6 Excellent Catering Ideas For Special Events On A Yacht


6 excellent catering ideas for special events on a yacht

Eating on a yacht can be quite different from eating on land. Mostly, meals involve not staying still the majority of the time with the yacht in constant movement. Plus, there are many different safety regulations that have to be considered.

Meanwhile, though space is slightly limited compared to your own home kitchen or usual dine-in restaurant – it’s still completely possible to make your boat charter experience interesting with food!


Pasta is a dish that is easy to prepare and can feed a whole army. Whether you choose spaghetti, penne, or macaroni, it’s an easy boil in a pot and viola. Add ready-made pasta sauce to the mix, some fresh herbs, and you’ve got yourself a delicious meal!


Fruit serves as a great healthy snack throughout the day. Furthermore, they can be kept cool in the refrigerator without and are excellent grab-and-go alternatives.

Some great picks include bananas, apples, and peaches which work perfectly as daily snacks. If you want to put more effort into it, you can cut watermelon, papaya, and pineapple into small cubes.

Afterwards, just put the cubes in sealable airtight containers and take out from the fridge for enjoyment when you’re ready to dig in!

Burgers and fries

When you want to make a quick warm meal, you can use the cruise grill for cooking hot dogs or burger patties. It’s important to consider safety when you take on this task, but most yacht rentals do have installed grills that work with gas and use a series of safety precautions.

Pop frozen fries into the oven or boil in hot oil as a great accompaniment. Don’t forget tomato sauce and mustard as a relish or maybe even salsa.


Tacos are easy to make and can be eaten by hand, avoiding dishes getting piled up, making it especially ideal for an event such as a yacht birthday party!

Cook some minced meat in a pan with onions, and put it on a taco with lots of cheese, jalapenos, and tomato salsa. Put some sour cream in a glass bowl and let your guests dip into the bowl if they want to.

If you want to go all Mexican – you can grab some nachos and smother them in cheese sauce, guacamole, tomato salsa, and finely chopped chilli.


Prepare ready-made sandwiches at home and take them along for the trip! You can make a variety of sandwiches and keep them in the refrigerator until the next day or even the day after.

Topping choices can include Peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese, and scrambled egg and mayonnaise.


Apart from fruity snacks, you can prepare other easy-to-grab snacks like homemade muffins, nut mix, gummy bears, dried fruits, cookies, and granola bars. Having different kinds of sugary snacks will give guests a boost of energy whenever they need it.

Bonus: Beverages

Remember that no yacht charter is complete with a series of drinks. It’s important that you take along more than enough fresh water and juice. If you are going for a romantic steak dinner at night, then don’t forget the champagne and wine.

Meanwhile, if it’s a family trip and there’s going to be kids around, or you’ll be inviting your Muslim friends aboard – then, it’s best to keep your choice of drinks non-alcoholic!

As for your private yacht rental – no matter what kind of event you have in mind, these different yummy goodies will be sure to fit in perfectly! Meanwhile, if it’s a corporate event or one involving your clients – you may have to consider bringing in other elevated dishes. So, assess the situation carefully and make the right catering choice!

5 Important Questions To Ask When Picking A Yacht Charter


5 important questions to ask when picking a yacht charter

Going on a yacht charter adventure around the coastline can be a super fun holiday idea. However, even before you decide which route you’ll embark on – other aspects of a yacht trip include the private yacht charter cost, destination, itinerary, the number of guests, and the purpose of renting the yacht.

Even with the many credible yacht charter companies in Singapore – it can be difficult to choose one that suits your needs perfectly. Therefore, it’s crucial that you ask a few important questions before booking with a yacht charter company.

Without further ado, here is a list of questions you should ask the company you are considering.

Is the yacht of the right size?

Depending on how many passengers you’ll be inviting and what you plan on doing onboard, you need to know whether the size of the yacht is befitting.

For instance, if you’re planning to go with private yacht rental for an exclusive, romantic night with your partner – then, you’re not going to need the biggest option out there, since there’ll only be two passengers aboard.

Still, you’ll need a vessel that provides enough room for relaxation throughout the day, as well as adequate space to host a small or big event, and provide enough privacy above and below deck.

What is the itinerary?

This is a huge part of your trip.

