5 Fun Activities To Do On A Yacht You Shouldn’t Miss


5 Fun Activities To Do On A Yacht You Shouldn’t Miss

Nothing beats the excitement of finally going on a sea trip you have planned for such a long time. Whether you are alone or on a date, celebrating holidays with family, or catching up with friends, there are hundreds of fun things you can do to make your boat charter experience worthwhile! Besides renting a yacht, packing your things and meal prepping, the best part of the planning is listing down the activities you can do while sailing.

It is no surprise that outdoor activities like swimming have lost their lustre; with the ongoing pandemic, many crave holidays and new sights. As of late, renting a yacht for a party in Singapore is as close as you can get to go for a holiday with your partner, family, and friends. So, if sailing is one of the activities you think would capture their attention, check out these five yacht activities to do to have a smashing time out at sea!

Watch the sunset and sunrise

A sunset cruise is the perfect plan to dazzle your special someone! A sunrise and sunset view are some of the most striking minutes of the day. Bask in the sight of the lovely sunset with your other half while surrounded by magical shades of the sun. Plus, a bonus: it invites you to a mode of relaxation and meditation, perhaps even reflecting on your time together as a couple.

Have some fresh beer

Pairing the cold wind rushing through your bones with a cold beer while sitting back and lounging is always a foolproof combination during a sailing trip. Whether you want to have a glass of champagne or wine, a cold bottle of beer or soft drinks to toast with your partner, family, or friends – as with the sea, the freedom of choice is all yours.

Bond over a good barbecue

Barbecue on a yacht? Count us in! After a few hours of sailing and the cold ocean breeze has calmed your senses, time to fuel yourself up with food! Gathering around the barbecue pit and bonding over savoury food has always been a staple when reconnecting with family and friends.

Photograph sights and loved ones

Whether for memories or your social media accounts, taking photographs is one great way to bookmark this fantastic day! Plus, you will undoubtedly witness extraordinary scenery, so snap away while you are at it! After all, you would not know when your next sailing trip would be.

Game Time

Now that you are all fuelled up from a good dinner, competition among your crewmates is an excellent motivation for fun, not to mention team bonding among competing teams! Make sure to pack some board or card games before your departure, and time for everyone in the group to get their minds cracking and win the game!


A luxury yacht charter is undoubtedly one of the best ways to bond and make memories with your other half, family and friends. Plus, taking a break from the pressures and bustling noise of the city in exchange for spending your rest days feeling the calmness of the water will have you rejuvenated and recharged for when you return to work.

Valencia Yachts is available for you if you are looking for a yacht company that can assist your needs and requests or answer your questions about yacht charter prices in Singapore. Our rates start from $999 onwards for a four-hour charter, and prices are based on the number of people on board! So, if you would like to experience the sun, sand, and sea in a different light, do not hesitate to reach out to us and get this adventure started!

Level Up A Bachelor Party: Sail To The Seas On A Yacht


Level Up A Bachelor Party: Sail To The Seas On A Yacht

Are you throwing your best friend a bachelor party to celebrate their upcoming wedding? Levelling up a bachelor party by booking a private yacht is the best way possible to celebrate this next stage of life! You want to make this event as epic and memorable as possible for everyone, particularly the bride or groom.

Being on a yacht in the open sea is a one-of-a-kind thrill that your best friend will never forget. With an island-hopping charter, you will be able to sail the waters of Singapore and Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Check out the different islands, take in breath-taking views, and bask in the experiences with your closest mates. Here are some tips on what you need to plan their bachelor party on a private luxury yacht.

1. Choose the best yacht rental company

A trusted top yacht charter company would offer a great variety of packages so you can have the most memorable time celebrating your best friend’s last day of being single. Ideally, the company you choose should have experience hosting bachelor parties in the past for it to be a bang for everyone on board, the crew included!

2. Pick the best yacht that will fit everyone in the group

You can book a luxury pontoon boat or consider a yacht rental, depending on the number of people you are inviting and, of course, your budget. You want something big enough for everyone to roam and party in comfortably. Keep in mind that you would be spending at least a day out at sea, which means that everyone’s comfort must be prioritised – the bride and groom’s in particular.

3. Plan an itinerary for the entire group

Cruising to other islands means that you would be checking out local sceneries, going shopping, and enjoying a whole new journey with your squad. You can also consult the yacht charter company to help plan your itinerary to cover the most popular tourist attractions.

4. Think of some fun activities that everyone will enjoy onboard

Aside from exploring the islands, it would be best to think of other engaging activities on board to keep everyone on their toes. These include board and card games, fishing contests, jump deck competitions, and many more. Of course, make sure the bride or groom is willing to participate in the activities. After all, this party is to celebrate them!

5. Make sure you’re fully stocked with food and drinks

It is always a good idea to have snacks and drinks on board. While you can pack your food and beverages, save yourself the trouble and check with the yacht company for their catering services and offerings. Should they have none, seek their permission to hire a catering company to care for your provisions for you.


Being crowned the best maid of honour or best man is possibly the best thing you can do before your best friend moves on to their next stage of life. Since most bachelor parties are once in a lifetime experience, why not rent a yacht for a party in Singapore? That way, you and your closest friends get the chance to unwind, enjoy good food and unlimited drinks, and savour the cool breeze and open seas that only a yacht charter can offer. Indeed, it will be an event to remember.

With the best luxury yacht charter prices in Singapore, our crew at Valencia Yachts are ready to serve you. Depending on your needs and number of pax, our rates start from as low as $999 for our Victoria Charter, and we supply party items such as barbecue pits and water slides starting from $50! Call us today at +65 9383 0098 to know more!

Essential Items To Pack In Your Suitcase For A Yacht Trip


Essential Items To Pack In Your Suitcase For A Yacht Trip

You have been planning this yacht trip for months now, and as the day grows nearer, the anticipation fills you up to the brim. Since it may be a while before you can go on the next getaway, you have to prepare for this one sufficiently to make the most out of it.

While yacht trips do not usually last for more than a day, there are still some items you ought to have with you aboard a private yacht, some of which are important while others are simply to help you have a grand time.

1. Extra set of clothes

When travelling out at sea, do not just plan your outfits for the day of departure and arrival; always have an extra set of emergency clothes on standby. You never know if an accident may happen onboard or if your friends egg you on for an impromptu dive into the sea.

Pro tip: Even though these clothes are technically spares, make sure that they are still Instagrammable because who knows, you might chance upon a magnificent sunset and would want to take a picture with it.

2. Ziploc bags

If you indeed go for a swim, pack along a Ziploc bag with you to separate and keep your wet bathing suit or shorts from the clean and dry items and clothes. A regular plastic bag works fine, but aside from being tidy, a Ziploc bag works best to seal your wet wear from other things inside your bag. As always, having extra Ziploc bags will render you a saviour for your forgetful family and friends!

3. Sunscreen

Since you are aboard a yacht, spending most of your time outdoors where the sun and the cooling sea is a given. Regardless of whether you plan to sunbathe or swim, bring along a bottle of sunscreen with you and lather it on every few hours. The last thing that anyone wants after an amazing getaway is painful sunburns and peeling skin!

