4 Must-Know Tips Before Renting Your First Yacht


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A holiday is a rare and exhilarating jaunt whose purpose should be to fully relieve you of your stresses and reinvigorate your spirit for what lays ahead.

As such, your only mission is to have as much fun and make the most out of these once in a blue moon escapades! Spending them in everyday tourist destinations falls short of achieving that goal, which may leave you regretting it from the bottom of your soul.

If you’re wondering what else to try, why not give a private yacht charter a chance?

Up close and personal encounters with marine life, exciting activities on uncharted destinations, and numerous first-time experiences are only a few of the myriad possibilities that await you on the seaside.

No matter where you’d like to cruise first, here are four essential tips to take note of to guarantee your first charter goes without a hitch.

Plan everything in advance

Planning well in advance is universal for every trip, but when it comes to a boat charter, there are a few extra steps to be wary of.

Before you pick out your desired days to take an aquatic getaway, you’ll first have to pick your preferred yacht charter company – each of them will have varying pre-planned schedules for their voyages, so it’s best to adjust your plans according to theirs!

Once you’ve done your research and have chosen a specific one, you can then make inquiries and coordinate plans with their trip adviser.

As a last piece of advice, strive to be flexible with your itinerary. Because everything depends on the weather when it comes to yacht charters, your planned route could change at a moment’s notice.

Nonetheless, you can rest assured that any alternatives offered by your adviser will just be as spectacular or even better than what was initially planned.

Finalise your headcount

Private yachts will always have a maximum number of guests allowed on board, so finalising your total headcount is always a crucial part of your planning stage.

Additionally, rates typically vary depending on the number of guests you plan on bringing along. So, to take the private yacht cost into consideration – make sure you have the right numbers on hand.

Once you’ve done so – you’re one step closer to an eventful yet affordable yacht trip – be it a yachts party or date!

Clearly express your desires for the trip

Trip advisers need to know what your ideal getaway is before they can give you any recommendations.

To make your private yacht charter genuinely feel like a home away from home, you’ll have to list down what you want and expect from it.

Factors such as the things you want to do on the cruise, whom you wish to share them with, and down to your preferred cuisine, all play an essential role in ensuring that you enjoy your maritime jaunt to the fullest.

You can always indicate your preferences or needs through the inquiry form – this information is greatly appreciated by your adviser, and it helps them curate an experience that’s solely just for you.

Know proper yacht etiquette

Intrinsically, yachts are social environments with their own rules, both spoken and unspoken, that everyone should follow. A few of these proper etiquettes or do’s and dont’s are:


Speak up to your captain if you have any problems or concerns at any given moment during the trip.

The crew’s main job is to make sure that your voyage is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, so do bring up any issues that arise so they can take care of it for you.

What’s more, use soft-sided bags or luggage containers if you’re packing a lot of things for the trip.

Only bring what you need, and leave the extra space for relaxing or partying!


Refrain from wearing hard- or high-heeled footwear since they’re prone to scuffing or damaging the decks. Once aboard, switch to soft-soled shoes or just go barefoot!

Moreover, don’t bring along additional guests at the last minute of your trip.

The supplies onboard your yacht charter should be precisely calculated to be sufficient only for the original number of guests, and bringing more could also exceed the maximum capacity.


A private getaway out at sea is no longer just an unreachable luxury; it’s now an affordable reality. With a luxury yacht charter, you can experience your dream cruise by the waters with ease, so don’t just sit around and reach out to the respective yacht charter company as soon as you can!

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