It’ll determine the sights you’ll come across, activities you’ll get to do, and even sea creatures you’ll chance upon – depending on where you’ll be heading to!

With that being said, you’ll have to check in with the captain and crew, or the yacht company beforehand on the specific route you’ll be following or the prepared itinerary.

You have to make sure that the route is to your expectation and suits your needs – these are vital to an enjoyable yacht experience!

What is the duration you can rent the yacht for?

The duration for boat charter will vary from yacht to yacht and is dependent on availability.

At Valencia Yachts, the typical duration for using any one of our yachts is a 5 hours charter. However, if you’re not looking for too long of a sailing trip – you may consider our 4 hours charter option which is available for booking.

Meanwhile, the timings we highly recommend is from 10am to 3pm, 12pm to 5pm or 5pm to 10pm. But these are just timings we deem best to fit into your schedule – at the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to decide on the specific timing you prefer!

Is the yacht suitable for kids, pregnant ladies, and the elderly?

While not highly recommended for pregnant ladies to get onboard the yacht – they are still allowed to do so if they would like to.

It is said that expecting mothers are allowed to ride a yacht right after the first trimester and before the final 8 weeks of the pregnancy period. For more stability to ensure a comfortable and smooth trip, a catamaran yacht such as our Leopard 51 Ft yacht is more appropriate in reducing the stress on the baby.

However, it is advisable for expecting mothers to be in the pink to be able to enjoy the time onboard fully. After all, pregnancy may lead to nausea and seasickness.

As for the elderly and children, they are permitted to come aboard but will need to take extra care of themselves. The little ones, in particular, will have to put on special life jackets for better precaution.

Should you give the crew tips?

Crew members will be available to answer your every need – from pouring drinks to cleaning your room. Ask whether the charter company allow passengers to tip the crew for great extra service.

Not only will the crew be of better service to you – but the trip will be even more enjoyable with a happy, and satisfied crew!

Especially if it’s your first yacht charter experience, don’t leave any stones unturned. When you put in the time to do extra research on the companies in question, you’ll end up picking the perfect one for sure.

7 Amazing Party Theme Ideas Aboard A Yacht


7 amazing party theme ideas aboard a yacht

Hosting a party on a yacht has become a must for anyone celebrating a special event in Singapore. With the captivating ocean views and amazing sunsets combined with the exclusivity of renting a yacht, your party is bound to be an unforgettable event.

If you decide to rent a yacht for a birthday party in Singapore – you’ll have many fun themes to choose from. But when it comes to a corporate event, and you really want your party to stand out – you will need to choose a theme that is befitting to the location. Perhaps, some simple props like a captain’s hat can kickstart your party process.

But whatever party or event you’re planning to host – here’s a myriad of exciting and fun-filled ideas you can choose from to make your party a smashing hit!

Around the world in 80 days

Give your guests the chance to dress up as their favourite country, or a country they’d like to visit. Even if you are chartering around the Singapore coastline, there’s no reason why you can’t transport into another destination.

Use fun world flags and cuisine inspired by countries from all around the world. You could always choose your favourite country and decorate the yacht as that; giving your guests a chance to either dress up as your chosen country or one that they prefer.


It will be great fun playing around with the idea of being stranded in the middle of the ocean. Your guests can dress up like those who have been stranded on an island for months or who has been floating in ocean waters for weeks.

Throw in a few survival challenges into the party activities for extra fun!


Atlantis is believed to be a city under the ocean. It’s a Grecian Utopia with underwater pillars, statues, and fallen structures. Use an array of gold and white to decorate the yacht, to create a gorgeous atmosphere of Atlantis above the water.

Now, just give your guests a heads up and have them don the most extravagant, exquisite, and dazzling outfits. Perfect – you’re all set for a posh event of a lifetime!


Perhaps one of the most classic themes that can be used for a party on a yacht is Nautical. The combination of ocean elements creates a beautifully classic event.

With colours white, red, and blue and images like anchors, messages in bottles, captain’s hats, and lifesaving tubes you’ll create any sailor’s dream.

Hawaii tropical

Add an array of Tiki torches (not lit with fire) and tropical flowers around the yacht’s interior. You can give your guests flower crowns and fun grass skirts to wear.

