5 Delicious Catering Ideas For Your Yacht Wedding Feast


5 delicious catering ideas for your yacht wedding feast

Hosting a wedding on private yacht charters can be so exciting and fulfilling. Not only will you give your guests an exclusive experience with gorgeous views of the surrounding landscapes, but you will also have the chance to really embody the nautical environment.

When you don’t have all the cooking and kitchen facilities on a private yacht than what you would have on a typical wedding venue, picking catering options can be quite tricky.

Still, it’s of no trouble, and it only means you stand a chance to brainstorm a little further for a scrumptious feast ahead! Without further ado, here is a complete list of delicious catering ideas you can consider for your wedding on a yacht.


Sushi can be prepared the morning of the wedding, or freshly by an onboard sushi chef (if you decide to rope in one). California rolls, salmon roses, maki, sashimi, and nigiri are all bite-sized and delicious.

Furthermore, you can add a variety of salmon salads, caviar entrees, and seaweed wraps onto the spread. What’s great about sushi, is that there are many different fried and fresh options available as well as vegetarian options.

Arabian tapas or Meze

 Perfect for a full-on meal or snacks during the celebrations are Arabian tapas. Each guest can choose which tapas to plate up and enjoy a taste from another country.

These tapas can include small portions of olives, cheese, battered squid, calamari, croquettes, cured ham, tomato, feta, and potato cubes. Combined with a variety of flour tortillas or pieces of bread, this can be a great indulgence for guests.

Seafood buffet

Most weddings on boats have onboard chefs who are extremely talented in creating amazingly delicious meals from the ocean life found in the area. Having an entire spread made out of different kinds of seafood is a real treat for all guests.

The seafood buffet can include a variety of squid, crab, prawns, fish, and shellfish. Prepared in a variety of different cooking methods and served either hot or cold.


It’s difficult to beat the taste of a burger. Sliders are miniature burgers that can be served in a variety of different flavours. Create boards of sliders ranging between meat, chicken, and vegetarian options.

Make sure that they are bite-sized in order for guests to grab one and be able to eat it without using a knife and fork. Another great idea is to combine small sliders with hot dogs from the grill.

At first thought, it may sound like a really common food choice – but in actuality, you
can really pick it up a notch by adding gourmet touches to it!

Hors d’oeuvres

Skip the main meal and serve only hors d’oeuvres to your guests.

If you’re not sure of what these are, here’s a gist: also known as a starter or appetiser, a small dish that is served before the start of a meal in European cuisine. Hot or cold – it’s completely up to you!

Have ample amounts of small bite-sized dishes available to your guests and have the crew walk around with platters of it. This can range from small prawn cocktails, to spring rolls, meat and veggie sticks.

Always keep your surroundings in mind when planning your menu for the yacht. It should be easy to plate up as well as reflect the ocean around you.