4 Fun Group Games To Play For Your Birthday Party By The Sea

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Birthdays will forever be special events to us. It celebrates our life on earth and acts as a milestone of our progress year after year. And because it’s such a special occasion, every celebration should ideally be equally exciting and unique, even if just in the slightest. If most of your birthday celebrations have been on land, here’s a fantastic suggestion for your next one: hold a yacht birthday party out on the high seas! With the vast expanse of sea as far as the eye can see, the change of scenery is sure to excite and liven up your spirits as well as those of your guests. Plus, with the abundance of water everywhere, a whole new slew of aquatic activities can be enjoyed by everyone. Once everyone has had their fun playing in the ocean, that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. To keep the good times rolling, here are some fun and timeless party game suggestions to include in your revelries. Beer Roulette After a brief respite from all the swimming and other watery horseplay, what better way to restart the fun than with a little prank? Just like the infamous Russian Roulette that inspired it (minus the dangerous aspect), this game involves a bit of luck to avoid being drenched in beer. The game is pretty simple. First, a player is tasked with taking a number of beer cans equal to the participating number of people in the group. Then, this player shall shake one can of beer as intensely as possible to pressurise it. Once ready, mix the beers and hand them out to the rest. The suspense and eventual hilarity that’ll unfold is sure to revitalise everyone’s energy for the next game! Truth or Dare As an all-time classic in party games, you can never go wrong with truth or dare no matter how old you get. But although truth or dare can single-handedly create fun and memorable moments, there’s also a chance that it could cause trouble. To be on the safe side, it’s best to set some ground rules on the type of questions that are allowed and the intensity of the dares put forth. Drunk Jenga If alcohol is a major part of your birthday celebration, you can make the experience a lot more exciting by pairing it with the excellent and old-fashioned board game Jenga. The game is played just like the regular version, except that each block contains one rule that a player must follow if they pull it out. The rules can be as diverse as desired, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s best to limit it to something that’s specific to your circle’s context, such as their habits. Never Have I Ever With the presence of alcohol or without it, this game is the perfect activity to discover more about the people close to you. The game is pretty straightforward and usually requires a volunteer to start the game off by asking someone else about things they haven’t done. The other participants who have done this thing can respond by drinking or counting their score with their fingers if they’re not fond of the drink but still want to play. Conclusion Celebrating one’s birthday is a joyous occasion, and by surrounding yourself with your closest friends and family, the merrier it’ll be. Games like the ones we’ve mentioned enhance the experience, so prepare to stock up to last for the entire trip. But before preparing for all that, it’s necessary to first secure the vessel for your needs. As such, make sure to reach out to the right yacht charter … Read More

Seal The Deal: Why Charter A Yacht To Impress Clients

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Be it signing a contract for one’s services or forming a new partnership – the location’s environment for such a private meeting always has a key role in setting the mood. For the most part, these private client meetings are held in the same old venues. But if you’re a business owner that’s interested in shaking things up and making a splash with your target audiences, why not host your next private meeting out on a yacht? To discover why a little tour at sea on a private luxury yacht in Singapore is the ideal setting for your upcoming business affair, read on down below. Loosen up your clients instantly Mix business with pleasure – it’s the perfect recipe to ensure ultimate client satisfaction. The place where you hold such important business events is a factor that affects the result of your negotiations. Apart from arming you with the necessary confidence to lay out your proposals, having your business prospects be in a good mood increases the chances of things going your way. And these days, one of the ideal venues to host private meetings such as these is aboard a yacht. If you would like to impress a client, hosting your business affair in a private and secure environment like this will do just the trick! Holding your business negotiations in a conducive setting is sure to positively influence the outcome that you desire. Leave a good impression of your company No matter the size, a company’s image must be upheld in the eyes of all of its constituents, namely its clients, employees, investors and business partners. For instance, taking your business prospects out on an unconventional yet impressive setting for a simple meeting shows how much you respect and value their importance. And by treating these clients to an aquatic getaway on a yacht, you not only get to know them better – but you make them feel valued, aiding in the success of a contract or proposal. Revel in the wonders of the sea Thanks to the chosen venue’s mobile nature, the setting for various activities can be adjusted depending on the needs. From being out at sea to watch the sun set or near the coast bathed by the city’s nightlife – you can guarantee that your guests will never experience a dull moment during your event. To make things go smoothly, it’s best to inform your chosen yacht charter company in Singapore about your plans so they can prepare for it accordingly. Conclusion Taking your clients out to sea is sure to leave a good impression on their hearts and minds, allowing you to gain many benefits for just a small investment. After going through all these reasons, the first thing that you might be thinking about is the price of renting these watercraft. The good news is that hosting an event on such a vessel won’t cost an arm and a leg. For instance, since Phase 3, Valencia Yachts is now offering yacht rentals starting from $1,110 onwards. Get in touch with our staff and enjoy an affordable yacht experience with us!

