6 Must-Know Tips For An Eventful Wedding Day Onboard A Yacht


6 must know tips for an eventful wedding day onboard a yacht

From doing up the guest list, planning the charter itinerary to deciding on a theme – preparing a wedding day onboard a yacht is not very different from typical wedding celebrations in a ballroom or restaurant.

But if you truly want to make the once-in-a-lifetime, magical moment extra special – going for luxury yacht charters in Singapore may be your next best bet!

However, despite the similarities – it’s still not exactly the same as a regular wedding day. You’ll still need to be extra mindful; considering the smaller space, location in the middle of the sea, and the like. Especially with COVID-19 restrictions in place, you may need to brainstorm a little further to ensure a beautiful and unforgettable experience of a lifetime that still manages to keep guests safe and sound.

So, read on to find out the various ideas to incorporate and make one of the most important milestones in your life as perfect as it can be!

Choose your boat well in advance

Skipping important factors like size and price can affect the wedding planning process due to a lack of space or limited budget; as such, you will need to look at the available options wisely before settling on a certain yacht.

For example, in regards to size – ensure that there’s ample space for the ceremony, events, dinner, and mingling around. When you consider these aspects beforehand, you’ll know the exact type of boat you should rent before planning.

Choose your captain

After you’ve decided on a yacht charter company, you will then need to find a knowledgeable and friendly captain who will participate in your celebrations while being proficient at his job.

If you manage to select the right captain to help you manage your cruise, you might explore hidden spots to make your wedding day more eventful. Moreover, he can even suggest various activities or routes that you can try or embark on.

Select the route for smooth sailing

As mentioned, you can ask your captain for potential routes to sail on your romantic day. Alternatively, you can also do your research if you have a knack for exploring enchanting less well-known islands.

Otherwise, you can also discuss with a wedding planner for inspiration and ideas on the possible routes you can take.

With enough research and planning, you’ll be able to discover the best route that’ll make for lasting memories.

Hire an active host

When you bring in a lively and charming host, it makes the wedding occasion extra exciting.

Especially since you and your partner are going to be busy with the marriage procedures on your marriage day, you would need to rely on someone to lead the celebrations and entertain your guests.

Meanwhile, if you plan to have sightseeing activities, then hiring a guide with experience would be the wisest decision as they would be familiar with the various islands and sights to see.

Get creative with the food option

For starters, you could arrange for a chef on board that would prefer the food on the yacht and serve the guests right away. Or better yet, to be in sync with the theme of the ocean, you can choose classic seafood.

However, since there’s the COVID-19 pandemic currently – buffets have to be done differently whereby servers bring the food to guests; instead of taking the food themselves. Hence, take note of implementing such safety measures to keep guests safe.

Even if you’re only deciding to bring in finger food, you can always take it up a notch by adding unique, themed décor to your dishes and enhance the dining experience.

Set a theme for your party

As your wedding celebrations will take place on the yacht, it is fitting if you choose a theme which will complement the cruise and the ocean.

For example, you can incorporate starfish replicas and implement items like seashells for the décor, and you can also place some props like the ‘Captain’s Hat’, which the guests can use to pose for photos.

However, if you want to stick to romantic, timeless wedding themes like rustic, bohemian, whimsical, and vintage themes – by all means, go ahead! 

Keep these six ideas in mind and start planning away and ahead of one of the most important milestones in your life. Lastly, don’t forget to stay calm, relax, and rock your big day with your partner and loved ones by your side!

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