3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht


3 Ways To Propel Your Business Through A Chartered Yacht

Most businesses will prioritise growth above all else, and there are multiple ways to do this.

Take for example, an effective marketing strategy, one of the most excellent ways that a company can make headway in the industry – especially if that strategy thinks outside the box!

In fact, an out of the ordinary campaign will turn many heads from your target audience, a jackpot for most marketers.

Sometimes, growth doesn’t necessarily have to come from outside the business. Internal factors can also help foster it, such as the employees and other personnel.

If you are aiming for a successful business, a private yacht charter is one sure-fire way that will help your business grow, in more ways than one.

1. Yachts can help you gain more clients

When you’re trying to expand your consumer or clientele base, one of the established ways to do that is to try reeling them in with a tempting offer on top of what your business provides.

And by that, we’re referring to a yacht trip to impress clients with!

You could consider introducing a prize; like winning an international trip for two, will most definitely get people to purchase your product.

But if that’s too much for your small business, why not run a promotion and choose one lucky participant to win a paid boat charter? Everyone loves the idea of going on a vacation – why not give one away for free?

The promo will definitely encourage the participants to try out your products or services.

Who knows?

Some of them might even like them enough to become regular clients. If you’re confident in what your business provides, you’ll undoubtedly find this strategy effective.

2. Yachts can help keep existing clients

If you want to keep the clients your business already has, you should make them feel appreciated by giving them a gift.

But don’t just send over the usual corporate gift – if they’re a long-standing client who’s been with you for many years – take it up a notch with an all-expenses-paid boating voyage!

Some might think this is a bit much just to encourage a few clients to stay. But if you’ve established a deep relationship with them, go the extra mile to show that you really care.

Make them feel like kings/queens for a few days and they’re bound to stick around, give a fantastic review, and even refer you to others!

We’d say it’s a pretty sweet deal, indeed.

3. Yachts make for a great employee incentive

It is often said that employees are a business’s greatest asset, because they are major contributors to making a respectable profit.

If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, you should try establishing an incentive program where the employee who has the most number of achievements within a given time period gets to go cruising on a yacht.

They’ll know that the hustle is well-worth the exciting trip by the sea!


The many ways you can do when you hire a boat for business use – from reeling in numbers, clients, and even boosting your branding. So, don’t limit yourself to just these three ways – be creative, experiment, and see where your ideas will take your business!

Meanwhile, we can ease your search at finding a suitable place for yacht rentals at Valencia Yachts. Our private yacht costs showcases our latest promotion with prices starting from $599 for a 4-hour charter, well worth the gains that employee has earned for your business or a client who has been with you for several years. Knowing that an exciting experience is well on its way can elevate your business tremendously, regardless of who you’re targetting!