6 Family Activities To Partake In During Weekend Charters

Going on a family vacation is a great way to relax – as well as build great relationships and create unforgettable memories together. If you are planning to go on a long weekend yacht charter, then you have to plan a few activities before getting onboard to ensure an exciting and memorable experience. It’s also a unique way to deepen bonds among family members as you get both an arresting view and opportunity to partake in all sorts of new activities by the water. Without further ado, here a few family activities you can enjoy while sailing on the water! Fishing For children, it will be a great idea to pack in a few small and lightweight fishing rods. Let them create their own fishing bait and teach them how to carefully put it on a fishing hook. This will not only be a great learning experience, but it might just spark a new interest in your child. Meanwhile, older children can take it a step further and enjoy deep sea fishing and catch-and-release activities with older members of the family. Going onshore If permitted by the yacht crew, it would be an excellent idea to let the children go ashore at least once a day. Plan day trips to islands or nearby villages for some exploring, and let the little ones embark on a little adventure. Besides, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be on land for a long period of time; having a quick walk to a natural cove or viewpoint, or going for some quick local cuisine is a great way to enjoy the surroundings as well. Rent a SUP Stand up paddleboarding has become a sport that increases in popularity. You can either rent it from a nearby beach or arrange with the private yacht rental company to have a few available on board. This is a great active activity that requires a little bit of skill and will create hours of endless fun for the whole family. Snorkel Especially if you will be chartering over reefs and corals with shiny and colorful fish, it will be a great idea to go snorkelling. You and the rest of your family members can even move onshore to a beach where there are snorkelling instructors and equipment. Looking at the water below is a fun activity of exploring and creating awareness of beautiful nature. Board games and Digital entertainment For a relaxing experience that doesn’t require you to be near or in the waters at all, you can simply bring along a few forms of entertainment as well! While cruising along, you and your family can enjoy the entertainment of traditional board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, and cards. It’s up to you if you want to allow family members to enjoy playing games on tablets or not. If you’re planning to do so, it has been recommended to limit digital playtime to an hour or two a day. After all, it’s also important to enjoy each other’s company and bond with meaningful conversations! Try out colouring books Nowadays there is a coloring book for everyone, young and old. For the creatives in the family it will be a great idea to invest in decent colouring tools and let them express themselves creatively by colouring in pictures. Our family members will feel inspired when surrounded by nature and gorgeous scenes. Who knows? An artist might just emerge! Staying busy on and offboard is a great way to build memories and really enjoy each other’s company, so go ahead and try these out for a start! Our private yacht … Read More

Why Should You Host A Corporate Event Aboard A Yacht

When hosting a corporate event, there are many locations you can consider; restaurants, office spaces, gardens and banquet halls. In many cases, these locations can become monotone, resulting in the same-old, dull experience for attendees. In other words, it may be high time for you to switch it up by going for private yacht rental when hosting your next corporate event. After all, most private yacht charters come in a wide array of sizes and shapes, allowing space for either small or large groups. There are many benefits to choosing a yacht as an alternative, and here’s a couple of them. Sets a relaxing tone Having a meeting or corporate event in the same location can be boring, especially when it’s a meeting where everyone comes together to discuss and come up with new ideas; a change of scenery and location can help get creative juices flowing. Moreover, being in a formal setting will make them feel as if they are at work and that they can’t relax. However, when you decide to hire a boat, you’ll offer a much fulfilling experience. Guests will feel relaxed right away; being on the water and watching the surrounding landscapes will make them feel at ease and calm. This will guarantee a smooth event with guests that feel relaxed and treated to a mini-vacation away from the corporate world. Leave a lasting impression Putting some thought into a corporate event will pay off eventually. Especially if you are inviting investors or high-profile clients. Hosting an event like this by getting a private yacht charter will show guests that your company is doing great and that you want to extend luxury to the people who have a part in achieving success. If you want to make a great impression, then a luxury private yacht charter is a great alternative to a fancy hotel. It will create a lasting impression. Conduct the perfect presentation Whether you want to go through sales figures, future plans, or other business statistics; hosting a presentation while surrounded by water will make it pop even more. As an added bonus, being out on the water, will provide you with the utmost privacy. It offers a serene environment with minimal distractions from any other form of sources like roadway noise or interference from other staff. Fit into your budget nicely With enough research and planning, you can easily secure a yacht that will meet your budget requirements best. Moreover, usually, yacht rental companies offer a variety of packages available that include catering, accommodation, and a cruise on the water. First things first, check if they charge according to the chosen yacht itself or by pax; this can help you determine the overall private yacht cost easily. In ValenciaYachts’ case, we charge by pax, so that you’re only paying for the number of people you’re bringing. Our Phase 2 charter rates begin from $999 onwards, and varies based on the number of guests brought onboard. Not only do you have all of the above-mentioned benefits, but you’ll also be able to provide all your guests with amazing views and an exclusive water experience. This will not only break the ice and create great relationships amongst employees, but it will also set the tone for years to come. That said, you can check out our Phase 2 promotions for our affordable yacht rental prices so you can put aside extra money for setting up the event. At Valencia Yachts, we’re always ready to help you with any occasion – be it a corporate event or even a birthday party!