Pro tip: If possible, purchase a sunscreen that has an anti-jellyfish formulation that would protect you from painful jellyfish stings if it happens, which can easily ruin your trip.

4. Cash

Regardless of whether you are planning your romantic weekend yacht getaway or a yachts party in Singapore, having extra cash on hand is vital because you never really know when a situation might call for it. While relying on your credit or debit cards is tempting and convenient, payment terminals are not always accessible; what more while you are out at sea. It is always a good idea to bring cash around for emergency purposes.


As cliche as it sounds, over-preparation helps, especially should you be going on a yacht with kids and other family members in tow. While planning for a fun itinerary is essential, factoring in the needs of other family members also helps to ensure that you pack not just for yourself but other miscellaneous items for your family members should the need arise.

With Valencia Yachts, you can rest assured that our crew will take care of your and your family’s needs onboard to ensure a fulfilling and fun weekend out at sea. Our five-hour charter starts at SGD 1,200 for weekdays and SGD 1,600 SGD for weekends. Take advantage of this deal today!

Dos And Don’ts: Yacht Etiquette Every Newbie Must Know


Dos And Don'ts: Yacht Etiquette Every Newbie Must Know

Yacht charters are becoming a pinnacle of luxury travel, and onboard yacht etiquette is essential for making the whole experience memorable and unique. The standards onboard a yacht charter are incredibly high, so knowing the ground rules can go a long way to ensuring the perfect charter experience – from what to wear to treating the crew with respect during your trip.

It’s not a challenge for seasoned sailing lovers to pick their next destination, but if you are a newbie in the basics and planning for a yacht rental, keep reading on to know the yacht etiquette that every newbie must know.

Do respect the crew

The crew members of your yacht charter are one of the essential groups to make your trip fun, smooth and, more importantly, safe, so respecting them is paramount. They offer excellent service throughout the cruise and would go the extra mile to ensure a memorable and fun time for their guests. Whatever yacht charter type you are in, treat your crew at the actual value of their service – with respect and consideration.

Another way to respect your crew is to keep them informed of any changes in your itinerary for your trip to be optimal. If you plan to invite additional guests on your trip, notify the crew early for them to prepare enough meals or cocktails for everyone. While the crew is there to cover your needs to relax and have fun, proper planning and preparation are equally vital for that to happen, so it’s essential to keep your crew informed of your plans.

Do follow the barefoot rule onboard

Most yacht charters have a barefoot rule, which means they do not allow wearing footwear on board. Footwear like boots, heels, or street shoes is prohibited since they can damage the floors and decks and taint the carpets. Therefore, the “barefoot” rule is enforced. Some yachts offer boat shoes with soft, clear and clean soles.

Do anticipate cleaning time slots

Make sure to give the crew enough time to clean your cabins, do the laundry, and prepare your food. To avoid misunderstandings, always ensure clear lines of good communication between your group and the crew. While you are at sea playing games, the cabins can be used for coffee or breakfast, so it makes sense to allow the crew the time and space for cleaning.

Don’t leave babysitting to your crew

If you are travelling with children, you are responsible for them. Yachts are great places for children since some offer access to water games, cinema, video games, generally fun activities for children, making sailing with your kids a great way to bond. While it is expected to have fun and get wild on the yacht, leaving the children in the crew’s hands is irresponsible. The yacht crew are there to serve you and your family’s needs; however, should you plan on bringing children and you would like to have your fun, bring a babysitter along. The crew would greatly appreciate this as well.

Don’t pollute the sea

While you are out at sea, being careful not to harm marine life during your trip is a given. Throw cigarette butts or garbage in the garbage cans provided. Whenever possible, use natural or eco-friendly soaps, shampoos and sunscreens that are not harmful to coral reefs.

Don’t do illegal activities

Zero tolerances are given for engaging in illegal activities onboard a yacht. Such negligent behaviour may cause the trip to be cut short, and an immediate withdrawal of the license and termination of your charter. As mentioned earlier, respect for not just the crew but the sea and yacht goes a long way for a memorable and smooth-sailing trip!


Sailing through the beautiful and open seas with friends or family on a private yacht is one of the best ways to spend holidays or celebrations! Take a break from the bustling noise of the city and have a superb time sailing and admiring the waves as you play games or just relax. The tips listed above are just some of the yacht etiquettes to keep in mind when onboard a yacht to ensure an excellent time for all.

As a top yacht charter, At Valencia Yachts, we offer yacht rentals at an affordable and reliable cost. Our variety of rental periods is guaranteed to suit any of your sailing needs. Prices for our four-hour packages now start from $999 onwards for our Victoria yachts and $1200 onwards for our Valencia yachts. Spend your holidays and celebrations with us by soaking in the sand, sea and sun in the best way possible!

How People Of Different Age Groups Can Enjoy Private Yachts


How People Of Different Age Groups Can Enjoy Private Yachts

There is a common pre-conceived idea that adults have the most fun with luxury yacht charters. But the fact of the matter is, everyone can find the idea of cruising through the coast of Singapore and going sightseeing quite an exciting experience.

Indeed, a boat charter is not just for the working professionals who are looking for a way to unwind from the stresses of corporate because everyone – regardless of age – can have a marvellous time aboard a fancy yacht.

Read on to find out how people of different ages can all have fun on a yacht.

For the kids

Children are naturally very fascinated by many things, and needless to say, a lot goes on aboard a yacht – there is a lot of nature and sights to see, waves and engines to hear, and activities to experience.

The kids will surely be on their toes if you bring them along for a yacht cruise because there are a lot of things that they can do onboard such as: fishing (which is most likely going to be their first time), telescoping the Singapore skyline, playing with a variety of water toys, and so much more!

For the teenagers to young adults

People who belong to these age groups seek to have the most memorable experiences at yacht parties so that they can share them on social media.

Teenagers to young adults will definitely find plenty of photo opportunities when renting out a yacht because not only is the boat itself a sight to behold, but the itineraries are also a must-visit!

Apart from that, they can also play some fun group games or throw a yachts party as they hop from one island to another, both of which are more than enough experiences to excite the spontaneous spirit that most people in these age groups have.

For the adults

More often than not, adults are the ones taking care of paying for the private yacht, which is why they’re the most driven to make the most out of it.

If you’re renting out a yacht to reward yourself after a series of accomplishments at work or to simply unwind from it all, you’ll be spoiled for choice at what you can do to enjoy your chartered yacht!

You can sing your heart out at fitted karaoke machines with a can of beer to boot, go kayaking to get your muscles moving, sunbathe to get your tan on, snorkel to see the beauty of nature below, and a whole lot more!

For the seniors

If you thought grandma and grandpa are too old for yacht cruises, you’d be wrong because even at their age, they can certainly have just as much fun.

Sure, they might find physical activities to be too strenuous and tiring, but there are still things that you can enjoy with them – they can go fishing with the kids, enjoy the views on the top deck or the boat’s bow, sing with you on the karaoke, relax and enjoy the ocean breeze, the list goes on.


The notion that yacht cruises aren’t for everyone cannot be any more untrue, because there are a lot of activities that you can do aboard one, all of which aren’t limited to a single age group.

