Chartering A Yacht During Mother’s Day – Creating Unforgettable Memories: Top 7 Activities for a Mother’s Day Family Yacht Charter in Singapore


It would be unforgettable to charter a yacht during Mother's Day at Valencia Yachts. There are 7 top activities which you can do during the yacht charters with us.

Introduction Mother’s Day is around the corner. Yacht chartering is considered a good choice for you to bring your mum out for a personal celebration, even at family size level. You might have heard of going on yacht trips as good alternatives to leisure group tours. Learn about yacht chartering for family bonding But do you know what sorts of activities Valencia Yachts can provide during your yacht chartering trips, besides enjoying the sea breeze and going for sightseeing of beautiful sceneries? Here are some of our ideas you can do – some on rainy days and some on non-rainy days: Afternoon Tea One of the favourite itinerary program you can suggest for a yacht charter trip is afternoon tea. It is said to be an exciting highlight of the trip, except that you have to bring your own food into the yacht, for the catamarans. Afternoon tea can be done in very simple forms, from buying a box of donuts from Krispy Kreme, to getting a few curry puffs from Old Chang Kee before you board the yacht. And then get on a yacht trip with us and celebrate your mum’s Mother’s Day there. At Valencia Yachts, we can also do some light snacks ordering for you for the afternoon. We have a dedicated team even at the backend who will do the planning beforehand for you. Simply fill in your request when you book your charters with us on the food and we will customise the food order for you. Island Hopping Charters Do you enjoy sightseeing while on a small catamaran vacation very much? Our yachts do the island hopping activities very often. They hop around Kusu Island, St John’s Island and Lazarus Island. Usually, the yachts will stop by while the guests do some simple water sports, or walk around the island for a while. If your mum is quite sporty and adventurous and wouldn’t mind the island walk, or even if she’s into travel, such island hopping charters are good for you and her. Once a while, it’ll be good to bring her around for such scenic views of Singapore’s well-loved nature. Karaoke Session How about some fun singing sessions using our KTV set? Our Maximum 2 yacht has an indoor KTV system where you and your mum and family can sing to your hearts’ content under shield from rain or shine. This is our top indoor activity recommendation. Read more about indoor activities you can do onboard a yacht Our KTV system has its most prized possession in its sound system. Our crew, with their dedicated hospitality services, are able to set up the KTV system for you. Then you all can sing. This KTV system comes along with some food gathering convenience with a kitchen nearby. It comes along with an oven, a refrigerator and a sink for washing. If you need some simple food preparation, the crew can also assist with kitchen utensils and crockeries available too. Boardgaming Session Is your mum into Magic Cards play, or even as simple as snakes and ladders or Jenga tower block challenge? Simple board game plays will be sufficient for you and your mum to have some family time bonding as we have indoor amenities inside the yacht for you to have a good gathering. Barbecue Party Session Besides the afternoon tea, lunch or dinner food catering, there is another alternative – the barbecue food. With our gas-operated barbecue grilles onboard, you can simply bring your own raw pre-cooked food and use these grilles to barbecue your food. Water Sports If your mum loves water … Read More

Swimming During Yacht Charter Outing

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One of the water sports you can engage in is swimming during our yacht charter.

