday celebration for a group size of 10 is not complete without fun with games. The change in scenery from the yacht, with the vast sea stretching out before you, is certain to excite and uplift both you and your guests. Additionally, since there is an abundance of water everywhere, everyone can participate in a new variety of aquatic activities. Some of the fun activities to consider are truth or dare or beer roulette. Depending on how adventurous your group is, these activities will bring with you cherishable moments onboard for years to come. Read this for more info on fun games for birthday celebrations – Tip #3: Facilities And Amenities To Note If you do your special events and celebrations onboard the yacht, you must take note that your joy is already on sea, not on land anymore. You cannot just walk or take a public transport or Grab to nearby discotheque or karaoke lounge after a heavy dinner at a restaurant. So if it’s imperative to research on the amenities the yacht match your occasions purposes, unless you are just alright with simple fun games and chit chats. But, if you want singing, Valencia Yachts have karaoke sets for you in Maximum charters. If you want food options, we also have a BBQ pit onboard. Such amenities are plentiful and the list goes on. Tip #4: Weather And Safety Precautions Always check the weather ahead for the exact date and time when you wish to do the sailing out. You must check if the weather is rainy or sunny. But more importantly, if it’s a thunderstorm, the captain may not allow the yacht to sail out due to dangerous choppy waters that may endanger lives onboard. There are other things to consider about safety standards onboard the yacht. Some examples are regarding life jackets, smoking cigarette protocols and even man overboard procedures.  Tip #5: Select Good Crew Staff Selecting a good yacht crew is an essential aspect of ensuring a successful and enjoyable yacht celebration in Singapore. A well-trained and experienced crew can make all the difference in creating a memorable and seamless experience. Factors of a good crew staff for the yacht celebrations include their attention to detail, great attentive service with smiles on their faces of course, experience and expertise and of course, safety and security. Tip #6: Ensure Good Food Option Food plays a crucial role in any celebration, and it’s no different when it comes to yacht … Read More