Whether you want to take your child out for a fun boat ride, your significant other for a romantic date, or with your mother for her birthday, we can help you make moments all the more special.

If you wish to rent out a yacht without breaking the bank, now is the perfect time because we at Valencia Yachts have an ongoing promo wherein you can enjoy a 4-hour yacht charter for two at a price that starts at just $599!

5 Yacht Safety Tips To Remember When Enjoying Your Cruise


5 Yacht Safety Tips To Remember When Enjoying Your Cruise

Love the sun and sea but tired of the beach? Most people would not want to pass up the smell of the fresh sea breeze with the gentle caress of the sun.

A yacht cruise can indeed be a novel and exciting activity to do on the weekend. On a local yacht charter, you can leave your worries on the shore as you enjoy leisure time with friends or family.

Do not just go running headfirst into enjoyment, though. As with any outdoor activity, there are all sorts of considerations to take into account.

There can be some situations that can spoil the fun at sea, even resulting in emergencies. Minimize the possibility of such events by observing some safety practices.

Take a few moments to ensure your safety by following these simple tips.

1. Prepare a boat safety kit

Bring along an emergency kit for the trip, including a waterproof flashlight, extra batteries, a first aid kit, rope, whistle, and duct tape.

2. Check life jackets

The yacht should have plenty of life jackets stored in case of emergencies.

Check with the crew if they are secured and are not damaged. Confirm if there are enough to cover all guests on board. Any children on board should be wearing them at all times.

3. Be mindful of the weather

It is essential to check the weather forecast before even booking your yacht trip. The weather affects the waves at sea, so steer clear from days with even just light showers to be extra safe.

Of course, double-check the weather again on the day of your booking. If the forecast is slightly off and the sky is dark, it is better to postpone the trip to a later date.

4. Do not overload the boat

In order to keep the boat buoyant, there should be a limit to the number of guests on board.

Make sure to only book for a reasonable number of guests with you. Do also make it a point not to bring any additional persons aside from those booked. Remember that the crew will also be on board the trip.

5. Check for harmful fumes

Before embarking, there are protocols observed by the crew to check the boat’s integrity. One of these is to check for fumes, as they could point to problems within the boat’s engine.

If you smell anything weird, bring it to the crew’s attention immediately.


Valencia Yachts always has your safety as our top priority. A licensed professional will be in charge of steering the boat, and our faithful crew are trained to handle any emergencies. Even so, it will not hurt to float on the safe side as you enjoy a well-earned yacht trip.

If you feel ready to go out on a boating trip, you are in luck! We currently have a limited-time promotion where our private yacht prices begin at $599 for two people to go on a four-hour cruise. Don’t miss your chance and book with us online at https://valenciayachts.com/promotions/.

4 Tips To Avoid Sea Sickness While Sailing On A Yacht


4 Tips To Avoid Sea Sickness While Sailing On A Yacht

There’s no better feeling than finally going on a trip with family or friends that you’ve planned for such a long time!

You pack your things, prepare a to-do list, and finally experience sailing on a luxury yacht charter. Everything and everyone seems ready, except for one thing – your seasickness!

Your most-awaited cruise can magically turn into a nightmare if the ship’s motion causes you to become seasick – from a mild headache to vomiting, how can you avoid this horror?

Many would agree that being at sea is such a wonderful feeling! Having the chance to enjoy the salty sea air, the warm sun, the crisp breezes, and the gentle bob of the ship on the water.

However, it is not the case for everyone, as there are people who tend to get seasick!

But don’t worry, whether you have a little experience on the water or are prone to getting nauseous, check out these 4 secrets to make the most out of your yacht trip!

1. Watch what you eat

Believe it or not, the food you eat before or while on the yacht is a significant factor in whether you get seasick.

If there are types of food that sometimes don’t agree with your system while you are on land, make sure to avoid them at sea, too! Heavy, fatty, and spicy food are often the main culprits that worsen seasickness in some people.

Make sure to eat something light, and if you want to try, ginger also works to help you avoid getting sick!

2. Fix your gaze on the horizon

Seasickness happens when your body draws different information from your eyes, inner ear, and whole body, as those pieces of sensory data contradict each other.

By fixing your gaze on the horizon, you can find a stable point for your mind to focus on. The view of the horizon makes more sense to your brain and thus avoids this mismatched sensation.

If this helps you, steering might be a great activity that you can do on your trip!

3. Breathe some fresh air

If you feel seasick, it is often helpful to go out on the balcony or an open deck, get some fresh air and look toward the horizon.

Concentrating on something besides that boat’s motion is also helpful, so it’s good to be active and try some exciting activities while on the yacht!

The more exposed you are to fresh air, the less likely you will feel the effects of seasickness, as fresh air helps keep you clear-headed.

4. Take over the counter medicines

If nothing else works, your go-to solution would be to take over-the-counter medicines. They can be very effective for short trips or mild cases of motion sickness.

Remember that they work best if taken half an hour before you think the motion sickness will hit your system.

There are several medications for different types of motion sickness, and you should be aware that some of them can cause drowsiness and other side effects.


Once you overcome your seasickness, you’ll find that a sea trip is one of the best ways to bond and make great memories with family or friends, as well as a great way to take a break from the bustling noise of the city.

If you plan on celebrating or relaxing at sea and are looking to hire a boat, Valencia Yachts is here to help! Our highly experienced crew will cater to your every need so you can focus on having fun and relaxing while on the trip! Have fun and make the most out of your expedition by trying our tips to prevent sea motion sickness.

Why Yachts Are Perfect for Birthday Celebrations With Anyone


Why Yachts Are Perfect for Birthday Celebrations With Anyone

When your birthday is coming up, you have to plan it properly because it’s a celebration of your life and everything you’ve accomplished thus far.

Sure, 2020 and 2021 might not be the best years because of COVID-19 and the globally impairing pandemic that it came with. But surviving it and seeing another year are enough reasons to celebrate., whether you decide to celebrate it with your significant other, your family, or with your colleagues from work.

Read on to find out why we think that you’ll have the most fun and marvellous celebration aboard a luxury yacht charter.

Yachts are safer

Compared to dining in your favourite restaurant where you’re exposed to the general public, yachts are a safer option because you’re away from it all – even from the stresses of the city.

Out on the water, you no longer have to constantly keep a distance between random strangers and passersby because you’re nautical miles away from Singapore’s mainland (that’s more than enough social distancing).

You get to keep everyone safe from the virus, provided that everyone tests negative from it and have received their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Your experience is more memorable

The thing about special moments is that you want to make them last as long as you can, and yachts are definitely the perfect place to fosters memories of moments that are guaranteed to last.

Because they are generally large in size, you can do a lot of fun activities aboard a yacht such as singing karaoke, enjoying a barbeque, swimming through clear blue waters, playing games, catching some fish, sunbathing, and a whole lot more.

If you want to spend your birthday with friends and family, you’ll be spoiled for choice at what activities you can do because there certainly are endless possibilities, from card games over some cans of beers to throwing an entire yacht party.

But if you want a more secluded type of celebration with your romantic other half, you can definitely enjoy a special dinner date with some lush music, overlooking a breathtaking view of the Singaporean skyline.