4 Things To Do For The Perfect Yacht Date Night

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Dinner dates are a significant part of any relationship, whether a couple is just starting on their romantic journey or have been already married for years. More often than not, these intimate engagements are held at the comforts of one’s home or high-end establishments. As such, a change of pace is much needed every once in a while. Regardless if it’s your first date with someone special or you want to spice things up with your life-long partner, you can never go wrong with a dinner date out at sea! Away from the hustle and bustle of city life and with the glow of a million stars shining overhead, there’s no better setting to express your ardent passion to the one who has your heart. With the private yacht cost in Singapore now being more affordable than ever, this option has become more available to couples looking to try something new. To help you prepare for this new date setting on the high seas, know these four things that must be prioritised to make everything perfect. Prioritise the ambience When you rent a yacht, most of the work of setting the right ambience is already taken care of. You only need to complement the oceanic view with your decor to make the entire atmosphere personal and perfect for your needs. Thanks to complete privacy, you’re guaranteed to enjoy yourselves to the fullest and revel in a quiet space that’s reserved only for both of you. Order fresh flowers in advance Flowers are timeless when it comes to romance, so why not surprise your beloved with a bouquet of her favourites right after she steps aboard the yacht? The fragrance will not only captivate her from the moment she steps on board, but it’ll also linger throughout the entire trip, adding a magnificent touch to the entire venue. As a tip, don’t make a last-minute purchase and place an order ahead of time to ensure it gets delivered early or on the same day of your voyage. Cherry-pick the appropriate music To make the date more magical, you need to tune into the right music to complete the entire mood. First and foremost, bring in a mini speaker or if you have the budget – spruce up the yacht interiors with a sound system. Once you’ve done so, what’s next is to create a playlist of songs you and your partner like, and you’re all set! If you’d like to do other activities with them before or after dinner, such as a gentle and intimate slow dance, then include songs that are appropriate for those activities as well. Finalise the food Last but not least is the occasion’s main event, the dinner itself. Whether you’d like to cook up everything yourself or have a professional chef make them for you, just keep in mind that it’s always best to stick to the dishes that you both like. That is unless you and your partner are keen to explore other viands and delicacies. If so, go ahead and order catering with a good spread and diversity – prepare to tickle your taste buds with tasty delights! Conclusion Taking your dearest out on a dinner date out at sea is sure to impress them and add a lovely twist that can enhance your relationship. Just remember, as with any grand excursion – planning ahead of time is a must. And before you take care of the things we just covered, you must first secure the most important asset for your romantic excursion: a yacht. Do the necessary research and contact the yacht charter company in Singapore that … Read More

