A Warm Thank You To Sassy Mama For Featuring Us!


a warm thank you to sassy mama for featuring us

We’re more than grateful to have caught the eyes of Sassy Mama and be featured on their lovely website – truly, we cannot thank them enough!

If you’ve not heard or come across their page, they’re a family-friendly site that brings readers the latest news of the latest trends and activities, parenting tips, and even style and beauty guides! Managed by a group of fun-loving mothers with a passion for bringing forward up-to-date content to mostly mothers – Sassy Mama prides themselves as one of the go-to guides for anything news related.

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Source: SassyMama Facebook

However, while their news is directed towards the sassy moms – they pretty much have news that’s relevant and insightful for anyone in particular too!

Now, that we’ve covered who Sassy Mama is – here’s a round-up of what we’re able to offer, as mentioned in their article.

Wide variety of catamarans

From our Victoria Charter to our Valencia Charter, we’re able to offer customers a luxurious and memorable experience with our private yacht charters! Prices start from $999, and one can choose from the option of 4 hours or 5 hours charter.

Versatility in accommodating your needs

While our yachts are both family-friendly and spacious, we’re also able to provide a space for various events – be it a yacht birthday party, family bonding session, dinner cruise or island hopping even!

There’s a choice of day, evening, or overnight cruise as well – simply fill us in with your details, and we’ll gladly assist you.

Exceptional quality and service

Our friendly captain and crew are always attentive to your needs and ensuring they meet your expectations throughout the trip. Combined with their expertise and attention to detail in service, the crew can even customise the trip to your preference.

Once again, our heartfelt gratitude to Sassy Mama for the kind feature on their site. We only hope to bring our customers the best service as possible! From corporate events to weddings on a yacht – we are always striving to work as hard as we can to deliver a terrific experience.