Are you looking for a very simple way to enjoy your yacht charter vacation, given your love for outdoor and sea sports? Look no further – swimming in the sea is an amazing experience that gives you the chance to get close with nature and explore all of its beauty. With crystal-clear waters, the great shiny outdoor sunshine, and plenty of activities there are countless ways to make the most out of your time on a luxury yacht charter. Whether it’s cliff diving, snorkeling or exploring shipwrecks – swimming in the ocean can provide unforgettable opportunities to discover something new while cruising around beautiful Southern Islands during the yacht charter trip. Read on as we dive into what makes swimming in the sea in Singapore such a one-of-a-kind experience! Making A Splash In Singapore’s Southern Islands With crystal-clear waters and a stunning array of aquatic life, the Southern Islands of Singapore offer a plethora of opportunities for guests to indulge in their love of sea sports. From snorkeling and swimming to kayaking and paddleboarding, these islands provide a perfect setting for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the best of what the sea has to offer. If you’re planning a yacht charter vacation in Singapore, you’ll definitely want to explore these aquatic gems. One of the must-visit destinations on your yacht charter itinerary is Lazarus Island. It is done during our regular 4-hour charter trips, culminating in the island hopping trips. Boasting a pristine beach and calm waters, it’s an ideal spot for swimming, snorkeling, or simply sunbathing. You can also take a leisurely swim in the waters around Kusu Island, known for its coral reefs teeming with marine life. Don’t forget to pack your underwater camera to capture the vivid colors of the corals and the fascinating creatures that inhabit them! Swimming In The Seas Around The Southern Islands: Tips And Tricks When embarking on a yacht charter vacation around the Southern Islands of Singapore, it’s essential to be well-prepared for your swimming adventures. Here are some valuable tips to help you make the most of your time in the water, while also ensuring your safety and enjoyment. Keep an eye on the weather: Although the Southern Islands generally enjoy sunny, warm weather, it’s important to check the forecast regularly for any potential changes. Be cautious of swimming in rough seas, as strong currents and choppy waters can be hazardous. Follow the crew’s instructions: The crew on your yacht charter are experienced professionals, so it’s crucial to listen to their advice and guidance on swimming and water safety. They’ll be able to recommend the best spots to swim based on the conditions and your skill level. Use a water mat for relaxation and comfort: A water mat is an excellent addition to your swimming experience. These floating mats provide a comfortable and stable platform for you to lounge, sunbathe, or enjoy a drink without having to leave the water. Make sure to tether the water mat to the yacht, so it stays close by while you relax. Have fun with water guns: If you’re looking to add a little excitement to your swimming session, bring along some water guns. Engaging in a friendly water gun battle with your fellow yacht-goers can be a fun way to cool off and enjoy the refreshing sea. Sip on some wine or champagne: Elevate your experience by enjoying a glass of wine or champagne while lounging on the water mat. Choose a drink that complements the tropical surroundings, such as a crisp white wine, a refreshing rosé, or a light and fruity champagne. Remember to … Read More

Types Of Food Catering For Yacht Dinner

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types of food catering

Do you want to enjoy a food barbecue onboard a yacht while it sails around the seas of Singapore? Do you wish to have an indoor dining activity so you can network around and chit chat to get to know each other? Do you want to have some party such as a birthday, company or family gathering or celebration, along with good eats to make it less dull?  Or you might just wish to avoid having empty stomachs during the charter trips? In this post, we will show you various types of food which you can consider before you physically get onboard. Do you fear that there are certain food types which are restricted? Don’t worry, as we ensure that all the below food options cater to halal requirements (except alcoholic drinks). Barbecue Seafood  A seafood BBQ is a popular choice for yacht charters in Singapore. You can have a variety of seafood like prawns, squid, fish, and crab grilled on board the yacht.  This is indeed the top choice for food caterers who charter our yachts. Some of the seafood come from catches during their fishing charter trips too. Most seafood are ordered raw and cooked while onboard using the BBQ pits which are gas-grilled. At our yachts, the BBQ pits are available in the more outdoor exposed flybridge. This is where our guests usually gather around to have their seafood grilled to much delightful taste.  @valenciayachts Seafood feast with crabs possible during yacht charter #sgyacht #valenciayachts #sentosayachtsingapore #sentosayachtsingapore ♬ Yummy – Justin Bieber Satay Skewers Satay skewers are a great option for a yacht charter in Singapore! As a popular local dish, satay consists of marinated meat (usually chicken, beef, or mutton) skewered and grilled, and served with a peanut dipping sauce.  Satay skewers are easy to eat on a yacht and can be enjoyed as a snack or as part of a larger meal, including other BBQ favourites like seafood and chicken wings. And they are also easy to order from various food catering businesses in Singapore. Many sell in sticks of 30 and above. This is mainly because one can easily chew off at least 3 easily. Spaghetti And Gratin Besides getting raw uncooked food, it is also possible to get food that is readily made and even cooked beforehand as well. We have our crew, some of whom possess great culinary skills. They are also well trained in yacht hospitality, with service standards comparable to those of hotel ones. Though this applies more to superyacht, we have experienced this before with our spaghetti and gratin, served to the dining table. Our guests happily enjoyed the gratin and even remarked that the spaghetti, which was aglio olio, is a healthy meal with the use of the olive oil. Star Of The Sea superyacht has an indoor dining table which corporations can use for some chill out or serious business networking gathering. At this table, consumption of the spaghetti and gratin is also more possible with the convenient ambience and ease of dining. High Tea If you want to have a luxurious yacht charter experience, you can opt for a high tea. You can have a selection of tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes served in a stylish and elegant manner.  This English food tradition has been popular in Singapore since English colonial times but it doesn’t fade away even in the waters. And it’s actually simple to munch while sitting at the dining table to network. Even in the smaller yachts, you can take a piece at a time and chew while chit chatting with others in … Read More

