Date Ideas: Planning Your Romantic Weekend Yacht Getaway

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Whether it’s a celebratory event or just another date night, a yacht getaway is always a welcomed choice. With a luxury yacht charter, it could bring fulfilling results if the event is planned right. Not to mention, getting on a yacht is almost like a mini-vacation! With this comes many considerations, like what to bring, what to pack to go onboard and many other worries. As such, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway. Hence, we have listed some of the more significant concerns and tips to tackle them to make it easier for you to design your dream romantic getaway. Check the weather Without a doubt, it goes without saying that you should check the weather conditions for your planned date before actually confirming and booking the date! After all, the weather conditions on that day might either make or break your vacation. Rains and storms can also affect the water conditions and the safety of the yacht. So do remember to check with the yacht providers to see if the weather is suitable for sailing and arrange for shelter if needed. As the weather can be unpredictable, it might be good to plan activities that you both can do outdoors and indoors. For example, suppose the weather on the date that you have scheduled to sail out is rainy. In that case, before deciding on when you would like to have your boat charter – you might want to discuss with your yacht provider to plan indoor activities that you both might still enjoy, such as games or movies rather than swimming, to create a memorable experience at sea despite the weather. Picking the right food Food is an essential part of every date. Sharing a meal and a conversation while watching the sunset at sea could be something to look forward to after a long day. However, you might need to note not to make the food choices too heavy as there is a possibility that you or your partner may experience seasickness. Instead, choose lighter finger foods such as tacos, sandwiches and fruits! These foods are easier on the stomach and can still be eaten without making a mess; being easy to pack could also be a bonus. However, it is understandable if you would still like to go for a particular food choice for both you and your partner – which is why you might stand a better chance if you know your partner’s eating habits and food allergies. Just take note to avoid overly spicy or greasy foods (for health reasons), and you should be good to go! Make room for spontaneity We can try to plan for every situation, but sometimes we should recognise that we cannot control everything that comes our way. For example, there might be delays in boarding due to the weather or you forgetting to bring items onboard. Being flexible could make the experience pleasant, even with curveballs thrown your way. At the same time, challenges can also get you and your partner closer as you overcome them and brainstorm solutions while experiencing the whole trip together. Keeping it simple Lastly, the best advice to go for would be less is more. You do not need much other than your partner and some necessities for you to enjoy a romantic getaway. In the yacht, the sea provides the best backdrop for photos, while the tranquil scenery can also offer an excellent atmosphere for conversations to flow. Another good piece of … Read More

5 Reasons To Fall In Love With The Yachting Life

Most of us believe luxury yacht charters are mainly for hosting yacht parties and one-off events. When we see yachts docked at the pier, it may not cross our minds that people may charter or rent these boats for a longer-term experience. The sea provides a great getaway from the stressors that we face on land. During school holidays, or even just for times that we feel like it gets too much, getting on a yacht and sailing out to sea can be a cathartic experience for the whole family. But if you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why people abandon the convenience of the city for life on a yacht. Privacy A day at sea away from the prying eyes of others is the best way to get some privacy and well-deserved time alone. However, the hustle brought down upon us, especially for working adults, can be challenging to get away from, with many even bringing work into their homes and personal lives. Also, it might be hard to get away from everyone if you live with family or houseguests. The social obligation also dictates interaction between those living under the same roof, even though you would rather be left alone on some days. In the waters, you will not need to think about unexpected guests popping by your apartment or keeping your doors and windows locked, but rather enjoy the freedom provided by the open seas. Adventure and exploring the seas With your home being your vehicle, exploring the various parts with a map is made so much more convenient. In addition, yacht owners love the spontaneity they have, allowing them to steer wherever their mood takes them. You can even choose to sleep in a different spot of the waters each night – whatever floats your boat! Relax and recuperate The bobbing motion of the waters tends to have a relaxing and calming effect unless you are someone that experiences seasickness. Most people find tranquil waters that gently rock the yacht among the quiet seas, one of the most rewarding experiences they can find on the yacht. Out there, you will find yourself free from the city noises contributed by construction or busy roads. The quiet can even allow you and your shared company to have meaningful conversations and even forge closer bonds as you experience the seas together. A property with endless ocean views Looking for sea views? The yacht is probably one of the few properties which can provide you with a 365 view of just endless sea views. Instead of looking out to roads, buildings, and construction, the views offered during your time on the yacht would mostly be the blue waters of the sea and occasionally some land within the horizon. Or better yet – if you have it in you to wake up and be out on the deck at specific timings – you can witness the breath-taking sunrise and sunset views on the waters! Another clear reason why people choose to spend their days on the yacht. Most of all, with open waters, come open skies. Looking up at night with no streetlamps and sources of light pollution can give you a clear, unobstructed view of the stars and the night sky. What more can you ask for, really? Memorable experiences If you are looking to go on the yacht and have some alone time, the yacht could provide the solitude you seek. The peace you find within yourself at sea would follow you even after you disembark and return to land. It is also no surprise that … Read More