4 Activities For The Best Family Bonding Day On Water

Without a doubt, quality time is important for fostering bonds between family members; which is why occasional family bonding sessions come into play. Especially when considering how everyone usually has their own life to go about – putting aside some time to organise a family bonding event can help keep the bonds stronger than ever. Whether it’s during the holidays or the weekend – once you’ve found an appropriate time which fits everyone’s schedule; it’s time to think up the exact activity. So, rather than stick to the usual activities by the beach or park; for an all-new and memorable experience – why not consider a private yacht charter? Deepening the bonds between one another while onboard a yacht is an amazing experience; no vacation is the same with the beautiful sights, serene atmosphere, and enjoyable company. Read on to discover what it takes to have a bonding experience of a lifetime with your family members! Build a device with limited supplies In this challenge, you will split your family members into two or more teams, and every team will get the same set of supplies. With the items, they will have to work together to come up with an innovative product or a device. The team with the most creative product will ultimately win the challenge, and through this simple activity, you will get to witness the creative and never-before-seen personalities hidden within your family members. This will allow you to know your close or distant family members and their personalities better. Bring previously devised problems to solve Before the day of the activity, you will ask every team to think of a problem and then submit it. During the event, all the problems will be mixed in a hat, and every team will choose one. During this time, you will have to ensure that no team picks the problem they have created previously. Every team will get half an hour to solve the problem. They would have to utilise their creative ideas, communication, and interaction skills, and present it to you. The best problem solver will win this challenge and will take home a gift! Mental scavenger hunt A yacht is no big space, making it difficult for a scavenger hunt to happen – considering that it’s hard to hide items in any spot aboard a yacht. However, it only means that it’s time to brainstorm and be creative, by introducing another way to play the game of scavenger hunt – behold, “hidden” puzzles or brain teasers. Assign family members randomly in teams of two or three and have them move from station to station and attempt to solve the problems given. The team with the most puzzles or riddles wins! Building challenges Since it is practically impossible to assign a sandcastle building challenge on a yacht, why not introduce a lego building challenge? This activity aims not to award the team who has built the best lego structure but to give everyone a chance to take the lead by completing the task while coordinating with others. The best part about planning family bonding activities on a yacht is that you can enjoy interacting with your family members over delicious barbeque or finger food, and the tantalising sunset reflected on the majestic waves once the day is over. Switching up your usual family bonding activities can make way for a thrilling, unforgettable experience! All that’s left is to determine the private yacht charter cost. Get in touch with us, Valencia Yachts, for our yacht promotions which has been open to the masses since the start of Phase 3.

A Handy Guide On Hosting A Birthday Party By The Waters

One of the best feelings is hosting a birthday party so fun yet unique that it remains etched in the memory of your guests for years. Everyone hosts birthday parties at restaurants, chalets and dining halls, but have you ever considered a yacht as a venue for your birthday party? A yacht party will reflect your taste, class, and style and, contrary to popular belief, it is not as expensive as you think. So, if you’re interested in hosting a yacht birthday party by the waters – keep reading on! Setting the theme right Yes, birthday parties need themes too. For instance, you can choose a Disney or Star Wars theme before even sending out the invites. It would help you in choosing and finalising the décor of your party. Based on your party theme, you can also choose the event’s dress code and include this detail on the invites sent out to your guests. Deciding the food Although food is the light of any birthday party, it would be best not to experiment with it at your birthday party. The only exception would be if you know your guest, their eating habits as well as their food allergies well. If the foods are too spicy and greasy, some guests might not like it. While setting the menu, ensure that the foods do not consist of any common allergens as some of your guests might be allergic to the ingredients. On the other hand, another consideration is ensuring that your guests get a warm supply of tasty and healthy food throughout your birthday party. Delicious food combined with a fun-packed itinerary will make for a swell time, for sure! Finalising your guest list It is essential to have the exact number of guests coming to the party as it makes it easier for you to arrange the food and drinks for them. A common issue that many face is over-ordering food and drinks without considering how many people are coming to the party. However, it is crucial to note the COVID-19 restrictions and keep to it during such a time. After getting the final numbers, you should start looking for yachts to ensure all your guests are able to move around comfortably. If the party is for your child and your guests are toddlers, then you can plan a bunch of playful activities for them. Similarly, if your guest list comprises mostly adults, then you can take the lead in arranging a BBQ party or even a small dance competition. If you are inviting young adults, then the party might go on throughout the night, so, you might need to make night staying arrangements on the yacht and inform your guests beforehand. Take all these factors into consideration and you’re one step closer to planning a spectacular birthday party. Checking the weather Although the weather is unpredictable, you are advised to set your yacht party’s date based on the last few days’ weather. Since the yacht will be out on the waters, torrential rains and storms can affect your birthday party. However, this should not stop you from holding your party on a yacht. In case your birthday falls on a rainy day, make sure to talk to the yacht authorities and arrange for shelter in advance. Always remember that once you embark on a yacht journey, you would not be returning until the end of the party. So, don’t forget to pack in extra food, drinks, and medicines to stay extra prepared! A fun, smashing yacht birthday party is only possible with proper planning – so, ensure you follow … Read More