2023 Yacht Team Building Activities Corporations Can Consider

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Read about the various yacht team building activities corporations can consider on a corporate yacht chartering trip

Conducting Team Building Activities Onboard The Yacht In Singapore In order for a team building activity to be effective in Singapore, it should be tailored to suit the specific goals and objectives of each individual business. For example, businesses may choose activities that focus on developing communication skills or problem solving abilities, while others might opt for activities that foster a sense of team spirit. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the activity is fun and engaging so that participants remain motivated throughout. By taking the time to carefully select the right activity for each business, team building activities can be used to maximize their effectiveness and bring lasting benefits. Even onboard the yacht, while sailing out to the seas, there are team building activities which company staff can organise and participate in. You don’t necessarily have to jump into the sea, unless you want to (with some safety protocols to observe of course)! Types Of Team Building Activities Here are the suitable team building activities for corporations on board the yacht in Singapore: Get Knotted This game of fun involves strategy, communication, leadership and teamwork. They have to compete to untie a dead knot in the shortest period of time. Coordination and team communication is expected throughout this game. String Me Along Ropes are common use in boats. But how about using a piece of rope to scribble like a pen? This game is played by using strings to control the pen to write on a piece of paper. Teamwork and coordination is heavily expected of this game. The team that finishes first in the writing challenge is victorious. There are many fun team building ideas which you can find here – How Much Is The Team Building Price Package Onboard Our Chartered Yacht The yachts are not out of reach to ordinary folks in Singapore. As long as you have groups of 10 and above, you will certainly find the yacht chartering affordable. (Check out the rates here) A Word Of Caution All these free team building activities sound fun and fruitful for a relaxing work or business experience right? There are some things to note while team building as some laws have to be abided: Safety Of Marine Vessel Safety onboard the yacht must be observed at all times. Do not play till you accidentally fall into the sea and get drowned. Even if you wish to jump into the sea for leisure, ensure the yacht is still as a moving yacht may cause injury if the rudders accidentally slice you We cannot guarantee there are trained lifeguards around although the skippers can assist should you accidentally fall into the sea and are unable to swim Proper Disposal Of Waste Materials All marine vessels, regardless of the size, be it a catamaran, cruise or a canoe, have to abide by the rules and regulations set by the Marine Port of Authority Singapore (MPA), National Environmental Agency (NEA) and the Ministry of Sustainability and Environment (MSE).  According to non-profit organisation Ocean Conservancy (2018), which coordinates the International Coastal Cleanup, the top 3 litter found in the Singapore coastal beaches are foam pieces, cigarette butts and plastic pieces (source). The 4th most found litter was the plastic beverage bottles which numbered around nearly 12,600.  We are committed to prevention of pollution to the sea so as to prevent harm to marine life and the environment. Fines would start from $300 if you were to get caught by any law enforcers littering into the sea. Please ensure that you don’t deliberately throw litters into the sea while onboard … Read More

Family Bonding Tips For 2023 During Yacht Chartering – Chinese New Year And Beyond