Drinking colourful fruity drinks from coconuts and enjoying traditional Hawaiian music will have everyone feeling like they’re really in Hawaii itself!


Mermaids are the great mystery of the ocean, and everyone has their own idea of what they truly look like. Give your guests the free reign to dress up like Mermaids and Mermen.

Just remember – a mermaid party isn’t a mermaid party without some accompanying shell décor and loads of glitter and shimmer. Better jot that down in your shopping list and make the purchase!


For a classy theme, you can choose an all-white colour scheme. Ask guests to dress in only white, while using different shades of white to decorate the vessel. Add a few captain’s and sailor’s hats to outfits for some extra pop.

Snap a picture with your guests and notice how dazzling you all will be in all-white!

You may have made sure that you’ve settled on the right boat with your trusted yacht charter company – but that is not all it takes to put together an amazing party; you’ll still need the perfect theme! Hopefully, these few ideas will give you the right headstart you need to plan a marvellous party.

5 Reasons Why You Should Host Your Event On A Yacht


5 reasons why you should host your event on a yacht

Wondering where you should host your next special event? Whether it’s a business mixer, client entertainment, a 50th birthday party, or an anniversary a yacht party is the way to go.

It’s the perfect venue for you to impress your clients, yet at the same time, makes for an attractive location for any sort of smashing party you have in mind! Even if your intention of the event is team bonding or a family gathering – it’s a spectacular way to make things extra special and memorable.

What’s more, you don’t have to spend big bucks on boat rental – there’ll be a perfect yacht for you amongst the range of luxurious yachts. You can ditch the same-old venues and get in on all the perks that a yacht has to offer. Here are 5 surprising reasons why you should host your next event (either corporate or private) on a yacht.

Guaranteed exclusivity

When you consider renting a yacht from a yacht charter company, you’ll have the entire unit to yourself. No need to share a wall with another event next door. It’s a secure and private space that will be entirely reserved for you and your guests.

This adds a great VIP exclusivity to the event itself. Not only will you feel like a million dollars, but your guests will too.

Fantastic experience

For those who don’t get the chance to cruise on the water all that often; a yacht event will be a great experience!

Moreover, since yacht parties are associated with luxury and grandeur – it means your guests get to feel like a king! Being treated as a VIP will create a special and unforgettable experience for all guests.

Great scenery

There’s no doubt that any yacht cruise will give passengers a gorgeous view of the nearby city, landscapes, and ocean.

The beautiful skyline of the city from sea level, the gorgeous white crests of rippling waves, and the boundless, dazzling expanse of ocean – an experience only possible as you’re aboard a yacht.

If you cruise along the right waters, you might just spot a few gorgeous sea animals playing in the waters. Not to mention a vibrant warm sunset that will definitely make your guests ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’.

Extra services onboard

Valencia Yachts provide a variety of exclusive onboard services – making preparation and hosting a swift breeze. Such yachts usually come with a professionally-trained crew that will be able to give you and your guests VIP treatment.

Crew and event planners can assist in putting the whole shebang together. From catering to décor and onboard activities to music, you’ll have the option to go all out on your event extras.

Budget options

Just take a look at what Valencia yachts charter company in Singapore has to offer, settle on the yacht, and you’re all ready for a sensational experience.

An added bonus of having your event on a yacht, is the fact that it creates a tremendously relaxed atmosphere. Not only for you, but for your guests as well. There is a kind of tranquil magic in cruising through waters while gazing upon the nearby landscapes and sunsets.

Hosting your event on a yacht will give your guests an unforgettable experience. Plus, you won’t need to clean up afterwards, since the charter company will do it all for you. Now, that’s an extra bonus.

4 Essential Tips For Your First Yacht Charter Experience


4 essential tips for your first yacht charter

Going on your first yacht charter around the coastline can be extremely exciting. Private yacht charters in Singapore have become popular in the last couple of years, since it provides clients with an exclusive experience sailing on the open waters, as well as giving passengers a gorgeous scenic view of nearby landscapes.

So, ready to revel in this all-new yacht experience? If the answer is ‘aye, aye sailor’ – come on board and sail the seas – you’re in for a treat!