4 Fun Yet Unique Ways To Bond With Your Family On A Yacht

Nothing beats the feeling of being able to unwind with your family after months of working tirelessly. Why not take your unwinding experience to a new level? After all, you deserve every bit of it for working hard at work every day. For instance, imagine being able to relax with your family, onboard a yacht for the weekend. Especially with the many ways to strengthen the bonds with your family onboard a yacht – you can expect a swell of a team ahead of you! As such, this is why some families never fail to charter one every holiday or for a yacht birthday party. If you think it is too good to be true, then keep reading on to learn the various ways in which you can create unforgettable memories with your family on a private yacht charter. Plan your itinerary It is essential to include your kids and other family members while planning the activities you will be doing onboard the yacht! After all, one of the surefire ways to strengthen family bonds is by doing new activities together. When boarding a yacht, you can expect to try out a variety of events – be it sightseeing or island hopping. If you include your family members in the activities, you would easily be able to get them invested and looking forward to the yacht charter experience. But to take extra precaution, in light of COVID-19, make sure to check with the yacht company for any restrictions. Meanwhile, if you would like to go the extra mile, feel free to encourage your family members to decide the event’s colour code as it builds a sense of unity; which eventually adds to the yacht’s bonding experience! Organise fun activities For many, chartering a yacht is not an everyday thing. It typically is for an event like a birthday, wedding or just a special day set aside to bond with friends and family. Therefore, it is crucial that you make the most out of your time while on the yacht. A straightforward way to ensure that everyone is in the moment and enjoying each other’s company is by setting their phones aside. Not only will this promote more quality conversations, but it will also contribute to better memories built by the end of the day! If you have young kids, you could even teach them how to relax by just taking in the beauty of the scenery in front of them or even take the lead in jumping in the water with them. You could even include themed events like a Christmas family party, pirate night – depending upon your family’s preferences! Don’t restrict your culinary desires While onboard water, why not add to the experience by having seafood? You can request for the crew to prepare scrumptious dishes involving various plates of seafood. Eating together is one of the best ways to cultivate a tight knit family bond so ensure all your family members are present for the meal. While setting the menu, consider the food allergies, some of your family members might have to not cause them any discomfort on the trip from allergic reactions. Invite the grandparents If you have not got the chance to visit your grandparents in the last few months, this is the perfect way for you to make up for the lost time. You could even invite your extended family, especially since Valencia Yachts is licensed to accept bookings of up to 30 guests. Keep these four handy tips in mind while planning for your next family trip on a luxurious yacht. Remember to … Read More