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rent a yacht for a party

Chinese New Year, also known as Spring Festival, is the most important traditional holiday in Singapore. It is celebrated by Singapore’s Chinese community, which makes up around 74% of the population. During this time, families come together to celebrate and bond with one another. One of the key traditions of Chinese New Year is the reunion dinner, which typically takes place on New Year’s Eve. Family members who live away from home, such as those working or studying in another city or country, will make the journey back to be with their loved ones. The reunion dinner is a time for families to catch up and reminisce about the past year, and to make plans for the year ahead. Traditionally, the reunion dinner is a grand and elaborate affair, with many different dishes being served to symbolize prosperity and good luck for the coming year. Some popular dishes include fish, dumplings, and noodles. Food plays an important role during Chinese New Year and it’s significant during the reunion dinner to not only symbolize the gathering of family but also the prosperity of the upcoming year. After the reunion dinner, the first two days of Chinese New Year are spent visiting relatives and friends. This is known as “bai nian” in Mandarin, which means “to pay a New Year visit.” People will typically visit the most senior members of their family first, such as grandparents and parents, before visiting other relatives and friends. During these visits, it’s common to exchange gifts, such as red packets filled with money, and to catch up on the past year. Family bonding during Chinese New Year is not limited to the Chinese community in Singapore. There is a Chinese saying 家和万事兴 meaning If a house is divided against itself, it cannot stand – “family harmonious everything prospers”. It further means that everything will go well in the face of harmonious families (learn more). Therefore, Chinese New Year family gathering is of importance to people in Singapore. Many families in Singapore come together during this time of the year to celebrate, to bond and to share in the joy of reunion. What To Expect In 2023 Chinese New Year And Beyond It is 2023 now and though we are still in the midst of the pandemic, the restrictions of social distancing have been relaxed. And this is the first Chinese New Year since 2021 where we can all enjoy in group sizes limitlessly. Do you still remember the Chinese New Year in 2021 and 2022, where we often have to gather in restricted sizes of 8 or 5 only? And we often worry about the coronavirus infections, especially the dreaded Omicron variant last year in 2022. People also often got infected with the coronavirus during the Chinese New Year 2022 – all the more we must treasure our family bonding moments this Chinese New Year in 2023 when we can mingle about in sizes larger than 10. Yacht chartering to foster family relationships onboard is a viable option in Singapore. At times when the outdoor weather is very cold in places like China and Taiwan, the Singapore weather outside is still sunny and perfect for outdoor gathering. Onboard the yacht, you can enjoy the sunset during evening reunion dinner sessions, feel the windy sea breeze on your face and even watch beautiful wave patterns of the waters, while socializing in the vessel. There are also other unique ways of family bonding too. Good Tips For Family Bonding Onboard The Yacht Yacht chartering can be a great way for families to bond and create memories together in Singapore. Here … Read More

7 Corporate Events Tips For 2023 During Yacht Chartering

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yacht corporate event tips

Are you looking to make your next corporate event truly unforgettable in the year 2023? Hosting a corporate event on a yacht charter in Singapore can be an amazing way to impress your clients and colleagues. Now that China (as of January 2023), has reopened its borders and its people are flocking overseas, we see many opportunities in business or corporate events that can utilise the Chinese market. Not only does a yacht provide a unique and luxurious setting, but it also allows for a range of activities and customizable options to suit your specific needs. Read why you should host corporate events on yacht In this blog post, we will provide tips and ideas for planning a 2023 successful corporate event on a yacht charter in Singapore. From choosing the right yacht and catering to entertainment and team-building activities, we’ve got you covered. So hop aboard and let’s get started! Choosing The Right Yacht First and foremost, it’s important to choose the right yacht for your event. Consider the size of your group and the duration of your trip, as well as any additional amenities you may want on board, such as a karaoke lounge, BBQ pit or sun deck. It’s also a good idea to research and compare different yacht charter companies to find the best fit for your budget and needs. Food Catering Options Once you’ve chosen your yacht, it’s time to start thinking about catering. While many yacht charter companies offer in-house catering options, you may also choose to bring in your own catering team or even have the event catered by a local restaurant. Be sure to consider any dietary restrictions or preferences of your guests and communicate these to your catering team. Type Of Corporate Activities Entertainment is another important aspect of your corporate event on a yacht charter. Will you have a DJ or live music? Will there be any team-building activities or games? Consider the theme and atmosphere of your event and choose entertainment options that align with this. It’s also a good idea to have some backup options in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. In addition to entertainment, consider incorporating some team-building activities into your event. A yacht charter provides a unique setting for activities such as scavenger hunts or sailing lessons. These can help to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among your team members. Besides the above, you can also do simple team bonding activities or other water sport activities like kayaking, stand up paddle board, or even fishing together. The activities can come from some informal interest groups within the company. Yacht Decor Decor and theme are also important considerations for your corporate event on a yacht charter. Will you go for a more formal, elegant vibe or a relaxed, beachy theme? Choose decor and theme elements that match the overall atmosphere of your event and make sure to communicate these to your yacht charter company and any vendors you may be working with. Which Time Of The Day Another factor to consider is the timing of your event. A morning or afternoon charter may be more suitable for a business meeting, while an evening charter allows for a more social atmosphere. Keep in mind that Singapore can be quite hot and humid, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of shade and hydration options available for your guests. Yacht Capacity Limit Corporations are mega in size in Singapore. Many are multinationals hailing from USA, UK, Japan and even local corporations like DBS. A department can be huge. However, do ensure that you … Read More