6 Romantic Celebrations For A Perfect Getaway On The Yacht

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Romantic settings can range from fine dining to walks in the park. However, on some occasions, such as Valentine’s day or weddings, couples may choose to make them more memorable and hold such events on yachts. Yachts generally represent a getaway, carrying people who wish to get away from the city life. They provide privacy and are good locations for intimate gatherings. If you are looking to turn up your celebrations, here are various romantic events for every stage of your relationship to take your partner out to sea. 1. Date night Chartering a yacht does not just have to be for elaborate parties and gatherings! For example, if you are looking to create a memorable date night, a yacht charter could be a way to indulge you and your partner in an evening of romance. Whether you are planning a romantic dinner for two o a movie night on board, the yacht provides a perfect romantic setting. You could even talk to the crew to arrange the details to have the date extra special. There is no better way to end the date than cuddling up and sharing a drink while watching the sunset at sea. 2. Marriage proposal Marriage proposals can present a high level of stress, especially if you plan on making the first move. Therefore, popping the big question deserves the best setting to accompany how you feel towards your partner. Having gentle waves and stars in the open sky above the cruise might be the perfect way to soothe your nerves and pop the question. Being away at sea may also mean being away from prying eyes, making this occasion more intimate and unique from your other dates. 3. Engagement parties, bachelor/bachelorette parties Yacht parties in Singapore are growing in popularity. Many are also opting to hold their pre-wedding parties, such as engagement parties or bachelor parties, on a yacht to give the future bride or groom something to remember before they step into the marriage phase of their relationship. Celebrating the love of your life with close friends and family calls for an intimate yet creative setting. In addition, holding a yacht party by the sea could also allow for certain concessions. For example, the ocean provides a perfect noise barrier, so you and your friends can party all night long without worry about disturbing your neighbours. 4. Weddings Weddings can be lavish affairs for some. So, to make yours even fancier, or give it the extra boost up compared to the ones you have been to, a wedding at sea is probably the one to beat, especially if you plan to have a more intimate affair. After all, there is just something about exchanging your vows in front of the endless sea views that makes yacht weddings dreamy. However, if you plan to have a larger-scale celebration at sea, remember to make sure the private yacht cost is within your wedding budget! 5. Honeymoon The scenic beauty provided by exotic islands, white sand beaches and a glorious sunset is the perfect reason to get away from land for your honeymoon. A boat charter offers the perfect destination for your honeymoon romance, and also one that you can celebrate with just the two of you! You could also choose to arrange a sailing path with your yacht charterers to dock at islands for both of you to explore. 6. Anniversaries Anniversaries are often overlooked. However, anniversaries are the perfect occasion to show your partner that you still cherish their company like it is your first date after all these years. If your honeymoon was … Read More