Private yachts are great places to celebrate your birthday, whether it’s with your long-term partner, with your parents and the rest of your family members, or with the people you work with.

Apart from the activities that come with the price of a private yacht, you also have the added benefit of celebrating your birthday safely and with the ability to make more memories when you are aboard one.

Plus, there’s no better time to enjoy this than now! We at Valencia Yachts currently have a special deal with charters that are good for two people to enjoy a 2-hour cruise starting at just $599. So if you’re looking for a yacht chartering company in Singapore to give you the best experience possible, you can rely on us from Valencia Yachts to make your birthday celebration even more special!

Yacht Adventures: The Lowdown On Tipping After Voyages


Yacht Adventures: The Lowdown On Tipping After Voyages

If you’re on the hunt for new and exciting ways to spend your holiday or vacation leave – we’ve got you covered.

Going on a maritime getaway aboard a private yacht charter is arguably one of the most accessible options available today.

There are plenty of aquatic activities to choose from and unique experiences that are only possible by boats – such as island hopping and diving. You’ll hardly have a moment of boredom while you cruise over a serene and peaceful sea!

However, like everything else, specific rules and etiquette must be observed whilst aboard these vessels.

Read on as we walk you through on how one should tip after each voyage and the intricacies of this custom.

Why is tipping customary?

The business of boat hires is considered to belong in the hospitality industry.

And just like others that are under this category – leaving a tip is common practice to show your sincerest appreciation and gratitude towards the people that have provided you with such service.

While Caption Obvious would say that it’s only the crew’s job to ensure that each voyage goes smoothly and safely – they’re still providing you with an experience like no other!

Not to mention, offering their dedicated time and services that allow you to solely focus on having fun and enjoying the trip.

How can I decide if I should tip or not?

So, before you give a tip to express your heartfelt gratitude – what exactly should you consider beforehand?

The first thing that guests should know is that when it comes to tipping, similar to other experiences like dining in a restaurant, is completely optional.

If the service was not to your satisfaction – it’s completely fine not to leave a tip! Besides, if tipping is not a big thing in your culture – not giving one is something that your charter crew will also understand.

Still, if your yachting trip turns out well or even better than expected – it’s recommended to consider leaving a tip to your crew as thanks – no matter how small it may be!

How much should I tip?

Now, are you ready to give that tip?

Before you dive straight into it – remember that the amount you choose to give should generally depend on the quality of the service you’ve received.

For guests that hail from countries wherein tipping is the norm, a 20-25% tip is generally standard. In contrast, for those that live in places where tipping is rare or nonexistent, a 10-20% tip of the overall fees is expected.

Ultimately, you’ll have the final say in the amount you’re planning to tip the captain and the crew for your private yacht experience!


With private yacht prices now more affordable than ever before, there’s barely any reason not to try out and experience the thrill of freedom of being out on open waters at least once in your lifetime. Just keep in mind that tipping is customary at the end of the voyage, so consider leaving one if your trip has been to your satisfaction.

If you’re raring to get started on your aquatic getaway as soon as possible, Valencia Yachts presents our latest promotion, at $599. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible and inquire about our packages or even our yachts themselves!

Why Renting A Yacht Should Be Your Next Staycation


Why Renting A Yacht Should Be Your Next Staycation

When the conversation turns to the topic of staycations (specifically, how you’ll spend yours) – people will inevitably compare the various hotels available.

In fact, hotels are the first thing that comes to mind when one talks about vacations (or staycations). Not to mention, with the many online platforms and apps out there – making a hotel reservation has been made a whole lot simpler and easier.

Still, frequent travellers may not be too big on the idea of hotels anymore; they’ve just become too boring and repetitive. Instead, it calls for something new!

So, why not kick things up a bit by booking a private yacht instead of the same old hotel room for your staycation?

Not only is it an entirely new experience for you, but you also get to experience a couple of things that you otherwise couldn’t even with the most luxurious of hotel accommodations.

Behold, three reasons that makes a yacht experience undeniably necessary!

You get to be more adventurous

Given that these yachts will be cruising through our beautiful city’s waters, you are bound to experience more things and see more sights when you consider a luxury yacht charter instead of a hotel room.

Whether you want to lie down at the yacht’s bow and bask in the sunlight or put on your swimming gears and witness life below the surface – you’ll be spoilt for choice! 

While some hotel establishments can be wide enough to appease the explorer in you, it’s nothing compared to the vast distances a yacht cruise can cover.

Nowadays, more and more people are becoming fascinated with island-hopping staycations, which can only be done aboard a yacht.

The environment is more relaxing

If adventure isn’t really up to your alley – you can still count on yachts to provide you with the relaxation you need to recover from life’s hustle and bustle.

Regardless of whether you are an indoor or an outdoor person, the ocean has an undeniable ability to help people relax. The wind, the waves, the sunshine, the views – these are things that you get to experience aboard a yacht.

You can do away with your ‘Chill’ playlist on Spotify, too, because the sound of crashing waves can better foster the right ambience for you to read that book you’ve been putting off for months.

A complete night of relaxation to yourself? Check!

There’s also a liberating feeling, when you see the city and all of its stresses get increasingly smaller as your yacht sails further away from it.

You can’t do all of these instead a hotel room now, can you?

Yachts elevate your quality time

Whether a romantic date with your partner or a yachts party with your colleagues is on its way – these moments are made more special simply because they are held aboard a yacht cruising through mesmerising local waters.

So whether your idea of quality time is intimate or fun, one sure way to make it more special is by booking a yacht charter!


With yachts, staycations are not limited to just hotels – it’s time to give yachts a warm welcome instead! The private yacht price at Valencia Yachts starts at just $599 for a 4-hour charter packed with fun-filled water activities and amazing sights. So, ready for some brand new adventure?

Why Yacht Experiences Are A Better Deal Than You Might Think


Why Yacht Experiences Are A Better Deal Than You Might Think

When you think about yachts, you probably picture out a luxurious cruise around the coast of Singapore. And this becomes something that’s not within arm’s reach for your pocket.

However, this is not even close to the truth – at all!

If you dig deeper, you’ll know that it’s well affordable and worth the money; a private yacht charter includes the cost of way more things than just the boat and the crew.

Considering that yachts often come with fittings and amenities that will help you make the most of the experience, most yacht charter rates are actually a good deal, given what they offer!

To prove a point, we have gathered everything that you can take advantage of and enjoy when you consider a boat charter for yourself and your loved ones.

You can have fun indoors and outdoors

When you are planning to charter a yacht, you are probably aware of some basic activities that you can do aboard one – from sunbathing, fishing, enjoying the breeze, witnessing new sights, snorkelling, and a whole lot more.

But you probably didn’t know that the fun goes further than that!

For example, with us at Valencia Yachts, our private yacht cost comes with an actual kayak that you can use to get your muscles moving, and an inflatable floating mat that you and your friends can do various water plays on.

What more,  we even have BBQ services (Grille Service) available – perfect for a delicious barbeque session under the stars, and by the waters.

So, whether you’re planning to relax with your family or make some noise with friends, you’re practically set to have a good time when you rent a yacht!

The itineraries are a sight to behold

People hire a boat mostly because they want to see new sights, and cruising itineraries usually depends on the company that provides your chosen yacht charter.