Private Yacht Chartering VS Group Tours – The Benefits Of Private Yacht Chartering Over Group Tours


private yacht chartering vs group tours

Introduction to Private Yacht Chartering Private yacht chartering is the act of renting a yacht for personal or recreational use. It allows you to enjoy the luxury and exclusivity of being on a private yacht without the hassle and expense of owning one. With a private yacht charter, you can explore new destinations, relax in style, and create lasting memories with friends and family. Private yacht chartering has become increasingly popular in recent years as people seek unique and luxurious vacation experiences. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a corporate retreat, there’s a private yacht charter to suit your needs. Why People Like Group Tours Group tours are a popular way to travel, especially for first-time travelers or those who want to visit multiple destinations in a short period of time. Group tours offer a sense of security and support, as you’re traveling with a group of people who are also interested in exploring the same destinations. Group tours are also a convenient way to travel, as they typically include transportation, accommodations, and activities. This can take the stress out of planning and allow you to focus on enjoying your trip. However, group tours can also have their drawbacks. You may feel restricted by the set itinerary and may not have the freedom to explore on your own. You may also feel rushed, as you’re trying to fit in as many activities as possible within a set timeframe. Places to Do Private Yacht Chartering One of the biggest benefits of private yacht chartering is the flexibility it offers. With a private yacht, you have the freedom to go wherever you want, at your own pace. This means you can visit a variety of destinations and truly customize your vacation to your own preferences. Private yacht chartering is available in many destinations around the world, from the Mediterranean to the Caribbean, and from the Indian Ocean to the Pacific. Some popular destinations for private yacht chartering include: Events You Can Do Onboard Private Yachts Private yachts are not just for leisurely vacations. Private yacht chartering is not just for vacation purposes. Many people also use private yachts for special events, such as corporate events, weddings, and even birthday parties. Onboard a private yacht, you have the luxury of space and privacy, as well as all the amenities you need to make your event a success. This includes state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, gourmet catering, and a professional crew to take care of everything. They can also be a unique and luxurious setting for events such as: Conclusion In conclusion, private yacht chartering offers a number of benefits over group tours. It offers freedom and flexibility, the ability to customize your vacation to your own preferences, and a sense of exclusivity and luxury. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation or a special event, private yacht chartering is a unique and memorable way to travel. Valencia Yachts can provide yacht chartering services for a group travel, subject to the maximum capacity onboard. We sail around Singapore, mainly touring the Singapore Southern Islands. Whether private yacht chartering or group tours, Valencia Yachts will provide you an extremely memorable sense of escapade if you’re sailing out to the open waters. Check us out below for more info.

Food Catering on Yacht Charters: BBQ That Will WOW Your Guests

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Information on BBQ food catering for yacht chartering in Singapore