However, as thrilling as it may sound – experience in chartering doesn’t come overnight. When you are about to go on your first adventure – here are 5 expert tips you can follow.

Select the right company

To ensure a smooth ride, it’s crucial to pick the perfect yacht charter company like Valencia Yachts. Because this experience should be so special, the right company can really make a big difference.

When you look at a charter company’s experience and credibility, then you’ll receive top-notch service. Not only will you be in safe hands; you’ll also have a great crew on board. Having a crew that knows the waters and the perfect routes will be greatly beneficial to your chartering experience.

Plan the route beforehand

Do some research on the best sailing routes to embark on. Keep in mind the weather, and timeframe. Many private yacht rental company crews enjoy living in the spur of the moment and planning as they go.

But if you want to go on a specific route, stopping at specific locations, then you should plan the route in advance!

Have clear expectations

Especially if you’ll be travelling in a small group, it’s important that you have a meeting prior departure. Take into account everyone’s expectations and interests to make sure everyone’s needs are met.

Communicating with the crew will also help pinpoint specifics that you’d like to incorporate into your route and onboard experience. Do you want the trip to be relaxing? Or filled with fun activities and party nights? Is there a specific place you’d like to stop in to do some sightseeing or would you like to spend more time onboard?

Make sure you know exactly what you and your accompaniments would like – this will make for a smooth-sailing yacht experience!

Added Perks

Private yacht rental companies can provide additional services that will add a great sense of comfort to your journey. From a steward/stewardess that can help with shopping, and cleaning or even an onboard chef that can prepare all your meals!

Decide what your budget is and whether you’d like a VIP experience or don’t mind doing all the little onboard jobs yourself.

Have that all figured out and you’re ready to set sail.

Make sure all these handy tips remain etched in your mind as you’re approaching a yacht charter company for boat rental – they’ll go a long way in ensuring a relaxing and enjoyable ride onboard!

6 Key Factors To Consider When Renting A Boat


6 key factors to consider when renting a boat

Always wanted to have a party by the waters but yet, can’t do so because you don’t own a boat? Fret not; the answer is simple – boat rental!

Nothing quite beats spending a day on the open water in the sunny Singaporean sun. What can really spoil the day is ending up with a boat that doesn’t cater to your needs – which is why you shouldn’t rush into a decision and look through the various private yacht rental options carefully.

If you’re ready to get on with the booking – pay heed to these few key factors first before you make the big decision!

Book in advance

Before you even make the decision on the type of yacht you would like to charter – you should make up your mind on your preferred date, the duration of your charter, and the number of guests you are inviting.

Afterwards, you can drop your yacht charter company an enquiry with all the above information – and you’re all set! Just remember to make your reservation payment once the staff indicates that it’s time to do so.

Now, all you have to do is wait for a response from them and you’ll soon be able to get aboard with your friends, colleagues, or loved ones and have a splendid time by the sea!

Checking in

On the actual day itself, you won’t be able to enter the yacht immediately together with your guests just yet!

While it is necessary for you to naturally put aside some time to make your way down to the location, the usual venue being ONE°15 Marina Club – it isn’t the sole reason for arriving earlier.

You will need to come down earlier to meet with the crew and captain, who will then usher you to the yacht. If you’re hosting a corporate event or party, then it’s all the more necessary to be there earlier to decorate the yacht nicely!

After you have made yourselves comfortable and settled in onboard the yacht – pay close attention to the safety briefing by your captain and crew. All the do’s and dont’s have to be kept in mind for you to have a safe and fun sailing experience.

Boat type

Before confirming the booking, you have to make sure that you’ve booked the right type of boat. You should definitely consider the size in order for the vessel to host all your passengers.

For instance, our two luxurious and spacious yachts are perfect for big groups! Our Valencia Charter can fit up to 33 people, while our Victoria Charter can house up to 28 guests.

Even if you’re not planning to invite many guests – there’s no harm in getting a yacht. With a yacht, exclusivity is at its peak. You can rent a yacht for a birthday party, and invite a small group of friends to celebrate to special occasion still!

Meanwhile, if watersports are on your agenda, then you need to book a powerful boat that will be able to host and pull sporting equipment.

Double-check the condition

Most boat rental companies have a tick list before you leave with the boat. This tick list checks the boat’s condition to make sure that you return it in the same state as when you left with it.

