4 Gorgeous Yacht Wedding Decoration Ideas To Consider


4 gorgeous yacht wedding decoration idea to consider

When you are planning to have your wedding on a boat by the open seas or nearby river, you’ve already let go of the traditional norms for your big day. Hosting your special day on a boat charter has endless possibilities and creative interpretation.

The happy couple can indulge in different kind of decoration options, that they wouldn’t necessarily get away with on land.

However, if you are a bit stuck on which kind of theme to choose, here are a few excellent wedding decoration ideas for your big day on a boat charter.

Ocean platters

Fit the theme by adding ocean-inspired dishes onto your wedding menu. When you are hosting your wedding on the ocean waters, it’s only befitting that you serve food from the waters itself.

Let your guests indulge in a seafood buffet with mussels, clams, shrimps, fish, and even sushi. If your budget allows it, you can add luxurious crab, lobster and caviar onto the menu. To level up, you can even serve the entrees in big shells from the ocean!

However, keep in mind that some of your guests might have a shellfish allergy and that you should make sure there are alternative options available for those who do.

Sea cake

A wedding celebration isn’t complete without a cake. Instead of opting for a traditional white and gold or naked cake, why not let your dessert reflect your surroundings?

Add splashes of blue onto the frosting and add smaller details like cute starfish, seafoam, corals, and perhaps a small school of fish. Take it up a notch by adding different sea creatures and characters.

Maybe, you will even be considering to throw in a big Kraken, a mermaid, or even a pirate battleship; by all means, go ahead! Do whatever you feel best displays your personalities and style.

Nautical elements

Remember that space on a yacht can be limited and trying to fit huge decoration pieces onto it, will only take up the space. Still, this shouldn’t keep you from adding touches of nautical elements onto the areas!

There are many different nautical decoration pieces that you can incorporate into your wedding. Antique steering wheels from boats, lifebuoys, and rusty anchors are perfect to place around the social area.

As centrepieces, you can use sailor hats, and even sailboat replicas. Or better yet, add fun nautical slogans onto the walls like ‘Setting sail!’ and “Ahoy, Matey!”

Go full pirate

For those who dare, you can go completely pirate with your theme. Add parrots, eye patches, peg legs, and treasure chests on the deck. You can even have some fun and host an activity where your guests have to follow a map to get to a bag of gold coins!

When you do opt for a pirate theme, it doesn’t have to be a costume or child’s party. You can change all the colours to rustic browns and whites to make it all seem much more formal.

That way, the attire on the big day will still remain the same, and you can feel free to flaunt your pre-planned outfit; be it a luxurious wedding dress or tuxedo!

No matter what decoration ideas you decide to choose, don’t forget to add a touch of your surroundings to give it that extra bit of pizazz. Meanwhile, if the price is of concern to you – the private yacht cost can be discussed with us. Our boats charter are also affordably priced from $999 for our Victoria Charter and $1,200 for our Valencia Charter.