7 Entertainment Ideas For Your Next Corporate Yacht Charter

Hosting a corporate event aboard a yacht is a great alternative to banquet halls or restaurants. Creating an immersive experience while attendees are onboard is the key to success. Whether you want to celebrate a huge accomplishment or encourage employees to foster better teamwork – entertainment at a corporate event contributes a large portion to its victory. Hence, before you decide to hire a boat and start planning for the event – to make sure all attendees are engaged and entertained, here are a couple of ideas you can try out! Play catchbox Catchbox is a square object in which a microphone is attached to. During a Q&A session, attendees can sit in a group or circle. A facilitator can ask a question, and then once someone is ready to answer the microphone is thrown to them. This creates a livelier session. Feel free to ask any questions that are work-related, or break the ice by popping over slightly personal questions to really get to know your colleagues or partners! Virtual reality scavenger hunt Games like Pokemon Go has become a popular past time. Players have to find hidden creatures or clues logged in on a digital mapping system. You can apply this concept with landmarks that you will sail past while on the yacht. If you have sufficient budget, spice up the corporate yacht charter by using a special ARVR tech system to customise your own scavenger hunt that is relevant to the area you’ll be sailing through. Live entertainment Invest in a local band to play dance or background music. Live bands create a special atmosphere and have been tried and tested to be very successful. So, why not showcase some of your attendees’ singing skills by giving them a platform where they can perform with their own garage band? They may even end up unleashing some sort of hidden potential, and it means a win-win situation for guests who’ll be watching the performance, because an exciting show awaits! Visual artists Especially for companies in the arts and culture industry, a live visual artist is a great idea. All you need to do is first find a little corner on the boat where the artist can set up and paint or draw while cruising. Some artists can even create portrait sketches or funny caricatures of your guests; this will perk up the crowd and even let them bring home an adorable souvenir! Moreover, depending on the event, you can use a visual artist to raise funds for charities or special future projects. Impersonators It can be a lot of fun having a performer impersonate some of the most famous celebrities in history. Hire an Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, or Michael Jackson impersonator to entertain the crowd and sing a few classics. Photo booths It’s an oldie but a goodie. A fun photo booth with your company logo on the backdrop and some readily available props is a great entertainment activity. You can even hire a photographer to take the photos and print them out on the spot. This will give your guests a little memento to remember the event by. Mixology class If you are in the food and beverage industry, or if your attendees like the acquired taste of mixed drinks, then a mixology class is a unique entertainment activity. In groups, attendees can create their own cocktail, and mocktail mixes that they can enjoy a little bit later. When you stick to the event goals and budget while incorporating specific entertainment and activities that cater to your audience, the event will be a smashing success. All … Read More

6 Family Activities To Partake In During Weekend Charters

Going on a family vacation is a great way to relax – as well as build great relationships and create unforgettable memories together. If you are planning to go on a long weekend yacht charter, then you have to plan a few activities before getting onboard to ensure an exciting and memorable experience. It’s also a unique way to deepen bonds among family members as you get both an arresting view and opportunity to partake in all sorts of new activities by the water. Without further ado, here a few family activities you can enjoy while sailing on the water! Fishing For children, it will be a great idea to pack in a few small and lightweight fishing rods. Let them create their own fishing bait and teach them how to carefully put it on a fishing hook. This will not only be a great learning experience, but it might just spark a new interest in your child. Meanwhile, older children can take it a step further and enjoy deep sea fishing and catch-and-release activities with older members of the family. Going onshore If permitted by the yacht crew, it would be an excellent idea to let the children go ashore at least once a day. Plan day trips to islands or nearby villages for some exploring, and let the little ones embark on a little adventure. Besides, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be on land for a long period of time; having a quick walk to a natural cove or viewpoint, or going for some quick local cuisine is a great way to enjoy the surroundings as well. Rent a SUP Stand up paddleboarding has become a sport that increases in popularity. You can either rent it from a nearby beach or arrange with the private yacht rental company to have a few available on board. This is a great active activity that requires a little bit of skill and will create hours of endless fun for the whole family. Snorkel Especially if you will be chartering over reefs and corals with shiny and colorful fish, it will be a great idea to go snorkelling. You and the rest of your family members can even move onshore to a beach where there are snorkelling instructors and equipment. Looking at the water below is a fun activity of exploring and creating awareness of beautiful nature. Board games and Digital entertainment For a relaxing experience that doesn’t require you to be near or in the waters at all, you can simply bring along a few forms of entertainment as well! While cruising along, you and your family can enjoy the entertainment of traditional board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and cards. It’s up to you if you want to allow family members to enjoy playing games on tablets or not. If you’re planning to do so, it has been recommended to limit digital playtime to an hour or two a day. After all, it’s also important to enjoy each other’s company and bond with meaningful conversations! Try out colouring books Nowadays there is a coloring book for everyone, young and old. For the creatives in the family it will be a great idea to invest in decent colouring tools and let them express themselves creatively by colouring in pictures. Our family members will feel inspired when surrounded by nature and gorgeous scenes. Who knows? An artist might just emerge! Staying busy on and offboard is a great way to build memories and really enjoy each other’s company, so go ahead and try these out for a start! Our private yacht … Read More