If there are any serious damages done, then you might be viable to pay for them. It’s therefore important that you check the condition of the boat with the staff member to ensure that nothing is missed.


Booking way in advance won’t give you a clear indication of what the weather will be like. Cancelling the entire trip a day before might cost you a deposit and a fun time. It’s not necessary to cancel a boat trip when the weather predicts rain or cloudiness. You should only be prepared.

Get a few raincoats, umbrellas, and warm jackets to endure the cold. When it’s sunny, don’t forget your sunscreen, sun hat and bathing suit.

Pack accordingly

You’ll be in the middle of the ocean away from any nearby shops. Packing the necessities is extremely important to add comfort and fun to your day. A few items on your list should include:

  • A cooler with beverages
  • Snacks and food
  • Sunscreen and other sun protection
  • Towels
  • A small first aid kit and important medication
  • Warm jacket
  • Toiletries
  • Blankets
  • Cameras

Avoid overpacking too; since you would still want adequate space to move around.

When it comes to renting a boat – it may take a little bit of effort before you know you’ve gotten the right yacht on hand. However, the research and careful consideration will be well worth it once you’ve scored the ideal boat; you’ll be ensured of a safe, wonderful experience with your fellow guests!

Tired From Life? Have a Blissful Relaxing Yacht Vacation

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Yacht Vacation

The sea is the same as it has been, and sometimes it is precisely the place you want to be for rejuvenation. We Give That To You? Valencia Yachts, the oldest & trusted organizations for yacht rental in Singapore, make sure you get what you wanted for an exciting holiday. From your friends & family gathering to your getaway vacation, our luxurious and enormous fleet caters to all of your special requests for all special occasions.

Experience The Meditative Influence of the Sea.

For those who prefer sailing than walking, chartering a yacht in Singapore is the best choice for rest & recreation. It is beautiful, mysterious, wild, and gives you a sense of freedom. Living in a marine world for a day brings you back and prepares you for upcoming days. The sensory sound of the waves and sight of the vast open ocean brings a feeling of adventure and aliveness.

Here’s why yacht Singapore rental does good for your brain.

(a) Marine Expedition Relaxes Our Brain. Whether its sea or swimming pool, water relaxes our mind, and there’s a remedial benefit associated with it. Our brain continuously handles the bombarded chore of stress daily. There comes a time when we need a break from the outside world. A single day in the arm of sea is more than enough to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

(b) The yacht is an Ultimate Escape from City Noise. The sight and sound of the ocean go easy on the brain and allows you to enter a meditative state. Being far away from the city noise enables you to breathe in yoga, lower mental stress, improve your mental clarity, enliven your mood, and gain relief from mild anxiety.

(c) Yacht Holiday Enhance Your Creativity. Through charter yacht in Singapore, you experience a state of awe and reverence from the ocean. Majestic beauty not only inspires you to become a better person but also enhances your creativity. It gives you time to think positively about your career & success.

Stop thinking; this is your time. The correlation between physical & mental health is very well related. Valencia Yachts is an active contributor for yacht holiday and highly recommended for all types of vacation theme. For booking, contact us today.

Why Chartering A Yacht For A Week Make Sense For Astounding Vacationing?

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Why Chartering A Yacht

For a long holiday, no one wishes to compromise with freedom, privacy, and quality. Our private yacht charter Singapore is known for unbeatable value and has been a splendid pick of travelers seeking an extraordinary voyage in Singapore. It is amazing because it gives you exactly what you’re looking for i.e. freedom to do anything you want. Through charter yacht Singapore, you won’t be charged for daily resort convenience such as private dining & water sports equipment. Above and beyond, our professional crew will do their utmost best to make sure you enjoy the best time of your life.

Private Yachts

Is it better than accommodation? Yes, it is far better than any land-based accommodation. If you look at the total cost of a private yacht charter Singapore, it is reasonably priced and offers much more value than a resort or hotel. Being remarked as a luxurious investment, you get to experience a splendid nightlife of Singapore. Thus, it’s an amazing deal if you are on your honeymoon or traveling with your whole family. In addition to all this, food, drink, and amenities are already boarded. Hence, there is no hassle, just an unbeatable enjoyment.

