5 Simple Steps To Hosting A Promotional Event On A Yacht


5 simple steps to hosting a promotional event on a yacht

Promoting your brand, product or service on your private yacht charter is an excellent alternative to typical banquet halls and restaurants. Not only will the exclusive experience create a great atmosphere for all attendees; it will also be a great reflection on you and your company.

There are definitely a few things that you should do to ensure that the event actually reaches its goal.

Here are a few steps on hosting a professional and successful promotional event on a yacht.

Organisation, planning, and details

Before you can even think about leaving the dock, it’s very important that you make sure everything is in place. You should plan all the details way ahead to ensure everything runs smoothly.

You don’t want to run around onboard solving problems that could’ve been avoided. Double-check that all attendees know exactly what time the boat will be leaving. You don’t want some guests missing the ride. Alternatively, you can arrange for the boat to be docked most of the time and only go for a cruise on the water between specific times.

This includes having a set program for the evening, giving guests a clear indication of what’s happening and when.

If all your guests know the where, what, and how it will eliminate any confusion and will set a great tone for the event already. Being organised is important in making impressions on potential clients as well.


Just like when you’re planning for a yacht birthday party, it’s important to assign the right tasks from the very beginning for your promotional event to ensure it runs smoothly.

Get your team onboard. Instead of trying to do everything yourself or outsourcing event management – incorporate internal sources. Give employees allocated tasks and assignments to ensure the event goes off well and that they engage with attendees.

Giving certain planning and coordination tasks to employees will ensure that your business is being well marketed.


It will be a great idea to outsource the printing of adverts, signage, and digital marketing. This will make your product or service look professional and credible.

At the same time, it also means that the entire yacht should be a reflection of your brand. For example, if you are into green living, then you should try to serve compostable packaging and metal straws. Make sure that food and décor fit in with your brands’ identity.

Lucky draws and competitions

Guests need to be able to try and test your product or service. Have loads of giveaways, discounts, lucky draws and competitions for guests. Not only giving them a taste of what you can offer, but also providing them opportunities to use your product in the future.


This is what the event is for, right? So, it’s important to have everything put in place in order to answer all questions and provide everyone with much-needed info on your business.

Make sure you have social media set up and encourage guests to tag you in photos and follow your pages. Have information brochures available and internal sources that can answer any questions. Collect contact numbers for future communication and marketing.

As long as you plan ahead and consider the finer detail, your promotional event will be a success even aboard a yacht!

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