4 Must-Know Tips Before Renting Your First Yacht


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A holiday is a rare and exhilarating jaunt whose purpose should be to fully relieve you of your stresses and reinvigorate your spirit for what lays ahead. As such, your only mission is to have as much fun and make the most out of these once in a blue moon escapades! Spending them in everyday tourist destinations falls short of achieving that goal, which may leave you regretting it from the bottom of your soul. If you’re wondering what else to try, why not give a private yacht charter a chance? Up close and personal encounters with marine life, exciting activities on uncharted destinations, and numerous first-time experiences are only a few of the myriad possibilities that await you on the seaside. No matter where you’d like to cruise first, here are four essential tips to take note of to guarantee your first charter goes without a hitch. Plan everything in advance Planning well in advance is universal for every trip, but when it comes to a boat charter, there are a few extra steps to be wary of. Before you pick out your desired days to take an aquatic getaway, you’ll first have to pick your preferred yacht charter company – each of them will have varying pre-planned schedules for their voyages, so it’s best to adjust your plans according to theirs! Once you’ve done your research and have chosen a specific one, you can then make inquiries and coordinate plans with their trip adviser. As a last piece of advice, strive to be flexible with your itinerary. Because everything depends on the weather when it comes to yacht charters, your planned route could change at a moment’s notice. Nonetheless, you can rest assured that any alternatives offered by your adviser will just be as spectacular or even better than what was initially planned. Finalise your headcount Private yachts will always have a maximum number of guests allowed on board, so finalising your total headcount is always a crucial part of your planning stage. Additionally, rates typically vary depending on the number of guests you plan on bringing along. So, to take the private yacht cost into consideration – make sure you have the right numbers on hand. Once you’ve done so – you’re one step closer to an eventful yet affordable yacht trip – be it a yachts party or date! Clearly express your desires for the trip Trip advisers need to know what your ideal getaway is before they can give you any recommendations. To make your private yacht charter genuinely feel like a home away from home, you’ll have to list down what you want and expect from it. Factors such as the things you want to do on the cruise, whom you wish to share them with, and down to your preferred cuisine, all play an essential role in ensuring that you enjoy your maritime jaunt to the fullest. You can always indicate your preferences or needs through the inquiry form – this information is greatly appreciated by your adviser, and it helps them curate an experience that’s solely just for you. Know proper yacht etiquette Intrinsically, yachts are social environments with their own rules, both spoken and unspoken, that everyone should follow. A few of these proper etiquettes or do’s and dont’s are: Do’s Speak up to your captain if you have any problems or concerns at any given moment during the trip. The crew’s main job is to make sure that your voyage is as seamless and enjoyable as possible, so do bring up any issues that arise so they can take care … Read More

4 Tips To Help You Ace That Date Night On A Yacht


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When planning for a dinner date with someone you love, you want it to be perfect as much as possible regardless of whether it’s with your significant other or a family member you hold close to your heart. You have a lot to iron out such as the food options, choice of wine, and even the location – it all has to put a smile on your date’s face. Arguably, a yacht is one of the fanciest places where you can have a date, and if you want only the finest things for your date, you might as well have your dinner night aboard a yacht! To help you plan out the perfect date night on a yacht for you and your loved one, read on as we discuss the things that you need to consider and the options you need to choose from. Plan according to the person you’re bringing Dates are not limited just to couples. You can go on a date with someone you want to be romantically involved with, and sons can definitely treat their mothers out for a date. Regardless, you have to establish your relationship with your date so you can plan out accordingly. Set the mood Sometimes, a romantic mood just won’t cut it. Perhaps your date is a bit more free-spirited or enjoys the more adventurous things in life. You have to make sure that the mood of your dinner will compliment your date’s personality. It’s also a nice gesture if you take into consideration his or her preferences – maybe they prefer bossa nova over a string quartet, or a more private setting instead of a public one. Whatever their preferences might be, it’s best if you find a way to integrate them into your dinner because it will definitely make them feel nice. Decide the type of food to be served Going back to the thing about preferences, it’s best if you take into account what taste or dishes your date fancies. Perhaps they prefer pasta over lasagna, or champagne over wine. This will make sure that he or she enjoys the different courses that will be served. But apart from enjoyment, it can also benefit them greatly if you make sure that the food that will be served is free from anything that they are allergic to for safety and health reasons. Pick out the perfect company to charter a yacht from When it comes to dinner dates, location is everything since it is where all your plans take place – the mood, music, choice of food and drinks, and of course your date. If you’re looking for a private boat charter, pick out the one that has a dinner cruise option so that you no longer need to plan out your itineraries and just focus on your dinner date. Conclusion With the right tips on hand, you can easily make the perfect yacht date night. Always put yourself in the other’s shoes and you will be sure to impress your date. Meanwhile, if you’re still looking out for a suitable yacht charter company – don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We at Valencia Yachts believe that there is always an occasion to celebrate despite the current global climate. In line with existing COVID-19 regulations, we have an existing deal in place since we’ve re-entered Phase 2 again, wherein our prices begin from $249 for a 2.5 hour yacht charter for 2 pax.

3 Essential Activities To Spice Up Your Next Yacht Trip


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Boating is one of the most popular activities that families, friends, and partners do for some outdoor adventures. Chartering a private boat has indeed become a lifestyle trend these days. However, over time, the usual activities of fishing and swimming can become repetitive and boring. To make the most out of your rest day – do something that can spice up your yacht experience. There are many different things you can do on a yacht to make the sailing experience more fun and memorable. If you wish to take your yacht experience to the next level – here are some of the best activities you can do! Listen to live music Live music creates a calm, serene, and intimate atmosphere that everyone can surely enjoy. Especially if you and your mates are planning to just relax by the sea – playing some live music will certainly improve your boat getaway! Experience the comfort of sailing while listening to the sound of live music on the open deck. You can either bring someone who can play everyone’s favorite jazz or reggae music or you and your mates can play and sing them yourselves. Listening to live music is a great way to sit back and enjoy the boat ride as you all take a look at the beautiful sceneries around the ocean. Have some barbecue on board Having a boat trip without munching on some delicious foods is a great waste; food makes boat trips a lot of times better! Some of the best kinds of foods you and your mates can share onboard are barbecues. In many cultures, gathering around the fire for barbecue is a symbol of bonding – you can all talk about everything as you wait for your pork, beef, and potatoes to get grilled. If you are looking for the best kind of food to sate your appetite, barbecues are also the main choice. Once the cool sea breeze has warmed your appetite, there is nothing better to do than to chomp on a barbecue. Throw a party If you are looking for the ultimate idea to spice up your day on a yacht, then partying is probably the one you need. Surprise your guests with a fun-filled party while onboard an amazing yacht. But that’s not all – the truly best thing about having a party on a yacht is that they have almost everything that you can get in posh bars or classy restaurants. From appetising meals to cosy vibes, yacht parties can surely bring everything to you! To have a memorable yacht party in Singapore, make sure you go for a yacht charter company that has it all. At Valencia Yachts, we make sure to give our clients everything that they need so that they can all go home with smiles on their faces. For an incredible yacht party, you can count on us! Conclusion Chartering a yacht is undoubtedly a great way to bond with your family and friends. It is one of the best ways to spend your rest days, far from the bustling noise of a busy city. To spice up your yacht experience, make sure to bring some good music, food, and vibes with you. If you are looking for a yacht charter company that can accommodate all your needs and requests, Valencia Yachts is available for you. We offer private boat charters at different rates and for various kinds of events. Whether you are celebrating an important occasion or just simply wanting to relax by the sea, we can certainly help you. Right now, our prices start from … Read More