4 Fun Group Games To Play For Your Birthday Party By The Sea


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Birthdays will forever be special events to us. It celebrates our life on earth and acts as a milestone of our progress year after year. And because it’s such a special occasion, every celebration should ideally be equally exciting and unique, even if just in the slightest.

If most of your birthday celebrations have been on land, here’s a fantastic suggestion for your next one: hold a yacht birthday party out on the high seas!

With the vast expanse of sea as far as the eye can see, the change of scenery is sure to excite and liven up your spirits as well as those of your guests. Plus, with the abundance of water everywhere, a whole new slew of aquatic activities can be enjoyed by everyone.

Once everyone has had their fun playing in the ocean, that doesn’t mean the fun stops there. To keep the good times rolling, here are some fun and timeless party game suggestions to include in your revelries.

Beer Roulette

After a brief respite from all the swimming and other watery horseplay, what better way to restart the fun than with a little prank?

Just like the infamous Russian Roulette that inspired it (minus the dangerous aspect), this game involves a bit of luck to avoid being drenched in beer.

The game is pretty simple. First, a player is tasked with taking a number of beer cans equal to the participating number of people in the group. Then, this player shall shake one can of beer as intensely as possible to pressurise it.

Once ready, mix the beers and hand them out to the rest. The suspense and eventual hilarity that’ll unfold is sure to revitalise everyone’s energy for the next game!

Truth or Dare

As an all-time classic in party games, you can never go wrong with truth or dare no matter how old you get.

But although truth or dare can single-handedly create fun and memorable moments, there’s also a chance that it could cause trouble.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to set some ground rules on the type of questions that are allowed and the intensity of the dares put forth.

Drunk Jenga

If alcohol is a major part of your birthday celebration, you can make the experience a lot more exciting by pairing it with the excellent and old-fashioned board game Jenga.

The game is played just like the regular version, except that each block contains one rule that a player must follow if they pull it out.

The rules can be as diverse as desired, but for maximum enjoyment, it’s best to limit it to something that’s specific to your circle’s context, such as their habits.

Never Have I Ever

With the presence of alcohol or without it, this game is the perfect activity to discover more about the people close to you.

The game is pretty straightforward and usually requires a volunteer to start the game off by asking someone else about things they haven’t done.

The other participants who have done this thing can respond by drinking or counting their score with their fingers if they’re not fond of the drink but still want to play.


Celebrating one’s birthday is a joyous occasion, and by surrounding yourself with your closest friends and family, the merrier it’ll be. Games like the ones we’ve mentioned enhance the experience, so prepare to stock up to last for the entire trip.

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