Why Should You Host A Corporate Event Aboard A Yacht

When hosting a corporate event, there are many locations you can consider; restaurants, office spaces, gardens and banquet halls. In many cases, these locations can become monotone, resulting in the same-old, dull experience for attendees. In other words, it may be high time for you to switch it up by going for private yacht rental when hosting your next corporate event. After all, most private yacht charters come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, allowing space for either small or large groups. There are many benefits to choosing a yacht as an alternative, and here’s a couple of them. Sets a relaxing tone Having a meeting or corporate event in the same location can be boring, especially when it’s a meeting where everyone comes together to discuss and come up with new ideas; a change of scenery and location can help get creative juices flowing. Moreover, being in a formal setting will make them feel as if they are at work and that they can’t relax. However, when you decide to hire a boat, you’ll offer a much fulfilling experience. Guests will feel relaxed right away; being on the water and watching the surrounding landscapes will make them feel at ease and calm. This will guarantee a smooth event with guests that feel relaxed and treated to a mini-vacation away from the corporate world. Leave a lasting impression Putting some thought into a corporate event will pay off eventually. Especially if you are inviting investors or high-profile clients. Hosting an event like this by getting a private yacht charter will show guests that your company is doing great and that you want to extend luxury to the people who have a part in achieving success. If you want to make a great impression, then a luxury private yacht charter is a great alternative to a fancy hotel. It will create a lasting impression. Conduct the perfect presentation Whether you want to go through sales figures, future plans, or other business statistics; hosting a presentation while surrounded by water will make it pop even more. As an added bonus, being out on the water, will provide you with the utmost privacy. It offers a serene environment with minimal distractions from any other form of sources like roadway noise or interference from other staff. Fit into your budget nicely With enough research and planning, you can easily secure a yacht that will meet your budget requirements best. Moreover, usually, yacht rental companies offer a variety of packages available that include catering, accommodation, and a cruise on the water. First things first, check if they charge according to the chosen yacht itself or by pax; this can help you determine the overall private yacht cost easily. In ValenciaYachts’ case, we charge by pax, so that you’re only paying for the number of people you’re bringing. Our Phase 2 charter rates begin from $999 onwards, and varies based on the number of guests brought onboard. Not only do you have all of the above-mentioned benefits, but you’ll also be able to provide all your guests with amazing views and an exclusive water experience. This will not only break the ice and create great relationships amongst employees, but it will also set the tone for years to come. That said, you can check out our Phase 2 promotions for our affordable yacht rental prices so you can put aside extra money for setting up the event. At Valencia Yachts, we’re always ready to help you with any occasion – be it a corporate event or even a birthday party!

