3 Superb Themes To Consider For Your Wedding Day Out At Sea


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Weddings are a considerable milestone for any couple looking to settle down for life. As such, it’s crucial that the ceremony be unforgettable to those attending and, especially, to the bride and groom.

Since almost every idea has already been implemented inland, couples are now looking to celebrate their special day elsewhere -out at sea.

Holding a wedding in open waters is not unheard of, but it’s also not an everyday occurrence, making it the perfect choice for couples that want to stand out.

If you’re curious as to how this can happen, the answer is simple - private yacht charters in Singapore. Yacht rental companies are always very helpful and knowledgeable, ensuring that your yacht experience will be catered according to your needs.

Now, if you’re sold on the idea but still want more, then a fitting theme for your yacht wedding may just be what you need. Read on for the four possible themes out of many that you can choose to spice up your wedding day!

Fairy-tale theme

A fairy tale theme entails magic and fantastic wonders unseen in modern life.

Therefore, it’s only fitting that the highlight of this theme would be fairy lights, sparklers, and floating lanterns!

This theme works exceptionally well if you are thinking of holding your wedding at night. Besides the usual event decor, you can also customise the small details such as wedding invites and centrepieces to fit the overall theme.

Lastly, since this theme involves some decorations that need fire to function, it’s advised to consult your yacht charter company if they’ll be able to accommodate your wishes.

Nautical Theme

Nothing compliments a yacht wedding better than a classic nautical theme.

If you are fond of anything and everything about the deep blue sea, then a nautically-themed nuptial is the only way to go.

When it comes to the decorations for this theme, you’re certain to be spoilt for choice. Anchors, marine life, and seashells are only a few of the objects you can include in your celebration.

Since you can suggest what you want to happen during your chartered cruise, you can also express your desire to dock at certain islands along the way.

This can be pretty handy if you want to hold the ceremony at sea but prefer to give attendees more legroom during the wedding reception by hosting it on a beautiful, white sand beach.

Vintage theme

Travel back in time with your significant other by planning a vintage themed wedding!

This is a great choice for couples who are old-school at heart and want their big day to complement it; a vintage theme can be an ideal romantic backdrop for the wedding.

It is quite flexible, and you can go for anything ranging from small and traditional decor to grand and luxurious vintage aesthetics. This works extra well if you are on a private yacht getting wedded as the sun sets!


The three themes discussed in this article are certainly a few of many that you incorporate into your wedding day. But aside from something as important as weddings, they’re also fit for any kind of celebration out at sea!

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