6 Exciting Activities To Try Out While Onboard A Yacht

Are you going on a boat holiday with the entire family? Cruising on the open waters can be a lot of fun, but there will be some times when you need to get creative to keep everyone entertained. To ensure maximum enjoyment for all, here are a few fun, onboard activities you can try during your upcoming private yacht charters. Educate in a fun manner Even if your children are still quite young, you can make them part of the daily duties. You can ask them to mop the deck, sweep the floors, and take out the trash. Or it can even be as simple as setting the table. Doing chores on a boat is much more fun than doing them at home. Throw a party You can rent a yacht for a party, regardless of the occasion. Is your friend’s birthday coming up? Are you looking to do a bachelor or bachelorette party? Or has your company recently won an award and you’re looking to throw a celebration to show appreciation for your team’s efforts? Either way, there are no limitations when you’re aboard a yacht, and you’re even given an arresting view of the stars or sunset. To spice up the celebration, you could even decide to go with a themed party, such as Nautical, Hawaiian, Mermaids, and so on! All that’s left for you to do is bring in any additional equipment to prepare for the special occasion. But to save the trouble and make way for other essentials, you can check in with the private yacht rental company for the equipment and items provided aboard the boat. Make a time-lapse video Many families or any individuals onboard a yacht, in particular, are placing 360-degree cameras at the front of the boat. It will record an entire day of activities on board as well as the gorgeous surroundings, go about your normal daily boat routine and enjoy watching the recording back at triple speed. Dress up like pirates Pack pirate hats, swords, eye patches, and costumes for a fun Pirate-themed day on the water. You can even give each other pirate names like “Captain Jack” or “Randy Rum” or hang a pirate flag from the mast. Greet fellow fishermen and boaters like true pirates with an ‘Ahoy, Matey’ or ‘Ahoy, Me Hearties” and instead of saying ‘yes’, everyone has to say ‘aye’. Learn a few more pirate slang words and have fun talking in true pirate language for a day. Spot wildlife There’s an almost guaranteed chance that you’ll spot a lot of wildlife during your trip by the waters. Create a game out of it, by giving everyone a list of fish, birds, and animals you’ll potentially spot while cruising. The first person to spot the type of animal can tick it off their list. The winner is the one with the most ticks! Board games Nothing bonds a family more than fun board games. Whether you like scrabble, chess, dominoes, or snakes and ladders, remember to pack your favourite board games for the trip. Especially, if it’s a bit cold and windy on the deck you can enjoy a warm hot chocolate in the cabin while having a laugh. A plain deck of cards can also open a lot of fun gaming possibilities for some family entertainment. Sailing around the coast is never boring, but just in case you can follow our fun activity guide in keeping the entire family entertained and busy. That said, if you’re keen on getting a boat, you can check the private yacht cost with us as we’re currently offering … Read More