Charting a yacht does make sense if you want to have the best time of your life without compromising on the quality or amenities and it is certainly valuable in rush vacationing days. Other than this, you have complete flexibility. Our professional crew will take care of your itinerary & requirements. From seashore to water sport, you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.

How do I find the best private yacht charter in Singapore?

Cruising in Singapore is a once in a lifetime experience and at Valencia Yachts, we make sure you get the best fleet to enliven your vacationing. With us, you’ll get a perfect yacht with best in class amenities that suit your needs. To reserve your favorite private yacht charter in Singapore, do visit our dedicated website https://valenciayachts.com.

Is Yacht Good Enough for Caribbean Party and Nightlife in Singapore?

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Valencia Yachts

Singapore has always relished the global attention of other cultures and this amalgamation led to the advent of lip-smacking Caribbean food & drink. Finding the best yachts for rent Singapore to throw an amazing seashore party is like an amazing notion where you and your friends enjoy the best time of your life.

Above and beyond, renting a luxury yacht in Singapore is the best-kept secret for an amazing party and choosing voyage does offer privacy & splendid time. That’s why many affluent people are chartering yacht over the hotel for an ultimate escape. Amid sensational personal service and breathtaking views, it will be a dream vacation. Imagine exploring the enthralling night sight of Singapore in crystal clear water.

Whether it’s a corporate event or a family get together, nothing is memorable than occasions held on the best yacht for rent in Singapore with the attentive crew and outstanding facilities. Besides, the picturesque sight will surely leave an indelible impression. Hence, all you need to do is choose the fleet of your choice.

At Valencia Yacht, our dedicated crew personally make sure that your vacation is a luxurious one. The Caribbean party via rent yacht Singapore invites you to experience the adventure and gives you the opportunity to escape & enjoy enlivening party atmosphere. Imagine exploring the enthralling night sight of Singapore in crystal clear water. The picturesque sight will surely leave an indelible impression. All you need to do is choose the fleet of your choice. Valencia Yacht brings you (a) Victoria (Up to 28 Guests) and (b) Valencia (Up to 33 Guests).

Valencia ( Up to 33 Guests) Video

The lavish interior and generous exterior provide space and comfort without compromising on style & quality. In addition to all this, our professional crew will attend your guests throughout the day, offering refreshments and food.

Hosting a fabulous party on the water can be a great storyteller. If you want to make your upcoming event a memorable one, then book a perfect yacht today. Ever since we incorporated, we have kept the zing to be called as a trusted brand for a luxurious yacht in Singapore. We guarantee the best price with no obligation. You may contact us directly and we will take care of the rest. To learn more about our impeccable services, do not hesitate to contact us!

Dream To Make Your Valentine A Splendid Hallmark? – Yacht Rental Singapore


Nightlife in Singapore

Have you ever thought of celebrating your valentine with the zing that’ll be your splendid hallmark? It is essential to ensure your V-Day is free of clichés and does not encompass boring ideas. And instead of going with the same old-school valentine ideas, let’s think beyond and enliven your day as you’ve never done before.

Taking a luxury yacht charter in Singapore is always riddled with a grand romantic gesture. You enjoy your partner company in the midst of landscaping beauty, luxury amenities and calmness. Regardless of your relationship status, your valentine day should be thrilling and memorable. Our yacht charter services are remarked as best for couples seeking a perfect spot to cherish anniversaries or a loving day.

Here’s Why a Splendid Voyage Never Fails for Amazing Valentine’s Day.

The sole purpose of celebrating Valentine is to send a love message, and your girl would certainly seek out a romantic date. This is where the luxury yacht truly becomes astounded and gives you a perfect moment to express love & strengthen your bond with your partner. A bay cruise also does impress your sweetheart. The reason voyage will never fail because:

  • It Is Perfect in Every Sense- You enjoy an elegant yet comfortable atmosphere along with delicious meal accompanied by good wine. If you have a special request, then our team will do their best in crafting it for real.
  • See The Town from Different Point of View – A world-class yacht cruise gives you the perfect glimpse towards the bay area, and you witness the aura of the city from a different perspective. At ValenciaYachts, it shall be our immense pleasure to tailor the yacht experience as per your preferences.
  • Enjoy A Private Deck Moment, Just for You Two – No place feels so romantic than a private luxury yacht. The ambiance will be perfect, and your expression of love will be perfect. In the end, your luxury cruise journey shall be a beautiful reminder.

