A Handy Guide On Hosting A Birthday Party By The Waters


a handy guide on hosting a birthday party by the waters

One of the best feelings is hosting a birthday party so fun yet unique that it remains etched in the memory of your guests for years.

Everyone hosts birthday parties at restaurants, chalets and dining halls, but have you ever considered a yacht as a venue for your birthday party? A yacht party will reflect your taste, class, and style and, contrary to popular belief, it is not as expensive as you think.

So, if you’re interested in hosting a yacht birthday party by the waters – keep reading on!

Setting the theme right

Yes, birthday parties need themes too.

For instance, you can choose a Disney or Star Wars theme before even sending out the invites. It would help you in choosing and finalising the décor of your party.

Based on your party theme, you can also choose the event’s dress code and include this detail on the invites sent out to your guests.

Deciding the food

Although food is the light of any birthday party, it would be best not to experiment with it at your birthday party. The only exception would be if you know your guest, their eating habits as well as their food allergies well.

If the foods are too spicy and greasy, some guests might not like it. While setting the menu, ensure that the foods do not consist of any common allergens as some of your guests might be allergic to the ingredients.

On the other hand, another consideration is ensuring that your guests get a warm supply of tasty and healthy food throughout your birthday party.

Delicious food combined with a fun-packed itinerary will make for a swell time, for sure!

Finalising your guest list

It is essential to have the exact number of guests coming to the party as it makes it easier for you to arrange the food and drinks for them.

A common issue that many face is over-ordering food and drinks without considering how many people are coming to the party. However, it is crucial to note the COVID-19 restrictions and keep to it during such a time. After getting the final numbers, you should start looking for yachts to ensure all your guests are able to move around comfortably.

If the party is for your child and your guests are toddlers, then you can plan a bunch of playful activities for them. Similarly, if your guest list comprises mostly adults, then you can take the lead in arranging a BBQ party or even a small dance competition.

If you are inviting young adults, then the party might go on throughout the night, so, you might need to make night staying arrangements on the yacht and inform your guests beforehand.

Take all these factors into consideration and you’re one step closer to planning a spectacular birthday party.

Checking the weather

Although the weather is unpredictable, you are advised to set your yacht party’s date based on the last few days’ weather. Since the yacht will be out on the waters, torrential rains and storms can affect your birthday party.

However, this should not stop you from holding your party on a yacht. In case your birthday falls on a rainy day, make sure to talk to the yacht authorities and arrange for shelter in advance.

Always remember that once you embark on a yacht journey, you would not be returning until the end of the party. So, don’t forget to pack in extra food, drinks, and medicines to stay extra prepared!

A fun, smashing yacht birthday party is only possible with proper planning – so, ensure you follow these steps closely for a start and you can look forward to a joyful, memorable experience!

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