4 Tips On How To Be An Excellent Host In A Yacht Party


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Throwing a party to celebrate special occasions is now an everyday occurrence to most people. And when you’re the host of the party, it’s your duty to take care of each small detail and make sure all your guests are having a swell time.

Eventually, nothing will make you more happy than knowing that your party was a success! Even if it means hosting one aboard a yacht, with the right steps – you are sure to put together an exciting party.

If that sounds good to you and you’re now keen on the idea of holding a yacht party in Singapore, then there are some tips you need to know in regards to hosting one.

While it may take a bit more effort given the change in venue and setting – we’ve put together a couple of tips to guide you on how you can perfectly host a yacht party.

Hand out personal invitations

One of the most important aspects of any party is its beginnings - the invitations. A big part of being a good yacht party host is to personalise the invitations you send out to your guests.

This is because although you can just send out invitations via text or online chat, that wouldn’t guarantee that your guests will actually show up.

However, by putting in the effort to invite them to your planned get-together and make it sound more exciting than any regular party, you’re guaranteed to receive your invitees on the day of the event.

In other words, you need to engage with your potential party guests. Call them up. Ask them to show up and tell them how much fun it’s going to be. And when you make your guest list, make sure to invite everyone you hold dear (or until you hit the maximum passenger limit of your private boat charter).

Serve good food

This one can’t be stressed enough. Although it’s a given that the drinks you serve (especially those of the alcoholic kind) typically take priority in a modern party, a night of partying on a yacht charter in Singapore is sure to make some stomachs hungry come morning.

Therefore, it’s important not to skimp on the food just so your guests will have a lot more to drink. When it comes to your offerings, your only concerns are the following:

  • There should be enough for everyone.
  • It should taste good.
  • There needs to be sufficient variety to satisfy all palates.

Keep the music and entertainment popping

Music is the cornerstone of any good party. As such, you must amply prepare in this regard to ensure that the good times keep on rolling for your guests.

If you’re musically inclined, you can mix your own songs and play them during the event. Otherwise, you could hire a DJ to your party for entertainment.

Besides the inevitable partying activities, it’s recommended to plan other entertainment activities in your itinerary. A few excellent suggestions would be a movie marathon to relax and unwind or party games that make the most out of being on open waters.

Give your guests party favours

It’d be remiss of you as a host to let your guests leave empty-handed. Thank them for coming to your yacht party by giving out little gift bags that commemorates the time you spent together.

These trinkets don’t necessarily have to be pricey. A souvenir can either be a small sea-themed keychain, figurine, or mayhaps some shells you picked up along the way -anything’s fine as long as it reminds the guests of the wonderful time they had at your party.

Trust us, your guests will appreciate the gesture.


Now that you’re aware of the main points you need to do to be an amazing host, all that’s left is for you to settle with the details, such as looking into private yacht charter costs and then throwing an amazing yacht party!

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