4 Delightful Ideas To Make Boating More Fun For Your Kids


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Whether they’re still at a wee age or already nearing adulthood, it’s important to always be involved in your children’s lives before they set out for the world.

This usually entails family outings to make up for the lack of bonding time during the weekdays.

To add a twist to your get-togethers and make it more exciting, why not try out a private cruise at sea? The sound of it alone is sure to perk up your kids no matter their age and even excite your significant other to boot!

But to make it memorable for your little ones, it’s important to note that you still need to come up with some ideas to keep the journey entertaining for them. So, we lay down four fun ways boating can be the time of your life for your family.

Do a movie marathon

Watching a movie at home or the theatre is sure to be a regular concurrence for your kids at this point. But since they’ve never experienced watching one whilst at sea, this suggestion is anything but.

If your kids have an all-time favourite movie that they just can’t get enough of, or they’d like to watch a new one that’s available online, why not play them during the trip?

All you’ll need is a projector, a serviceable white sheet, and the movies that they’d like to watch.

When the time is right, grab some popcorn, sit back, and relax in the viewing pleasure with the backdrop of a setting sun.

Bring in some binoculars and monoculars

No matter if you’re on a boating trip or just out at the mall, it’s not uncommon for kids to get bored in no time.

So, before embarking on your private boat charter – to spice things up, you can bring along a pair of binoculars and let the kids have fun with it!

If available, you can also opt for monoculars instead and let them play as pirates while the ship is moving. A simple gadget such as these is often enough to keep them preoccupied for hours on end.

Go adventure fishing

No aquatic getaway would be complete without fishing! Therefore, setting some time solely to fish with your little ones is essential to make some memorable moments.

As a tip, it’s important to keep in mind that their enjoyment takes first priority in this activity, whether you fish for a hobby or not. This means that whether you score big or end up with a few small catches, what matters most is that they have fun.

Since fishing inherently involves a lot of waiting, it’s crucial to keep them entertained while passing the time.

One thing that you could do is to research ahead of time educate your kids about the different species of fish that can be found in the waters you’re traversing.

Another suggestion would be to let them choose the locations they want to fish. Doing so allows them to feel in charge of a great expedition with the goal of bringing back the biggest catch man has ever seen!

Don’t forget their toys and snacks during downtime

Going out boating is typically a way to enjoy a relaxing and slow day. As such, it’s necessary to have some downtime after your children have had their fun playing at sea.

Bring along their favourite snacks and toys to ensure that they can still enjoy themselves while talking a breather amidst the calm of the waves.

Ideally, you should also limit their access to technology since it could prevent them from thoroughly enjoying the trip’s experience.


An enjoyable trip out at sea is sure to be a pleasant and memorable one for your children as long as they’re always entertained. If there are certain activities that your little ones enjoy, make sure to append them to the list if it’s possible to do while waterborne!

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