Not to mention, the sights you can see are endless!

Get the chance to see the more secluded islands of southern Singapore – St John’s Island, Sisters’ Islands, Kusu and Pulau Hantu – and be amazed at our beloved nation’s beautiful skyline on your way there.

Lazarus Island is also another option for you to frolic at its white-sand beaches before the crew takes you to the southern coastline of Singapore to give you another look at Singapore’s breathtaking architecture.

But if you have a better itinerary in mind – the crew is always all ears to tailor it for you!


In reality, yacht rentals are plenty affordable – especially when you were to look into what’s included under the receipt, the places you’ll go, and the memories you’ll be making – a yacht trip is worth every penny! You’re not just paying for a boat and its crew, you’re also paying for several days of experiences you’re unlikely to find anywhere else!

Sure, the global health pandemic may be forcing some people indoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t board a yacht and enjoy the perks that it comes with. Currently, following the current COVID-19 measures of only 2 pax – we at Valencia Yachts have created a one-month deal that you can avail of, starting at just $599 for two people to enjoy a 4-hour cruise.

3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht


3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht

Most businesses will prioritise growth above all else, and there are multiple ways to do this.

Take for example, an effective marketing strategy, one of the most excellent ways that a company can make headway in the industry – especially if that strategy thinks outside the box!

In fact, an out of the ordinary campaign will turn many heads from your target audience, a jackpot for most marketers.

Sometimes, growth doesn’t necessarily have to come from outside the business. Internal factors can also help foster it, such as the employees and other personnel.

If you are aiming for a successful business, a private yacht charter is one sure-fire way that will help your business grow, in more ways than one.

1. Yachts can help you gain more clients

When you’re trying to expand your consumer or clientele base, one of the established ways to do that is to try reeling them in with a tempting offer on top of what your business provides.

And by that, we’re referring to a yacht trip to impress clients with!

You could consider introducing a prize; like winning an international trip for two, will most definitely get people to purchase your product.

But if that’s too much for your small business, why not run a promotion and choose one lucky participant to win a paid boat charter? Everyone loves the idea of going on a vacation – why not give one away for free?

The promo will definitely encourage the participants to try out your products or services.

Who knows?

Some of them might even like them enough to become regular clients. If you’re confident in what your business provides, you’ll undoubtedly find this strategy effective.

2. Yachts can help keep existing clients

If you want to keep the clients your business already has, you should make them feel appreciated by giving them a gift.

But don’t just send over the usual corporate gift – if they’re a long-standing client who’s been with you for many years – take it up a notch with an all-expenses-paid boating voyage!

Some might think this is a bit much just to encourage a few clients to stay. But if you’ve established a deep relationship with them, go the extra mile to show that you really care.

Make them feel like kings/queens for a few days and they’re bound to stick around, give a fantastic review, and even refer you to others!

We’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal, indeed.

3. Yachts make for a great employee incentive

It is often said that employees are a business’s greatest asset, because they are major contributors to making a respectable profit.

If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, you should try establishing an incentive program where the employee who has the most number of achievements within a given time period gets to go cruising on a yacht.

They’ll know that the hustle is well-worth the exciting trip by the sea!


The many ways you can do when you hire a boat for business use – from reeling in numbers, clients, and even boosting your branding. So, don’t limit yourself to just these three ways – be creative, experiment, and see where your ideas will take your business!

Meanwhile, we can ease your search at finding a suitable place for yacht rentals at Valencia Yachts. Our private yacht costs showcases our latest promotion with prices starting from $599 for a 4-hour charter, well worth the gains that employee has earned for your business or a client who has been with you for several years. Knowing that an exciting experience is well on its way can elevate your business tremendously, regardless of who you’re targetting!

Why Sailing With Your Kids On A Yacht Is A Great Way to Bond

JoanneTips, events

Singapore Private Boat Charter, Boat Charter

If you’re looking for an exciting and memorable way to spend your day off with your precious children, cruising together on a chartered yacht is something you should try.

After all – a cruise vacation with kids can be such a terrific experience.

You and your family will surely enjoy many benefits when you sail together on a luxurious boat ride. Not only will your children have fun, but they can also learn many things from the experience.

Here are some of the best reasons why a boat charter with your kids is a must-try:

Endless fun activities to do      

Children thrive on enjoyment and entertainment.

They are always curious in general, and they want to keep themselves active all the time. Because of this, bringing your children to a luxurious boat trip is one of the best things you can do for them!

With the plentiful of engaging and stimulating activities you and your kids can do while onboard a yacht – it’s always an exciting experience.

You can swim, snorkel, and even catch fish together. If it’s your child’s birthday, an electrifying and memorable yacht party with lots of fun games and dancing awaits.

Regardless of whatever activities you plan to try, your kids will surely enjoy trying out new things while onboard an amazing yacht.

Revel in the beauty of the sea

Everyone – both children and adults included – absolutely loves the sea.

Many people feel comfortable around water, as it gives them peace and silence. For others, the ocean has a vast space that is just perfect for discovering new things.

If your children are perpetually curious, they will certainly love being on a boat trip. Sailing on a yacht in the middle of the crystal-clear ocean is a great way to introspect, learn new things about the world, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Cruising around the mesmerising sceneries of the sea and the surrounding islands is also an effective way to teach your children to be more appreciative of life.

Spend some intimate time together

Life is busy for everyone.

Sometimes, you might be so preoccupied with your work that you already forget to take a break and bond with your loved ones.

Indeed, in this busy modern world, it has become quite hard to spend some intimate time together.

If you want to have some personal time with your family during your day off, availing of a luxury yacht charter is something you must try. A private yacht provides an intimate and peaceful space where you and your children can talk about everything.

While watching the sunset in the middle of the ocean, you and your children can share your fun stories, frustrations, and goals with one another.


Cruising on a yacht with your young, little ones is an undeniably great idea. Indeed, there are many fun and unforgettable activities you can do with your kids while onboard an amazing yacht. If you want to deepen your bond with your precious kids, don’t hesitate to bring them to a deserved boat trip on your next day off!

For an affordable and reliable yacht charter, check out the private yacht costs at Valencia Yachts. We have a variety of yacht rentals that suits all your sailing needs – even during this pandemic period. Our private yacht charter prices now start from $599 onwards for our Victoria Yacht, and $799 for our Valencia Yacht, from 4-hour packages onwards. Have a swell time with your children while onboard a luxurious yacht!

Yacht Charters: Why They’re The Ideal Holiday In A Pandemic


Singapore Private Boat Charter, Boat Charter

After months of tirelessly toiling away in front of your workstation at home, it’s high time you go out and spoil yourself silly on a long and well-deserved vacation. With things now looking better in the outside world, it should be perfectly fine to do so, right?

Unfortunately, despite the good progress made towards economic recovery, a few hiccups here and there tend to be unavoidable; clusters emerge from time to time and one COVID wave after another keeps on occurring.

Still, fear not, since there’s still a few avenues of leisure that you can take, with boat charters being the most exciting of them all.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why a maritime escapade is the greatest and safest way to kick back and de-stress.