BBQ catering onboard a yacht is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your next event. Whether you’re planning a corporate outing, a family vacation, or a special celebration, a yacht charter with BBQ catering is sure to impress your guests and provide a memorable experience. No yacht charter is complete without mouth-watering food and drinks. If you’re planning a great day out on the sea, why not take it up to the next level by catering your own feast? When you serve barbecued treats right off your yacht’s upper deck, your guests will be left speechless! Whether it’s fresh seafood or succulent steaks, we’ll show you how easy it is to put together a BBQ that will WOW your guests. From pairing gourmet sides with main dishes to crafting unforgettable cocktails – discover all of our tips for creating an amazing outdoor dining experience during your luxury yacht tour! Which Food Catering Is Best For Yacht Charters When it comes to catering on a yacht charter, BBQ is always a popular choice. There’s something about the smoky, savory flavors of grilled meats and vegetables that just screams summertime fun. Plus, BBQ is a flexible option that can accommodate a variety of dietary needs and preferences. When choosing a BBQ catering company for your yacht charter, be sure to select a team that has experience with on-board catering. They should be able to provide a variety of menu options, as well as handle all of the logistics of setting up and serving the food onboard. A professional catering team will also be able to provide recommendations for the best BBQ options based on the size and layout of your yacht. Also, don’t forget to budget well for the food catering to bring it onboard and BBQ. This is a superb way to help you cut down on your expenses even in the overall when you select and economize your food. If you’re not sure about this, check out under Bring Your Provision – Enjoying A Memorable Yacht Charter There’s no better way to enjoy a yacht charter than with delicious BBQ and the company of your loved ones. Whether you’re lounging on the deck, soaking up the sun, or enjoying a meal in the dining area, a yacht charter provides the perfect setting for a memorable event. To really make the most of your yacht charter, be sure to take advantage of all of the amenities and activities available to you. Many yachts come equipped with a variety of water toys, such as kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and snorkel gear, so you can make the most of your time on the water. You can also enjoy a variety of onboard activities, such as movies, games, and more. Best time of the day for BBQ When it comes to the best time of day for BBQ on a yacht charter, it really depends on your personal preferences and the overall schedule of your event. Some people prefer to have a BBQ lunch, while others prefer to have a BBQ dinner. If you’re planning a full-day yacht charter, a BBQ lunch can be a great way to fuel up and keep everyone’s energy levels high. On the other hand, if you’re planning an evening yacht charter, a BBQ dinner can be the perfect way to end the day on a high note. Regardless of when you choose to have your BBQ, be sure to plan ahead and coordinate with your catering team to ensure everything runs smoothly. With the right planning and execution, a BBQ catering onboard a yacht … Read More

7 Wedding Party Tips For 2023 During Yacht Chartering In Singapore

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yacht wedding tips

Having a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event in a person’s life. This marriage is a life determinant until ‘death do them apart’ when they get old or have sickness. Some people choose to have their wedding ceremonies on a yacht. This is the one of the best way to celebrate one’s memorable life event to herald a milestone in a person’s life. In fact, there is a great demand for wedding celebrations to be held onboard a yacht to sail around the seas of Singapore also. Here are the yacht wedding Singapore tips for 2023: Get The Best Bridal Package In Singapore A wedding on the water is a great way to get married for a low price. Whether you charter a whole boat or just a private room, many ships provide a variety of package deals to fit your budget. But it’s good to choose a good bridal package that will fit the yacht theme. Normally, the price range of the bridal packages in Singapore range from $3,000 to $6,000. (Read this for more information – Wedding banquets, wedding rings and wedding bridal packages do make up the 3 highest wedding cost components. The budget set aside for your best looking and presentable bridal and groom wear is important as you don’t wish to use it up before considering expenses for the yacht chartering. Chartering a yacht do come with various price packages for you to consider properly. Brainstorm And Select An Appropriate Wedding Party Theme Since your wedding festivities will take place on the yacht, you should pick a theme that goes well with the yacht and the ocean. It has to be within the yacht limits as long as they are not offensive or vulgar to the audience. For example, a common yacht wedding theme is the nautical theme. For this theme, you’ll think about decorations based on the blue sea, marine life, anchors, beach and even the sunset. If you want to have the wedding ceremony at sea but want to give guests more room to move around during the reception on a beautiful beach with white sand, this can be very helpful. Check out some other yacht wedding theme ideas Choose The Yacht Captain And Crew After choosing a yacht charter company, you’ll need to find a friendly, knowledgeable captain who will also be good at his job and enjoy your celebrations. Not only that, you must find not only a helpful and responsible captain and the crew staff, but also ensure they stick to the yacht etiquette, including not drink skippering during a party. There might be times where audience may go wild and the crew must be able to handle such distress situations. Having crew that is sociable with the party audience is a bonus plus point as well. If you’re lucky enough to find the right captain to help you navigate your cruise, you might find hidden spots to spice up your wedding day. In addition, he can suggest a variety of activities or routes for you to take. Select The Best Food Option During The Yacht Charter Trip Please check the food options advertised to you for onboard yacht charters if any. But it’s also possible for you to get a chef to prepare the food and serve to the guests immediately. Now that social distancing restrictions have been lifted, it’s good for you to revel in subject to the yacht limit size imposed by authorities. Valencia Yachts also provide some food catering services for you – ranging from finger food to beers for you to binge on during the … Read More