6 Exciting Activities To Try Out While Onboard A Yacht

Are you going on a boat holiday with the entire family? Cruising on the open waters can be a lot of fun, but there will be some times when you need to get creative to keep everyone entertained. To ensure maximum enjoyment for all, here are a few fun, onboard activities you can try during your upcoming private yacht charters. Educate in a fun manner Even if your children are still quite young, you can make them part of the daily duties. You can ask them to mop the deck, sweep the floors, and take out the trash. Or it can even be as simple as setting the table. Doing chores on a boat is much more fun than doing them at home. Throw a party You can rent a yacht for a party, regardless of the occasion. Is your friend’s birthday coming up? Are you looking to do a bachelor or bachelorette party? Or has your company recently won an award and you’re looking to throw a celebration to show appreciation for your team’s efforts? Either way, there are no limitations when you’re aboard a yacht, and you’re even given an arresting view of the stars or sunset. To spice up the celebration, you could even decide to go with a themed party, such as Nautical, Hawaiian, Mermaids, and so on! All that’s left for you to do is bring in any additional equipment to prepare for the special occasion. But to save the trouble and make way for other essentials, you can check in with the private yacht rental company for the equipment and items provided aboard the boat. Make a time-lapse video Many families or any individuals onboard a yacht, in particular, are placing 360-degree cameras at the front of the boat. It will record an entire day of activities on board as well as the gorgeous surroundings, go about your normal daily boat routine and enjoy watching the recording back at triple speed. Dress up like pirates Pack pirate hats, swords, eye patches, and costumes for a fun Pirate-themed day on the water. You can even give each other pirate names like “Captain Jack” or “Randy Rum” or hang a pirate flag from the mast. Greet fellow fishermen and boaters like true pirates with an ‘Ahoy, Matey’ or ‘Ahoy, Me Hearties” and instead of saying ‘yes’, everyone has to say ‘aye’. Learn a few more pirate slang words and have fun talking in true pirate language for a day. Spot wildlife There’s an almost guaranteed chance that you’ll spot a lot of wildlife during your trip by the waters. Create a game out of it, by giving everyone a list of fish, birds, and animals you’ll potentially spot while cruising. The first person to spot the type of animal can tick it off their list. The winner is the one with the most ticks! Board games Nothing bonds a family more than fun board games. Whether you like scrabble, chess, dominoes, or snakes and ladders, remember to pack your favourite board games for the trip. Especially, if it’s a bit cold and windy on the deck you can enjoy a warm hot chocolate in the cabin while having a laugh. A plain deck of cards can also open a lot of fun gaming possibilities for some family entertainment. Sailing around the coast is never boring, but just in case you can follow our fun activity guide in keeping the entire family entertained and busy. That said, if you’re keen on getting a boat, you can check the private yacht cost with us as we’re currently offering … Read More

Our Utmost Gratitude To TheGirl.co For Featuring Us!

We were featured on TheGirl.co’s site as one of the go-to companies for a fulfilling, relaxing yacht adventure by the waters. Source: TheGirl.co If you haven’t heard of this one-stop blog site for any female-related news or needs – TheGirl.co is actually the best girl pal you can count on for top secrets on lifestyle and beauty tips. Pop over to their website and even discover the newest female lifestyle trends, fantastic beauty buys and suggestions, and even controversial, informative topics like hair transplants and plastic surgery. Source: TheGirl.co All in all, the female-centred blog site aspires to help women make informed decisions on their own by learning, educating, and empowering themselves through news, information, and articles featured on their platform. So, now you know who TheGirl.co is, it’s time to take your staycation to the next level by understanding what’s in store for you as you decide to go for a private yacht rental with us (as seen from TheGirl.co’s feature)! One-stop destination for any occasion by the sea Whether it’s for an evening cruise, day charter, extended or overnight yacht trip – Valencia Yachts has got you covered with our multipurpose boats; fully equipped and perfect for all sorts of occasions. You could choose to rent a yacht for a party or even for some special, alone time with your spouse. Be it for family bonding time, wedding solemnisation or proposal, birthday celebrations, team building events, dinner cruises, corporate events, hosting of VVIP clients, or even island hopping – we’re ready to fulfil any of your needs at once! Attentive & top-notch crew service Valencia Yacht’s team is licensed and experienced enough to bring you around Singapore’s surroundings and clean borders, at the same time, always ensuring that any demands are met and handled with care. Not to mention, we’ve even had the honour of hosting high ranking individuals, varying from international CEOs to government officials. Diversity of spacious, lavish yacht options Discover a variety of yacht options as you stumble across our luxurious 52 feet Leopard catamaran, as well as our lavish Valencia and Victoria Charter, which is able to hold up to 33 guests and 28 guests respectively. You’re able to either opt for a 4 or 5 hours charter, or even choose to have an overnight yacht trip – it entirely depends on your needs, occasion, and the availability of slots! A private yacht cost at Valencia Yachts begin from $999 onwards, and rates vary depending on the number of pax to ensure you only pay for the number of guests onboard. Moving into Phase 2, we are now allowed to take in bookings of up to 30 onboard guests. However, safe management measures still apply as COVID-19 is still present, as your well-being is of utmost importance. Feel free to contact us should you have any enquiries. Without said, we deeply appreciate TheGirl.co’s feature on their blog site! Truly, we cannot thank the team enough for doing so, and we only hope to bring our customers and potential prospects a fulfilling experience aboard our yachts.