Yacht Rental Singapore – The Must Do Event This February, especially for those who want to make their valentine’s day a celebration of a lifetime. We personally think the time has come for you to ditch the old school way of love celebration. Instead, voyage into the romantic seashore and high seas where you can enjoy wine & dine, luxurious stay and sea breeze. Explore your yacht selections today and experience with the best rates in Singapore…!!

Ahoy there, boss!


Volvo Ocean 2014 L51 1

An impulse buy led to the start of a yacht charter company, and the owner of Valencia yachts now oversees an all-male crew. She talks to JEANNE TAI about being in a man’s world.

Watching her totter around One° 15 Marina Club in three-inch heels, it’s easy to assume that the owner of Valencia yachts, 32, is a tai tai heading to a yacht party – until you hear crewmen greeting her with an exuberant “Morning, lady boss!”.

When we board her yacht, the male captain deferentially offers her a drink and says to me: “There’s only one female boss I know in this marina and it’s her.”

A former banker, She left the finance industry in 2012 and became an entrepreneur – the mother-of-two runs a coffee business and restaurant and started a yacht charter company, Your Private Yacht, last year. It has more than 10 yachts for rent for events and trips to islands in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

How’d you end up running a yacht charter company?

“My husband and I were at the 2013 Singapore Yacht Show, and we stumbled upon a boat we loved, so we bought it. I used to take it out every month… but you can only go out to see so often, so I figured, why not rent it out? I bought a second boat and started helping other owners rent out their yachts.”

You’re 10 to 20 years younger than the crew. Is that weird for you?

“We’re really chummy, actually. I won’t challenge their knowledge of the boats, but I’ll tell them if they’re doing something that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m also prepared to set aside half a day every month to listen to their grouses. When they’re out at sea, they don’t have an outlet to offload when they come across stressful situations… so in a way, I become their outlet.”

Was your crew surprised when they found out they had a female boss?

“Actually, many people are surprised by what I do. Even in the food business, female bosses are rare… you can say that I’m in a man’s world. Sometimes, I have to act tough to get the same recognition that a guy gets. But I must be doing something right to be running a few businesses.”

Ever get any wild yacht parties?

“Too many to count! We’ve hosted stag parties and hen nights… once, some of the men and women got tipsy and stripped down to their underwear to swim in the ocean!”

How very like those scenes of debauchery in The Wolf of Wall Street…

“It’s not just wild parties. We once held a funeral on board and the family scattered the ashes of the deceased in the sea. Many people also charter yachts for weddings – which we love! They’re such happy occasions.”

What’s the one rule to observe when you’re on a yacht?

“Don’t trash the boat! We’ve had customers fling wet tissue paper up onto the ceiling and throw birthday cake around. Sometimes, people use excessive amounts of toilet paper, which chokes the toilet. My captain often says that sh*t happens at sea – it’s the truth!”

Any tips on how to get the most out of a yacht party? “Charter the yacht before noon, or from 5 pm onward. The hours in between are scorching hot.”

Visit www.yourprivateyacht.com.sg for more information on chartering a yacht. Prices start from $1,900 for a five-hour charter on a yacht that can accommodate 34 people.

More people are chartering yachts to unwind out at sea as well as for special celebrations


Lounging on front deck

Bank finance executive See Kwang Yew, 29, rented a yacht for his friend’s stag night in July.

The group of five paid about $800 for a four-hour evening charter, during which they sailed off from Sentosa and docked at one of the nearby islands for a barbecue dinner prepared by the crew, before heading back to the Sentosa marina.

“The groom-to-be really enjoyed it because it was his first time on a yacht. The rest of us also had a cosy time hanging out together,” says Mr See.

A quick search online turns up more than 10 charter firms here, and those that Life spoke to say there has been growing demand for private yacht charters among Singaporeans.

Marina at Keppel Bay sees 60 per cent of their charter inquiries coming from Singaporeans, while Albatross Cruises says 95 per cent of their customers are locals.