SailGP And Yachting Culture


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The SailGP ( will be held on January 14th to 15th, 2023. Sailors will compete in strict safety conditions at Parkland Green Race Village on Singapore’s East Coast Park. This upcoming event will be a blast for fans of yachting and spectators. It’s a great anticipation ever since the social distancing restrictions have been lifted in April 2022 with activities resume to normal. Besides the SailGP event, another prominent yachting event is taking place in Singapore. The 10th Singapore Yacht Show will take place from April 27 to April 30, 2023. Their last performance was in 2019, when South East Asia was finally able to attend the festivities. The Singapore Yacht Show is an event that avid sailors and lovers of luxury lifestyles should attend because Singapore is a popular Asian destination. But how does Singapore get into this water bearing niche activity of yachting culture in the first place? Let’s look at the series of occurrences that led to this culture of seafaring adventurous activity of yachting. The Rise Of Asian Yachting Culture In Asia, the yachting culture is a very expansive one. This is due to the rise of the wealthy in the region, pivoting in Singapore with the SailGP event in January 2023. This event is the first professional sailing event and it’s hailed as the sea version of the Grand Prix. Singapore is not the only destination in Asia-Pacific for such yacht shows. Plans are also underway to hold the international Yacht Shows in Thailand and HongKong. The Yacht Shows will be showcasing some of the finest and most extravagant yacht vessels in Asia. A growth of wealth in Asia is not the only factor in the rise of yachting culture in Asia. The natural marine landscape with its complete archipelago in South East Asia also offers more boating services to be more prominent in the region. Sailors can expect incredible sights and experiences as they navigate their way through the various islands in South East Asia, which is frequently regarded as the most pristine yachting destination. There are 27,000 islands in the marine landscape of South East Asia alone for superyachts to cruise, charter, and participate in activities that one could only dream of. With an increasing number of Asian buyers interested in both buying and chartering large yachts, yacht manufacturers, retailers, and brokers have noticed the ongoing influx here. Asia’s yachting destinations extend beyond the Indian Ocean and South China Sea; The development and popularity of the Saudi Arabian Red Sea coast are on the rise. Adventurers looking for a new and unforgettable exploration journey will be satisfied at this one-of-a-kind location with its distinctive coral reefs and turquoise waters. What To Expect During SailGP Event The SailGP Event is a grandiose scale of yacht racing event to be held in Singapore. Actually called the Sail Grand Prix, this event is held at East Coast beach, with the spectator view at Parkland Green. Valencia Yachts will be present at the SailGP Event. There will be a marvellous display of our finest yachts in the Asian sailing or boating industry. On top of that, there will be some surprises along the way, mainly to herald the new year of 2023 as the event is held in the very early part of 2023. In fact, you’ll learn why having yacht experiences can be of good use to you if you want to have a unique vacation getaway trip. Learn more about the great deals about having yacht experiences So see you at the SailGP event at East Coast beach. We will be near Parkland Green on … Read More