Building Relationships On A Yacht: 4 Tips To Family Bonding

Nothing quite beats having quality family time. Life can get so busy, and family members may start to grow apart from one another, resulting in one feeling estranged from the other. However, this only presents an opportunity for you to plan a family bonding session to reignite the relationship with your loved ones once more! So, if you’ve let the bond between you and your family skip; it’s time to embark on a private yacht rental for ample time to spend together reconnecting. Without further ado, here are a few things you can prepare ahead to ensure the time is spent well and caters towards family bonding. Plan your itinerary accordingly It’s important that the whole family’s interests are catered to. Spending too much time on one activity that only one of you loves and the others are not too fond of, is not a good idea for bonding. Sit around the table before disembarking, and discuss the interests of everyone. Take into account what everybody wants to do and plan an itinerary accordingly. You should definitely add excursions and activities that can be enjoyed as an entire family. For instance, it could be an activity as simple as bird watching! It’s a perfect way to keep everyone involved just by documenting on a field journal, identifying birds, and keeping a family log of every one of the birds you catch sight of. Whether it’s by taking or drawing pictures – prepare to get ready for some fun-filled adventure with your fellow family members. Limit the use of electronics This might be an unpopular rule, but when digital devices are removed from the equation, family members will be encouraged to actually speak to one another. After all, you want to actually spend the holiday communicating with each other rather than have faces stuck to their phones. Still, allocate a specific time of the day to let your family members take a break and unwind with their technological devices – be it for playing their mobile games or posting phones on their social media. Other than for that particular period, for the rest of the holiday – no digital devices! Once in a lifetime activities Just like a yacht birthday party, a family bonding session is a great way to create long-lasting memories. Without a doubt, there are loads of activities that you will be able to do once you are sailing around the coast. For example, you can take this opportunity to watch a sunset by the waters; something one won’t usually get to do when you’re on land! The experience is just extra sensational and it’ll definitely make for an excellent photo that you and your family will cherish forever. Create delicious food together Certain luxury yacht charters do have chefs who will be ready to whip up scrumptious meals according to guests’ preferences. But rather than leaving the cooking duties to someone else – why not do it on your own with your family members instead? If there is one thing that can bring a family together it’s eating delicious food, and it’s twice better when it’s a meal that has been cooked by everyone! Try out different kinds of cuisine and snacks; food that you haven’t tried before as a family. It could be Vietnamese, Korean, Thai or any other cuisine that appeals to you and your family! No matter the choice, as long as everyone is on the same page – the cooking experience will make for a fun one. Just make sure you do everything in your own kitchen beforehand so the cleanup process will be a lot easier. … Read More