Distance yourself from everything

Whether it be from harm’s way or any form of responsibility, taking a yacht charter is undoubtedly the best way to distance yourself from all of your worries.

Due to their relatively small size compared to other vessels, such as cruise ships – yacht charters provide unparalleled privacy for you and any guests you wish to bring along.

Want to plan a yachts party exclusively for your beloved partner or cherished family? Go ahead!

In short, a vacation aboard a yacht guarantees utmost security and safety, letting you enjoy and revel in your happy hours with peace of mind.

Strictest safety regulations will always be in place

For luxury yacht charter companies, their client’s and personnel’s health will always take top priority.

As such, you can rest assured that before you embark on your voyage, your chartered yacht will be sanitised and utterly spotless from stem to stern.

Additionally, they’ve also taken stricter safety regimes for their crew as an extra measure, such as requiring them to wear face coverings, practice social distancing, and take regular tests.

So, all in all, you can whisk your worries away and fully revel in your getaway knowing your fears is allayed.

The fun part about yachts remain untouched

Despite all these precautions and safety regulations in place – the fun times don’t stop rolling when you’re on a yacht charter, and that’s precisely what you need after working yourself to the bone in the last several months.

Once aboard, the possibilities are endless and your imagination’s the only limit. Want to feel like going on an adventure?

Island hopping activities allow you to set sail to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand and go exploring from island to island and take in sights you’ve never seen before.

Prefer to make the most of the waters around you?

Yacht-based activities abound and you have plenty of options, whether it be diving, snorkelling, sea kayaking, and more. And if you opt for a nighttime escapade, dinner by the sea followed by a bit of stargazing just sounds absolutely blissful.

Whether you customise your route and experience or heed your travel adviser’s recommendations, you’re sure to disembark feeling fresh and invigorated to take on what lays ahead with a smile on your face.


With all that said, there’s no doubt that taking a private yacht charter is one of the best and safest way to unwind in today’s new normal. If you’re excited to get going as soon as possible, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Valencia Yachts!

We at Valencia Yachts believe that there is always an occasion to celebrate despite the lingering presence of the recent pandemic. In line with existing COVID-19 regulations, groups of five are now welcome onboard at Valencia Yachts. Private yacht charter prices start from $999 onwards, and varies based on the number of pax onboard and the duration of charter.

How To Incorporate Health And Wellness Into Your Boat Party


Singapore Boat Charter, Singapore Boat Charter

Having fun and staying healthy aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can always enjoy your time while remaining conscious of your well-being. While partying on a yacht, particularly, you can still have the best time of your life without having to sacrifice your health and fitness goals.

Besides, there are plenty of things you can do to make your yacht trip more fun yet health conscious. Especially these days, being aware of your well-being is a must no matter where you go and what you do.

For your next amazing boat charter, here are some things you can do to incorporate health and wellness into your itinerary:

Do physical water activities

Accomplishing your fitness goals isn’t just a post-working hours affair – even on a yacht trip, you still can fulfil them!

There are many physical activities you can do to stay active and healthy even while enjoying a luxury yacht charter.

Take swimming, one of the most common physical activity you can do during a boat trip! It’s an excellent workout because it allows you to move your whole body, and it keeps your heart rate up.

In fact, it is one of the best forms of cardio exercises out there, as it helps build your endurance and strengthen your muscles.

Aside from swimming, snorkelling is also a good cardio fitness activity you can do while sailing the crystal-clear sea.

Snorkelling can increase your heart rate and strengthen your heart muscle. It can also improve your breathing by increasing your maximal oxygen uptake, which is a good indicator of aerobic fitness.

Drink fresh fruit juices instead of liquor

Who says you can’t enjoy a yacht party without alcohol?

The truth is you don’t always need liquor to get the most out of your yacht charter. Sometimes, all you need are pitchers of ice-cold, tasty fruit juices to complete your yacht experience.

Drinking fresh fruit juices is a great way to energise yourself. Cruising and partying on a yacht requires a lot of energy, so you need the essential nutrients in fruits to keep you up all day.

When it’s a sunny day, a glass of watermelon juice can also surely quench your thirst in an instant.

Relax while you watch the sunset

Apart from swimming, dancing, and playing games, watching the sunset is one of the most exciting activities you must do during your yacht trip.

Surprisingly, just laying back and watching the sunset is said to bring several benefits to one’s mental health.

Why, you may ask?

Well, according to research, sunsets have plenty of psychological effects that can relieve your stress and enhance your long-lasting satisfaction in life. Watching the sunset can help produce serotonin in your brain, and it can make you more appreciative of the things around you.

So, if you’ve been feeling under the weather lately, take some time to enjoy the view of the sunset from your chartered yacht.


Health and fun can intermingle with each other – you can easily have the best of both worlds! So, pick up a refreshing juice or snorkel your way into the school of fishes – either way, you’re in for an exciting and wholesome time.

So, if you’re all set for your yacht trip packed with wellness – finding a great charter company is the next thing you should do. At Valencia Yachts, our private yacht charter prices begin from $999 onwards for every 4-hour charter, but we’re always open to yacht trips for longer durations – just let us know! Now, you can rest easy knowing that fun and wellness can go well together aboard a yacht.

3 Things To Remember Before You Book Your First Yacht Trip


Singapore Private Boat Charter, Singapore Boat Charter

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience to make your vacation or free time worthwhile, chartering and cruising on a yacht is something you should try. Sailing on a luxurious boat is an exciting and relaxing way to spend your idle hours and relieve your stress.

Not to mention, there are plenty of things you can do while on board a chartered yacht – the sky’s the limit!

However, to make sure that you and your guests get to make the best out of your sailing experience, there are some important considerations that you need to keep in mind.  So, here are some of the things you must remember when booking your first ever yacht trip:

Set a budget

Money is the first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind before chartering a yacht.

After all, you need to make sure that your chosen boat charter fits your budget, so you and your guests can enjoy a totally smooth cruise.

To set a precise budget for your exciting boat trip, it’s important that you communicate well with the charter company. Inform them about the purpose of your trip, the number of your guests, and the activities that you would be doing.

Plan your activities

Another important thing that you need to think about when chartering a yacht is what you are going to do on board.

The plan is to make most of your precious time – so, you definitely wouldn’t to waste it on your just sitting around and looking at the sea! (Unless your plan is to relax and enjoy the scenery, no one’s stopping you.)

So, to make the most out of your luxury yacht charter, plan your activities beforehand. Think about all the things that you want to do while sailing in the middle of the ocean.

You can swim, snorkel, have a yacht party, play games, and dance around to groovy music. You can basically do whatever you wish; but just bear in mind that you should give a heads up about your planned activities to the charter company in advance.

Prepare your menu

Your yacht trip wouldn’t be complete without food. To make your sailing experience more fun and memorable, prepare sumptuous meals you and your guests can feast on.

You can always pack in your own food or leave it up to the crew. Especially when it comes to customisation, just simply them know of your preference while booking.

However, as a word of caution, if you tend to get seasick – don’t eat or drink too much! It may affect your movement aboard and have a negative impact on your yacht experience.

Instead, keep to light bites for the time being until all forms of queasiness have vanished!