4 Great But Easy Yacht Team Bonding Activities All Managers Can Do Without Getting Stressed Up For Planning


Best team bonding practices and activities in the yacht

Differences Between Team Bonding Activities And Team Building Activities Team building activities and team bonding activities are similar in that they both involve bringing members of a team together to improve their ability to work well together. However, there are some key differences between the two. Team building activities are structured activities that are designed to help improve specific aspects of a team’s performance, such as communication, problem-solving, or decision-making. These activities often have a clear goal or objective, and they may involve challenges or simulations that require team members to work together to overcome obstacles and achieve their goal. They may be more physically or mentally challenging, such as team sports or puzzle-solving games [Find out more about the fun team building activities onboard the yacht] Team bonding activities, on the other hand, are more informal and focused on building relationships and camaraderie among team members. These activities may be social in nature, such as team lunches or outings. The goal of team bonding activities is to bring team members closer together and foster a sense of trust and support within the team. Overall, team building activities are more focused on improving the team’s ability to work together effectively, while team bonding activities are focused on fostering a positive team culture and strong relationships among team members. Both types of activities can be valuable for teams, and many organizations choose to incorporate both into their team-building efforts. What Are The Team Bonding Activities Team bonding activities can encourage social gathering in any organisations, including companies. Now that social distancing rules and restrictions have been lifted amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, there are huge opportunities for organisations to bond together in a team setting again. But what activities can organisations suggest onboard the yacht when they do the yacht chartering?  Here is a suggested list of team bonding activities you can do in our yacht: Personality Differences Before the trip, plan for the personality test or quiz to find out what your employees are. It will be good for all staff to understand each other better through the detailed personality tests. Some of the accredited ones are MBTI and DISC. Read about the personality tests types – Music Video Challenge What better kind of team bonding activity can we do inside the yacht, than a simple music video challenge, which is also called a charade? You can make a video by filming with a storyline and a dialogue script and then input the music inside manually. This team bonding activity fosters some verbal and non-verbal form of communication with some interpersonal skills. Mental Treasure Hunt The yacht is suitable for scavenger hunt, given that the space has a few hidden spots. You can also go simple with some brain teasers and mental puzzles for about 3 to 4 persons in a team to get some fresh burst of team bonding. It’s simple yet effective to make good use of the time onboard. The team that scores the most puzzles in a specific time wins. Normal Chill – Rest And Relax Social Gathering How about just a little chill by the sea in the outdoors while you can feel wind blowing onto your face (as long as the wind is not too gusty)? Talk about social life, hobby, or talk about a common interesting topic, but refrain from talking about too much work-related or business-related stuffs so as to avoid any conflicts. Also, try not to touch on sensitive topics like politics or religion. You can just chill out with drinks and some light snacks on the tables we provide for … Read More

Why Sailing With Your Kids On A Yacht Is A Great Way to Bond

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If you’re looking for an exciting and memorable way to spend your day off with your precious children, cruising together on a chartered yacht is something you should try. After all – a cruise vacation with kids can be such a terrific experience. You and your family will surely enjoy many benefits when you sail together on a luxurious boat ride. Not only will your children have fun, but they can also learn many things from the experience. Here are some of the best reasons why a boat charter with your kids is a must-try: Endless fun activities to do       Children thrive on enjoyment and entertainment. They are always curious in general, and they want to keep themselves active all the time. Because of this, bringing your children to a luxurious boat trip is one of the best things you can do for them! With the plentiful of engaging and stimulating activities you and your kids can do while onboard a yacht – it’s always an exciting experience. You can swim, snorkel, and even catch fish together. If it’s your child’s birthday, an electrifying and memorable yacht party with lots of fun games and dancing awaits. Regardless of whatever activities you plan to try, your kids will surely enjoy trying out new things while onboard an amazing yacht. Revel in the beauty of the sea Everyone – both children and adults included – absolutely loves the sea. Many people feel comfortable around water, as it gives them peace and silence. For others, the ocean has a vast space that is just perfect for discovering new things. If your children are perpetually curious, they will certainly love being on a boat trip. Sailing on a yacht in the middle of the crystal-clear ocean is a great way to introspect, learn new things about the world, and enjoy the beauty of nature. Cruising around the mesmerising sceneries of the sea and the surrounding islands is also an effective way to teach your children to be more appreciative of life. Spend some intimate time together Life is busy for everyone. Sometimes, you might be so preoccupied with your work that you already forget to take a break and bond with your loved ones. Indeed, in this busy modern world, it has become quite hard to spend some intimate time together. If you want to have some personal time with your family during your day off, availing of a luxury yacht charter is something you must try. A private yacht provides an intimate and peaceful space where you and your children can talk about everything. While watching the sunset in the middle of the ocean, you and your children can share your fun stories, frustrations, and goals with one another. Conclusion Cruising on a yacht with your young, little ones is an undeniably great idea. Indeed, there are many fun and unforgettable activities you can do with your kids while onboard an amazing yacht. If you want to deepen your bond with your precious kids, don’t hesitate to bring them to a deserved boat trip on your next day off! For an affordable and reliable yacht charter, check out the private yacht costs at Valencia Yachts. We have a variety of yacht rentals that suits all your sailing needs – even during this pandemic period. Our private yacht charter prices now start from $599 onwards for our Victoria Yacht, and $799 for our Valencia Yacht, from 4-hour packages onwards. Have a swell time with your children while onboard a luxurious yacht!