4 Best Dishes To Enjoy With Your Family On A Yacht


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Is it the holidays? Or have you taken leave to embark on a mini vacay? Either way, it calls for a lovely getaway!

And this time, you can make it a lil different by having this escape out on the open waters with your loved ones. Honestly, what sounds better than a private boat charter, the sun, the ocean, the people you love, and delicious food?

It’s time to take off on a lovely marine adventure on a yacht and create everlasting memories together. So, to keep the trip enjoyable, out of the many key aspects to look out for – one of the most important ones is the food.

No outing is ever satisfactory if the food isn’t up to par with the rest of the experience. Thus, to help you enhance the culinary experience of your yacht adventure, we’ve listed down 4 excellent dishes that you can request from the kitchen crew or cook up yourself!

Shellfish Pasta Salad

You can’t ever go wrong with serving seafood in the middle of an aquatic getaway.

Imagine you’re by the waters, taking in the sights, as someone serves you some fresh shellfish pasta salad. Admit it; it sounds wonderful even in your head.

Shellfish itself makes for a gorgeous sea-based meal. Pair it with some pasta and toss it into a salad. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

You will have on your hands an incredible dish that will have people wanting for more. The best part about this dish is that it can be served separately with seasonings ranging from mild to spicy, allowing people with different flavour palettes to enjoy it without worries!

Iced tea and Fish crackers

We have to admit, our mouths are watering just thinking about this one.

Iced tea and fish crackers might seem like an odd and unusual combination, but in reality, the flavours of both perfectly complement each other.

The cool, rich taste of the iced tea, juxtaposed with the hot, salty flavour of the fish crackers results in a flavour palette that would be nothing less than heaven for your taste buds.

For the most part, this dish would make for a perfect entrée. It will be light yet flavourful, and it will leave enough room in your guests’ stomachs so that they can still chow down on the dishes that you’ll serve after.

Chicken with Tapenade

This one gets us excited, that’s for sure. If you’re not familiar with what tapenade is, it is a flavour rich condiment that you can whip up with some fresh olives and some spices.

It is super quick and easy to make, and one batch should satisfy a fair number of guests. Now, of course, you can’t serve tapenade on its own, even though it tastes heavenly by itself.

The common thing to do would be to pair up this lovely condiment up with various meats. It pairs well with a juicy beef steak or duck, and it could even make a good vegetarian option if served with some nachos or pita bread.

However, nothing beats the classic chicken with tapenade combination. You can cook your chicken any way you want it, but it’s recommended to grill them for the best taste.

Top it off with some delicious tapenade and you are bound to satiate and delight everyone’s taste buds!

Fish and Chips

For our final recommendation, we want to go back to a classic.

When you feel slightly homesick on your yacht adventure, nothing will remind you of home quite like a nice, hot plate of fish and chips.

You can even make things interesting for your guests by having a live fish and chips station. Fish caught on your trip by your guests can be cooked and served with French fries and a delicious dip.

Nothing more exciting than consuming the fruits of your labour, is there?


Although we’ve recommended quite a few dishes in this article, note that they’re only the tip of the iceberg. Don’t forget to ask your loved ones about what they’d like to eat on the trip and include it in your menu list or pass on their requests to the yacht’s kitchen crew.

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