Sailing on a luxurious yacht in the middle of the ocean is indeed a great experience everyone needs to try. It is a fun and relaxing way to spend your free time, away from the noises and pollutions of the city. To make your first yacht trip smooth and solid, make sure to follow the tips you’ve read in this article.

If you’re looking for a charter company with affordable yet luxurious offers, Valencia Yachts is your best option! We have a variety of premium yacht rentals in Singapore to choose from, with our private yacht charter prices starting from $999 onwards. So, let loose and prepare for a relaxing and exciting yacht trip!

Date Ideas: Planning Your Romantic Weekend Yacht Getaway


Singapore Private Boat Charter, Singapore Boat Charter

Whether it’s a celebratory event or just another date night, a yacht getaway is always a welcomed choice. With a luxury yacht charter, it could bring fulfilling results if the event is planned right.

Not to mention, getting on a yacht is almost like a mini-vacation! With this comes many considerations, like what to bring, what to pack to go onboard and many other worries. As such, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway.

Hence, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway.

Check the weather

Without a doubt, it goes without saying that you should check the weather conditions for your planned date before actually confirming and booking the date!

After all, the weather conditions on that day might either make or break your vacation.

Rains and storms can also affect the water conditions and the safety of the yacht. So do remember to check with the yacht providers to see if the weather is suitable for sailing and arrange for shelter if needed.

As the weather can be unpredictable, it might be good to plan activities that you both can do outdoors and indoors. For example, suppose the weather on the date that you have scheduled to sail out is rainy.

In that case, before deciding on when you would like to have your boat charter – you might want to discuss with your yacht provider to plan indoor activities that you both might still enjoy, such as games or movies rather than swimming, to create a memorable experience at sea despite the weather.

Picking the right food

Food is an essential part of every date. Sharing a meal and a conversation while watching the sunset at sea could be something to look forward to after a long day.

However, you might need to note not to make the food choices too heavy as there is a possibility that you or your partner may experience seasickness.

Instead, choose lighter finger foods such as tacos, sandwiches and fruits! These foods are easier on the stomach and can still be eaten without making a mess; being easy to pack could also be a bonus.

However, it is understandable if you would still like to go for a particular food choice for both you and your partner – which is why you might stand a better chance if you know your partner’s eating habits and food allergies.

Just take note to avoid overly spicy or greasy foods (for health reasons), and you should be good to go!

Make room for spontaneity

We can try to plan for every situation, but sometimes we should recognise that we cannot control everything that comes our way.

For example, there might be delays in boarding due to the weather or you forgetting to bring items onboard.

Being flexible could make the experience pleasant, even with curveballs thrown your way. At the same time, challenges can also get you and your partner closer as you overcome them and brainstorm solutions while experiencing the whole trip together.

Keeping it simple

Lastly, the best advice to go for would be less is more.

You do not need much other than your partner and some necessities for you to enjoy a romantic getaway.

In the yacht, the sea provides the best backdrop for photos, while the tranquil scenery can also offer an excellent atmosphere for conversations to flow.

Another good piece of advice would be to keep your devices away for that day to enjoy each other’s company fully. Disconnecting online allows you both to connect with one another and make up for any lost time experienced in your daily lives.


Making time for your partner on the weekdays could prove to be a challenge. Hence many couples would try to spend as much quality time with each other to make up for the time lost. Going on a mini yacht vacation could keep the stressors that you both face in the city away. The ocean and sea views are also known to be a romantic setting that couple can do various activities together.

Before embarking on your romantic sea adventure, you could first start looking for a suitable yacht provider and check the private yacht cost as part of your budget plans. Here at Valencia Yachts, we’re offering affordable yacht rates from $999 onwards – embark on a 4-hour charter with your loved one and have a romantic lunch or dinner by the mesmerising waters. For enquiries, simply send a form to us!

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Yachting Life


5 reasons to fall in love with the yachting life

Most of us believe luxury yacht charters are mainly for hosting yacht parties and one-off events. When we see yachts docked at the pier, it may not cross our minds that people may charter or rent these boats for a longer-term experience.

The sea provides a great getaway from the stressors that we face on land. During school holidays, or even just for times that we feel like it gets too much, getting on a yacht and sailing out to sea can be a cathartic experience for the whole family.

But if you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why people abandon the convenience of the city for life on a yacht.


A day at sea away from the prying eyes of others is the best way to get some privacy and well-deserved time alone.

However, the hustle brought down upon us, especially for working adults, can be challenging to get away from, with many even bringing work into their homes and personal lives.

Also, it might be hard to get away from everyone if you live with family or houseguests. The social obligation also dictates interaction between those living under the same roof, even though you would rather be left alone on some days.

In the waters, you will not need to think about unexpected guests popping by your apartment or keeping your doors and windows locked, but rather enjoy the freedom provided by the open seas.

Adventure and exploring the seas

With your home being your vehicle, exploring the various parts with a map is made so much more convenient.

In addition, yacht owners love the spontaneity they have, allowing them to steer wherever their mood takes them. You can even choose to sleep in a different spot of the waters each night – whatever floats your boat!

Relax and recuperate

The bobbing motion of the waters tends to have a relaxing and calming effect unless you are someone that experiences seasickness.

Most people find tranquil waters that gently rock the yacht among the quiet seas, one of the most rewarding experiences they can find on the yacht.

Out there, you will find yourself free from the city noises contributed by construction or busy roads. The quiet can even allow you and your shared company to have meaningful conversations and even forge closer bonds as you experience the seas together.

A property with endless ocean views

Looking for sea views? The yacht is probably one of the few properties which can provide you with a 365 view of just endless sea views.

Instead of looking out to roads, buildings, and construction, the views offered during your time on the yacht would mostly be the blue waters of the sea and occasionally some land within the horizon.

Or better yet – if you have it in you to wake up and be out on the deck at specific timings – you can witness the breath-taking sunrise and sunset views on the waters! Another clear reason why people choose to spend their days on the yacht.

Most of all, with open waters, come open skies. Looking up at night with no streetlamps and sources of light pollution can give you a clear, unobstructed view of the stars and the night sky.

What more can you ask for, really?

Memorable experiences

If you are looking to go on the yacht and have some alone time, the yacht could provide the solitude you seek. The peace you find within yourself at sea would follow you even after you disembark and return to land.

It is also no surprise that yachts are chartered for team bonding events. Out in the seas with no distraction, people are forced to make polite conversation, eventually forging something deeper.

In addition, whether it’s swimming or a yacht party, the fun activities and sports that you can do with your friends will bring shared laughter and joy to everyone.

Whether you sail solo or with your team, having a few days on the yacht will sure bring you experiences that you will never forget!


After reading these five reasons, it is safe to say we can understand why others will want to spend time away from land and the city. Be it a journey for healing, team bonding, or celebrations, a boat charter is perfect for many different purposes. Moreover, if you have been on a yacht, the memories you gather will also stay with you for a very long time and could carry you through difficult times.