In general, ONE15 Luxury Yachting says its number of charters has doubled year-on-year since 2012, while SingExperience has seen inquiries for private charters doubling in the three years that it has been in the business.

Nor will chartering a yacht for an evening break the bank. For example, ONE15 Luxury Yachting has a fleet of 35 yachts and prices begin at $650++ for a four-hour charter of 10 people in a mid-range yacht, which works out to less than $100 a person.

Director of SingExperience Manita Bidaud, 46, says the opening of the Keppel and Sentosa marinas has allowed people a “fresh lifestyle experience” that never existed in Singapore before.

“A yachting experience is hassle- free and exclusive; and you get to unwind with a small group, which is more personal,” says Mrs Bidaud.

Yachting offers relaxation and entertainment away from the hustle and bustle of city life, says owner of Valencia Yachts. “You can do only so much on land.”

She adds that on board, charterers usually put aside their mobile devices to talk to, bond and do water activities with their friends, family members or colleagues.

“It’s no longer just the expatriates who know how to enjoy life. Singaporeans these days not only work hard, but play hard too,” she says.

Another reason for the growing popularity of yacht charters is that yachts are seen as an alternative and offbeat venue for celebrations.

Mrs Bidaud says many of her clients use the yachts for wedding solemnisations, surprise proposals, birthdays, anniversaries and hen parties.

One of her clients this year was Mr Vicnesh Raja, 29, a relationship manager with an IT company.

He wanted to propose to his girlfriend on Valentine’s Day and decided to do it on board a yacht with close friends and family members.

“Many of my friends had popped the big question in restaurants or hotels, so I wanted to do something different,” he says.

So as the yacht sailed past the fireworks display from Sentosa’s night show, Wings Of Time, he said to his girlfriend: “Baby, you light up my life. Will you marry me?”

She accepted the proposal.

Mrs Bidaud says it is not just the single men who are romantic.

“We recently had a husband who rented a yacht for four hours as a surprise for his wife who had just given birth to twins. He wanted them to spend quality time together as a couple.”

In response to clients’ requests to be taken away from an urban environment, these trips usually cruise out to the Southern Islands such as St John’s, Lazarus and Kusu.

Upon docking at the island, guests can swim, kayak, snorkel or just laze on the beach.

Some charter firms, like Albatross Cruises, also offer for rental fishing equipment, standing paddle boards, inflatable giant floats, beach toys and water guns.

On the way back to the marina, companies like Yacht Charter Singapore usually cruise their boats along the southern coastline of Singapore for guests to enjoy views of iconic structures such as the Marina Bay Sands and Singapore Flyer. During evening charters, guests can also catch the fireworks display from Sentosa’s Wings Of Time.

The charter firms usually have add-on entertainment options and food and beverage packages upon clients’ requests, but some charterers choose to bring their own food.

Mr Kenneth Tan, 36, an executive director at a bank, had a team bonding event with more than 20 colleagues on a yacht earlier this year.

They booked the boat from 3 to 8pm and brought their own food and drinks on board.

“The crew helped us barbecue the food and although we were of different ages, we had a very fun and relaxing time together. Many of my older colleagues in their 50s were especially enthusiastic,” he says.

There are also those who hire private chefs.

Chef service Clubvivre has had many private dining bookings on board yachts since they began operations in 2013.

A typical event organised by them starts with drinks, paired with canapes or amuse bouche.

When the yacht is anchored, the dinner begins. This could take the form of a sit-down multi-course dinner, a barbecue or a buffet-style reception, says the Clubvivre spokesman. Cocktails and desserts cap off the night as the boat heads back to the marina.

Private chefs come with a heavier price tag – rates for Clubvivre private chef services start at $50 a person, excluding yacht charter fees.

However, in general, renting a yacht for a few hours does not burn a hole in one’s pocket.

For instance, Yacht Charter Singapore is offering a special promotion of $5,000 for up to 80 people for a dockside charter from Sundays to Thursdays. That works out to $62.50 a person.

Mr Vicnesh says he paid $1,000 for the charter for himself, his girlfriend and eight friends. The cost included a barbecue dinner on board that was prepared by the crew.

“Because my girlfriend said yes, I don’t think it was expensive at all. The moment was priceless,” he says.