If you are looking to get away from the bustle of the city or have a location where you can hold events with your close friends and loved ones, you could always reach out to us for an arrangement. At Valencia Yachts, we believe in creating the best experiences for you at sea. Currently, we are offering rates from $999 onwards for a 4-hour charter, and prices are based on the number of pax onboard. So, if you would like to get this yacht trip started – don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

6 Romantic Celebrations For A Perfect Getaway On The Yacht


Singapore Private Boat Charter, Singapore Boat Charter

Romantic settings can range from fine dining to walks in the park. However, on some occasions, such as Valentine’s day or weddings, couples may choose to make them more memorable and hold such events on yachts.

Yachts generally represent a getaway, carrying people who wish to get away from the city life. They provide privacy and are good locations for intimate gatherings.

If you are looking to turn up your celebrations, here are various romantic events for every stage of your relationship to take your partner out to sea.

1. Date night

Chartering a yacht does not just have to be for elaborate parties and gatherings!

For example, if you are looking to create a memorable date night, a yacht charter could be a way to indulge you and your partner in an evening of romance.

Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two o a movie night on board, the yacht provides a perfect romantic setting. You could even talk to the crew to arrange the details to have the date extra special.

There is no better way to end the date than cuddling up and sharing a drink while watching the sunset at sea.

2. Marriage proposal

Marriage proposals can present a high level of stress, especially if you plan on making the first move.

Therefore, popping the big question deserves the best setting to accompany how you feel towards your partner.

Having gentle waves and stars in the open sky above the cruise might be the perfect way to soothe your nerves and pop the question. Being away at sea may also mean being away from prying eyes, making this occasion more intimate and unique from your other dates.

3. Engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties

Yacht parties in Singapore are growing in popularity.

Many are also opting to hold their pre-wedding parties, such as engagement parties or bachelor parties, on a yacht to give the future bride or groom something to remember before they step into the marriage phase of their relationship.

Celebrating the love of your life with close friends and family calls for an intimate yet creative setting.

In addition, holding a yacht party by the sea could also allow for certain concessions. For example, the ocean provides a perfect noise barrier, so you and your friends can party all night long without worry about disturbing your neighbours.

4. Weddings

Weddings can be lavish affairs for some.

So, to make yours even fancier, or give it the extra boost up compared to the ones you have been to, a wedding at sea is probably the one to beat, especially if you plan to have a more intimate affair.

After all, there is just something about exchanging your vows in front of the endless sea views that makes yacht weddings dreamy.

However, if you plan to have a larger-scale celebration at sea, remember to make sure the private yacht cost is within your wedding budget!

5. Honeymoon

The scenic beauty provided by exotic islands, white sand beaches and a glorious sunset is the perfect reason to get away from land for your honeymoon.

A boat charter offers the perfect destination for your honeymoon romance, and also one that you can celebrate with just the two of you!

You could also choose to arrange a sailing path with your yacht charterers to dock at islands for both of you to explore.

6. Anniversaries

Anniversaries are often overlooked. However, anniversaries are the perfect occasion to show your partner that you still cherish their company like it is your first date after all these years.

If your honeymoon was at sea, going for a luxury yacht charter and celebrating your anniversary onboard could be a way to relive that experience.

A yacht celebration could also take you both away from the mundane life you both have been experiencing and give you something to look forward to.

The most important part? Planning and going for this special anniversary celebration together might make the experience even more memorable. Neither of you will forget the date for years!


And there you have it, all the significant occasions that you will experience at each stage of your relationship and how you can celebrate them on board in style. Yacht charters provide the fairy tale romance that you might be yearning to have all these times with your partner.

If you’re still at the stage where you are daydreaming about these occasions, it might be time to take action and start planning to make them a reality. Here at Valencia Yachts, we would be happy to assist you in your plans for romance. In fact, we offer affordable private yacht charter prices beginning from $999 for a 4-hour charter – prices varying according to the number of people onboard. Check out our different packages and see what suits your occasion best!

4 Must-Know Tips Before Renting Your First Yacht


Singapore Private Boat Charter, Singapore Boat Charter

A holiday is a rare and exhilarating jaunt whose purpose should be to fully relieve you of your stresses and reinvigorate your spirit for what lays ahead.

As such, your only mission is to have as much fun and make the most out of these once in a blue moon escapades! Spending them in everyday tourist destinations falls short of achieving that goal, which may leave you regretting it from the bottom of your soul.

If you’re wondering what else to try, why not give a private yacht charter a chance?

Up close and personal encounters with marine life, exciting activities on uncharted destinations, and numerous first-time experiences are only a few of the myriad possibilities that await you on the seaside.

No matter where you’d like to cruise first, here are four essential tips to take note of to guarantee your first charter goes without a hitch.

Plan everything in advance

Planning well in advance is universal for every trip, but when it comes to a boat charter, there are a few extra steps to be wary of.

Before you pick out your desired days to take an aquatic getaway, you’ll first have to pick your preferred yacht charter company – each of them will have varying pre-planned schedules for their voyages, so it’s best to adjust your plans according to theirs!

Once you’ve done your research and have chosen a specific one, you can then make inquiries and coordinate plans with their trip adviser.

As a last piece of advice, strive to be flexible with your itinerary. Because everything depends on the weather when it comes to yacht charters, your planned route could change at a moment’s notice.

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that any alternatives offered by your adviser will just be as spectacular or even better than what was initially planned.

Finalise your headcount

Private yachts will always have a maximum number of guests allowed on board, so finalising your total headcount is always a crucial part of your planning stage.

Additionally, rates typically vary depending on the number of guests you plan on bringing along. So, to take the private yacht cost into consideration – make sure you have the right numbers on hand.

Once you’ve done so – you’re one step closer to an eventful yet affordable yacht trip – be it a yachts party or date!

Clearly express your desires for the trip

Trip advisers need to know what your ideal getaway is before they can give you any recommendations.

To make your private yacht charter genuinely feel like a home away from home, you’ll have to list down what you want and expect from it.

Factors such as the things you want to do on the cruise, whom you wish to share them with, and down to your preferred cuisine, all play an essential role in ensuring that you enjoy your maritime jaunt to the fullest.

You can always indicate your preferences or needs through the inquiry form – this information is greatly appreciated by your adviser, and it helps them curate an experience that’s solely just for you.

Know proper yacht etiquette

Intrinsically, yachts are social environments with their own rules, both spoken and unspoken, that everyone should follow. A few of these proper etiquettes or do’s and dont’s are:


Speak up to your captain if you have any problems or concerns at any given moment during the trip.

The crew’s main job is to make sure that your voyage is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, so do bring up any issues that arise so they can take care of it for you.

What’s more, use soft-sided bags or luggage containers if you’re packing a lot of things for the trip.

Only bring what you need, and leave the extra space for relaxing or partying!


Refrain from wearing hard- or high-heeled footwear since they’re prone to scuffing or damaging the decks. Once aboard, switch to soft-soled shoes or just go barefoot!

Moreover, don’t bring along additional guests at the last minute of your trip.

The supplies onboard your yacht charter should be precisely calculated to be sufficient only for the original number of guests, and bringing more could also exceed the maximum capacity.


A private getaway out at sea is no longer just an unreachable luxury; it’s now an affordable reality. With a luxury yacht charter, you can experience your dream cruise by the waters with ease, so don’t just sit around and reach out to the respective yacht charter company as soon as you can!

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